[MERGED] Emergency Callback Mode



  • Yes all fine now at last..

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Wow that was unexpected. Great that hmd is able to issue a quick fix! Good job :)

    Still, they should do better to avoid such critical issues from happening at all.

  • updating now but its taking so long to install, hope it doesn't cause anymore trouble, any feedback on VoLTE and VoWIFI if its already working after the March Update?

  • this is good, hope VoWIFI also works, still waiting for the update to finish

  • Confirmed, the phone is back to how it was before, this is Great News!

  • Kartik Gada
    Kartik Gada Super User

    The issue is now fixed. 😊 That was a much faster FIX from HMD ever. Hope things stay like this and just keep improving further from here onwards. Back to using my Nokia 2.4 after staying away from it for almost a month.