Feature phone that isn't just a backup but could be a daily driver.

I would like to see a feature phone that wasn't just for emergencies or a backup for festivals. Something with apps just to communicate like Duo, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram etc. The new 6300 I bought nearly fit the bill but fell short on OS memory, speed and low resolution camera.

I'd like to see a phone with:

4G or 5G

8MP or higher rear camera

5MP or higher front camera for video calls

A e-ink screen, this would give much better battery life and they come in colour too these days.

A file system that uses the SD card for the system memory, removing caps on the number of SMS allowed and giving WhatsApp full access to video calls and media more than 8MB.

An optimised, responsive OS - KaiOS is slow and unreliable in daily use. S30 and the like need a refresh as they appear to limit customisation far too much and lack features (that's why I returned my 225 4G).

A battery that lasts more than a couple of days.