Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Jocke.Sve
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    Uhhh... I might have done something stupid...

    I took out my 7.2 from it's loooong hibernation, did a full reset, upgraded to "A11", installed all available updates that were available, did another full factory reset to ensure that all traces of A10 were erased (Overkill? Yes I know!) and re-installed the phone without restoring my old profile data...

    Swapped launcher and everything seemed to work quite OK including camera.

    But what the ****??!!

    Security updates are still on Dec -21 level and Play Services are Aug -21!!

    For how long will banking and other financial apps accept and work with these ancient security patches?

  • I hate mobile Nokia

  • Jim-Boy
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    Yeahh, the banking and security apps are my concern as well.

    In worst case must I re-create all necessary certs on my company phone (not to recommend to anyone to do) if HMD Global doesn't fix this ASAP.

    😉 BTW: I don't 'hate' mobile or Nokia but I'm certainly p.i.s.s.e.d. at HMD Global... 😉

  • My last hope is to receive a bugfree version including securitypatches level March/April 2022 in April or at least May. So I can use the phone like it was meant to be used, until the end of summer to switch over to something more noticed. If nothing happens, there will be a new phone in May, that's fine.

    From todays point of view it's ridiculous to have an Android One device which is officially named to receive security patches (friendly reminder, 3 years from September 2019 counting), and be staying on a bugged A11 with an 4 month old patchlevel.

    Meanwhile, there are guys doing a good job with LineageOS 19.0 (Android 12...!) For Nokia 7.2 - patchlevel February in March.

    The most awkward thing is, nobody of HMD is interested to take care of a clear and honest communication. I would be happy to get back to A10, with some new patchlevel. Tell the people you were not able to reach your goals with this device, give the possibility to downgrade and never talk about trust and security again.

  • Yes exactly, there are guys developing custom roms, like LineageOS or PixelXperience for 7.2 (and 6.2) successfully. Newest version on android with latest security patch in a stable release. That's astonishing, in some cases it's just work of one enthusiast doing whole work. HMD support was saying before that it takes such long time because of regulations for each market they roll out the update but it's really hard to believe.

    And yes, lack of communication from HMD is really weird. Haven't seen anything like this, seriously. How do they connect this with their branding slogans "trust it" "Love it" "keep it"? I like the phone itself, for me nothing to complain about it. But how can I keep it like this? And when the system is as buggy as it is now it's hard to love the phone either.

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    Okay now two of you know how to make direct responses to a particular post,

    come on, tell the rest of us how,

    on the 'disagree' thingy, now they can respond directly to a comment, and tell em straight what they think.

  • Jocke.Sve
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    Without going totally off topic here:

    I think the point there was that if someone makes a comment that they are OK with their device that's just ridiculous to hit "Disagree" to that as it's his opinion based on personal needs, expectations and usage.

    Does hitting "Disagree" mean that he's not having that opinion?

    I don't have any big issues with my device as far as I can see except the fact that security patches are awfully old. So for me it works for now.

    Yes, I'm quite disappointed how HMD Global treats it's customers and devices.

  • I regret to say that I updated one of my 7.2's to A11, and I am not only annoyed at HMD but also myself. I usually avoid any upgrades or updates. I lost the selfie lens, fortunately I don't do selfies or video calls very much & most other things are generally working well, except the gestures are notchy, but I am learning to use them better.

    I'm not likely to update the other 7.2 phone and a 3.1 plus which work fine on A10. I still have a N86 in reserve, I think it is over 12 yrs old now

    I should keep checking the forum in case someone passes on a new development.

    I almost forgot, - I am a pensioner in Australia and declare that no one has paid me, to not be nasty and vengeful.

  • Kartik Gada
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    I updated my Nokia 7.2 to Android 11 as soon as it was rolled out and same as everyone else I was facing charging issues and camera problems. The update messed up the device pretty bad. Luckily, Nokia 7.2 isn't my primary phone so it didn't give me many problems. The camera issue was fixed after I uninstalled the camera app updates.

    HMD after a few months released a security patch that was pretty small but fixed the charging issues. I was using the Nokia 2.4 as my primary phone and after the February patch it had some VoLTE bug (already fixed with the March update), so, I had to switch to the Nokia 7.2 for a month and the experience was bug-free. The cameras of my Nokia 7.2 work and there is no other problem too. So, yes, not everyone has bugs on their Nokia 7.2 while some are still having a lot of issues. The security patch (December 2021) is old but the phone does work without any issues. Hopefully, they will release another update soon.

    Fingers Crossed🤞

  • singhnsk
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    @Zimmermann Hi, thanks for your mention.

    Spoilers first, I know of a way to see who pressed disagree on me, so I'd have found out, but thanks for being honest and stating it out 😎

    Well, about the disagree button. You know, when these forums were still new, a hover of mouse over the disagree button used to show who disagreed, just like how it shows for Like and Agree now. It was removed due to people taking the disagree press too seriously and as a personal attack. They'd see who pressed disagree and then start sending private messages and press disagree on them in return. Admins had to remove the ability to see who disagreed.

    Thereafter the disagree button became a guessing game for people. Like somebody would receive a disagree and they'd automatically assume that the person who has argued with them in a discussion would have pressed disagree on him/her. And then they'd start a disagree bomb on this person, even without finding if their assumption is true or not. Even I was disagree bombed (twice) wherein the person spent possibly his entire day to visit each one of my comments and press "Disagree" and "Abuse". Fortunately, we still used to have a nice forum admin here who manually removed all those disagreements on me. And I am not the only one who faced this issue.

    So, yeah that's why I am of the opinion that the disagree button should be removed, or else at least the counter be removed. It helps in reducing fights/arguments and personal hate among the users. That is why almost all popular communities or platforms don't have a disagree/dislike button. They have a voting system at best (like Reddit, yes, posts can get downvoted there, however, that doesn't damage somebody's reputation as it happens on this forum with each of those reactions being counted on the user's profile).

    And yes, there are positive sides of the disagree button - to show that these many people disagree with them and to build an overall score of how people feel about a particular comment. But maybe a rating system (like Reddit or Stack Exchange) would be a better system to see how people feel about a comment or discussion :) And lastly, it is just my opinion. I don't claim that I am any specialist in community management, I'm just a user who likes long, serious, sensible arguments/discussions wherein we can come to some nice new understandings. Cheers!

  • singhnsk
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    @Jocke.Sve I wouldn't discredit the benefits of security patches, but I am of a strong opinion that outside of the enterprise environment, no bank or financial institution would block access to their apps just because the Android security patch level is old. Why? Because there are too many vendors that don't provide regular security updates and then there are too many users who have old devices that are no longer being maintained by the vendor. It is unlikely they'd do that unless there is a situation where a major vulnerability was detected and the devices without a fix are significantly vulnerable against attacks. The last time I saw a major vulnerability was only the Open SSL one (heartbeat) - that affected possibly every internet-connected device at that time.

    Yes, it is best to have the latest patches, especially on a device that was advertised as being maintained with monthly patches for 3 years. HMD is breaching its sales commitment which is sadly what we keep experiencing in almost everything - including our stupid Water Purifier from Eureka Forbes. They changed their stance from what the salesperson claimed - and the shameless service guy even shamelessly says that it is okay that a lot of false commitments are made during sales pitch because that's how it is -_-

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    @desalle I feel for you and more because hmd makes it so difficult for users to not update - because the updates install automatically and sometimes even your device is automatically restarted to apply them as well.

    That front camera not working is something reported by many here. Thankfully not by everybody though. I suspect it affects limited devices with special hardware revision - possibly they changed the camera sensor vendor but forgot to include the drivers for that sensor in the Android 11 that they shipped, leading to the front cam being missing. I did try downgrading one such affected device to Android 10, sadly with no fix still. Let's see if hmd ever manages to return back your front camera feature, I doubt they ever will. There are only 6 months of official maintenance left now, possibly half of which they have not delivered or delivered way off schedule.

  • My 7.2 has lost the selfie camera with the A11 upgrade, and the "zoom / wide-angle" function is also broken. I have just noticed another big problem - Android Auto doesn't work anymore. Has anyone else got this problem as well?

    The phone simply won't connect to my car's head unit anymore, but it used to work fine. The head unit says "Connect a compatible phone via USB cable", which is what it says when no phone is connected - and yes, I've tried using several different USB cables, so I've ruled that issue out.

    I can just about wait for a fix for the selfie camera and the wide-angle / zoom problem (if fixes are ever issued by Nokia / HMD) - but loss of Android Auto functionality is a deal-breaker for me. I'm off to buy a new phone now - and Nokia is not on my shopping list.

  • Any recomend best custom rom ?

  • Android 13 is about to be released and we are still waiting for Nokia to release a bug-free update from Android 11 !!! 😐

  • Nokia is good @ upgrading

  • @singhnsk It's certainly good for owners of unaffected 7.2 that front camera works. But it's almost worse for the HMD's reputation. It seems like they really have no clue what's gong on with system updates for their products. It's a constant mess from the beginning and not only for this device.

    I do hope though that HMD will eventually fix selfie camera for affected models. And if they don't I won't just buy a different phone and forget what's happened. There are institutions who can help to remind HMD of their responsibilities, like ECC in Europe.

  • So I've talked to the chat support a couple of days ago.

    They cannot even confirm that Nokia is working on an update at all. They have literally no information to provide, except from telling me that a downgrade back to Android 10 is not possible and offering me to send the phone to repair. What the repair shop could possibly do here, they did not know either.

    This is terrible. At best, Nokia has terrible testing, slow development and very bad communication towards customers and internally as well. Or, in worst case, they are not working on any fix to the myriad of issues at all.

  • I thing the first one. I used to bother support every second day, just to vent my frustration a bit 😅 It really depends who's there to "help" at the moment. Once I was informed that since my device was made for Czech market and I live in Sweden, my phone won't get any updates until I go to Czech Republic 😁 I'm not making this up, it was real advice. But mostly they will just paste in template reply that they are very sorry and aware of issues and working hard to screw it up even more with the next update 😉

  • That's totally different to the information they gave to me 🤣

    Last week they told that they were able to find and fix the issues and the update is going to be released "very soon". We'll see what will happen, I guess.

  • First of all, I have to say, that I am very disappointed with HMD and my Nokia 7.2 phone. It has been the worst android phone I have ever had. There has been all kinds of problems, during the 1,5 year I have used it.

    The final drop was of course the android 11 update. I had all the same symptoms as described here in this forum.

    Yesterday I rolled it back to Android 10. Took me 4-5 hours to do it, because the update using PC didn't work so I had to use extra SD card. The security patch of the rollbacked A10 was from Dec 2021-02 so now I have been updating it 10 times, and the update to version Dec 2021 just going on.

    I won't by a new phone - yet - but definitely the next one is not going to be Nokia or any other HMD phone.

  • Did downgrade to Android 10 fix selfie camera on your phone?

  • With a little luck we won't hear from that whinger again, or will he come back to fulfill his contracts.

    With a name like "Fixmy....." we know his purpose here

  • This last upgrade Google seems to have locked out any nongoogle contacts accounts. If I want all my contacts to show on any phone apps now, I need to import my larger Outcall database over to Google, where they can watch over my affairs more carefully.

  • My I ask which software or app did u use.

    I read something from HMD where they mentioned that they considered announcing a roll back, but decided against that, fearing more problems.

    I found something by or on XDA forums, which claimed their roll back could be done reliably, but I was not going to take their word for it