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How do I make voice calls on Nokia T20? Presently only Skype is allowed?

Q&A - Have questions about the Nokia T20? Ask us


  • How do I make voice calls on Nokia T20? Presently only Skype is allowed?

  • Robinson1223 Robinson1223
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    After many struggle, my indian friend found it in india with reasonable price.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    ha.. It is so difficult to buy a Nokia product, even for the rare people who wanna buy it :|

  • khawar sohail khawar sohail
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    Why not support HD Content only show data in SD Format?

    Although, the device does not have widespread approval for widevine L1 DRM certification - most likely due to Nokia's oversights or laziness. As a result, the video will not be able to be viewed in HD on any of the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play) - it can only be viewed in SD (480p).

  • joe367 joe367
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    will be able to install mobile versions of Microsoft office apps for free. that's it

  • Is there an adapter to connect a T20 tablet to a TV using HDMI?

  • Great MT Great MT
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    Where is the february security update?

  • Fb010 Fb010
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    As Netflix extended their cover to the Nokia T20 tablet the only problem now is the lack of Widevine L1 support.

    Adam Ferguson, the head of Product Management at HMD Global stated in a previous comment that the support was the problem. Will we get this crucial feature now. If there is a whay that would chanche for the T20 and Nokia to redeem itself. I would have trust in Nokia again.

  • Miinka25 Miinka25
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    Only if HMD is cooking stable @ndroid 12L update along with monthly security update then I'll let this one pass.

  • How can I make a call through the phone without using data ????

    1. The 4G support includes ability for calls and sms or is it only for data? Does it come with the Google Phone app (I'm kinda away from YouTube these days - didn't watch if any reviewer has covered it).

  • Miinka25 Miinka25
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    No voice calling supported

    Hence no Gphone app

    4G is for data only

    Try Google duo

  • Dayph Dayph
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    When will we see Android 12L update?

  • Lawrence Jerome Braganza Lawrence Jerome Braganza
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    Not in UAE yet. Not all the region's get the update on time and that's the one thing I hate about Nokia phones.

  • Hello, I bought the Nokia T20 but can neither make nor receive calls on it. Also, it doesn't receive text messages nor send. Please how do I go about this. The version I bought uses SIM card. So I expect that I should be able to subscribe for data directly to the SIM card via the tablet.

    Thank you in anticipation of your quick response.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    The SIM in the tablet is only to use as a data provider (data card). You can't use it to make calls or send text messages.

  • Sai Phanideep Rekapalli Sai Phanideep Rekapalli
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    Biggest drawback in this Nokia Tab T20 is, We can't use Calls & Messages in 4G/LTE model as well which is too much problematic.

    Without calls, We can manage somehow. But it is not possible to manage without messages because, now a days almost all apps made their login with mobile number & it's OTP. To use mobile data, we generally insert sim in our Tab, but if you want to use any app to login with the same number & it's OTP, you need to insert sim in some other mobile just for Otp's. Also it will give frustration to the people who use their number for Bank Otp's, if they insert that sim in the 4G model of this Tab.

    Other Tablets like Realme, Samsung are providing calls & messages feature in their 4G/LTE model tablets.

    I completely regret for purchasing this Nokia Tab 😭

  • Josephine J Josephine J
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    So, you don't necessarily need a SIM card?? Just wondering?

  • Josephine J Josephine J
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    As, I've purchased the tablet but have not put a SIM card in? Just wondering if you do need a Sim card at all??

  • Josephine J Josephine J
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    This Tablet, I've found to be good for what I use it for! I knew it didn't support messages/phone function as some late models (prior to Nokia manufacturing there Tablet) did. The only thing I miss is the printer function? As, my printer broke down which was a HP, & my laptop was HP. I've yet to find a USB cable to connect to my Nokia Tablet to connect to a printer?? You still need your phone to do messages/calls. Buty Tablet is very good for my purposes. Happy frustrating days with your Tablets by a good Company as Nokia. Now I'm waiting for them to do the Smart Watch!!! Yaaaaa

  • hi,

    sorry to say this but Nokia or HMD needs to do something about aftersales.

    I bought the tablet in November 2021. Had 1 week of "fun" with it and than the USB broke. When I had send it to repair, I got the message that it was my fault.

    After a long interaction with the helpdesk (no use at all), I paid the costs for the repair. Now I am waiting for 2 months and the helpdeks cannot tell me what the status is.. The site still has the original status of 2 months ago.

    Every check with the department led to the same response: the department would come back to me. Every 2 days I am checking again an nothing.

    I would never, ever buy a Nokia / HMD again if this is the support I would get. Do you understand how unsatisfied I am with the way it's going.

    Learn from the mistakes and do something about it.

  • freed dewhale freed dewhale
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    Hello Team,

    Please fix the wallpaper settings to fit on screen. Right now, the wallpaper doesn't fit with the screen size, so many croping area in there.


  • Miinka25 Miinka25
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    Agree to disagree

    Unless you wish to replace the smartphone for a slate fulltime, voice calling on a tab is only a luxury and not a necessity.

    Even the latest iPads need to be synced through FaceTime with an iPhone to make and receive calls, but that's apple sales strategy to trap us into its ecosystem.

    Now that TWS tech has evolved for good, it's not a stupid thought to make voice calling function build standard into every smart 4G screen.

    Be sure of specs before.🤫

  • Miinka25 Miinka25
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    To make and receive message on NOKIA T20 sync with your @ndroid phone through "Messages"app from Google LLC.

    Voice calling is not possible but video calling is though "Duo"app and I'm not sure about other apps.

  • Johnny02 Johnny02
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    T20There is an update widevine L1Do you have a plan, his tablet is the same cpu You can, why not T20

  • freed dewhale freed dewhale
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    With Android 12L, this tablet will looks more perfect for daily usages..

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