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  • But without Widevine L1, this tablet looks dumb for multimedia usages.😅

  • Hi how to do multi tasking and splint screen on Nokia t20

  • n2652
    n2652 ✭✭

    Do you have a official source for that? What about SMS?

    If it is true is a big disappointment.

  • Yes... Unisoc T610 now support Widewine... Then what stops nokia from giving an update to make it happen

  • jeffianFM
    jeffianFM ✭✭✭

    Hello Moderators.

    Can you share us about the developments regarding for the Widevine L1 for T20?

    As usual the tablet can't play a content up to HD quality in particular Netflix Premium.

    Hoping we can hear your updates.

  • It's pretty simple, just swipe up and hold the apps you want to split screen, then press the icon on top of that apps, then select split screen.

  • No news on Android 1L, would make this an awesome tablet. Eagerly waiting!

  • How do I hard reset my T20 tablet and completely restore it to the original factory settings?

    I've tried the volume up + power combination for 30 seconds to no luck. I've also tried other button combinations. I can't seem to get to the Android recovery screen... 😕

  • Hi! I'm having problems using a bluetooth headset with this tablet. The model is the Edifier Tws200 Plus.

    At various times the audio gives small cuts (a matter of 1 second but ends up interfering with what I'm hearing).

    I use this same phone on my smartphone, PC and tv box and I don't have this problem.

    Has anyone experienced this, do you have a solution?

    I liked the tablet but unfortunately if I can't resolve this I will have to return it.

  • fandy
    fandy ✭✭
    Hi, the same thing happens to me with an ANKER usb5 bluetooth 
    speaker, while it works fine on another ANKER bluetooth speaker 
    but bluetooth 4.1 I still haven't been able to understand what
     the problem is.

  • fandy
    fandy ✭✭
    Reset the tablet
    1. Tap Settings> System> Advanced> Reset options>
    Erase all data (factory data reset).
    2. Follow the instructions on the tablet.

  • So it is possible that it occurs with models with bluetooth 5 and above. :(

  • fandy
    fandy ✭✭
    I'm not sure, for example with a JVC 5.1 bluetooth headset 
    I only had this problem the first time it was connected, 
    then magically the problem disappeared so 
    I don't know what to think anymore :-(

  • Da Bi
    Da Bi ✭✭

    Still no Android 12 update

  • fandy
    fandy ✭✭

    For now no, two days ago I got an update but apart from the 
    security patches nothing has changed, yet the update was very long.

  • cr cd
    cr cd ✭✭

    Does USB cable supplied with the T20 support data transfer?

    My PC sees the T20 in file manager but will not transfer files.

    Am using WiFi transfer with Air Droid app, but not perfect solution

  • Feona
    Feona ✭✭

    How to register for warranty?

  • Es un prototipo nada más me metí en mamazon y eBay y no me aparece

    O nose si lo o estoy buscando mal

    jueperro alluda

  • Only want to be sure of which blutooth codecs does T20 support?

    I checked the Devloper options@Bluetooth audio codecs

    System default is the only option that's not greyed out.

    *SBC *AAC *AptX *AptX HD *LDAC

    Not sure which earphones/headphones to choose for best audio experience🤔

  • Nisha D
    Nisha D ✭✭

    Thank you for answer 😊

  • 1. The settings app search bar doesn't show results. I've cleared cache and tried restarting the tab as well. Still the same problem exists. I've attached the screenshot of the same?

    2. Face unlock not getting activated. I'm getting time out error whenever I tried to set the face unlock feature.

    3. Three fingers swipe getsure screenshot option is very handy. I've been using in my phone. Is there such feature in the tablet? If yes where can I find the option in settings? How to set the same.

    4. How to change font colour in the search bar after scrolling up from home screen. App drawer's search bar's font colour.

    5. Some of the applications not supporting landscape orientation. Is there any fix for the same?

    Please guide me on the above issues

  • When will nokia T20 will get Android L update and widewine L1 support?

    Also it's sound quality and volume is below average. How to solve this problem? Even my 2years old redmi 9 prime speaker are louder than this

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    I assume it will receive L1 support with Android 12 update. The new G21 was having L1 certification with unisoc chipset.

  • Mille H
    Mille H ✭✭

    I have 2 questions with my T20, LTE version.

    Model, TA-1397; at android 11, 00WW_1_200; kernel 4.14.193

    1. Wifi connection sometimes goes off and instantly connects back. It happens very frequently. I have only one saved wifi connection on my device, but there are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Is there any setting I should make to fix the problem?
    2. My LTE version tablet cannot make phone call or receive SMS. I read that there are no these features from internet(really sorry I did not read it before I buy), but not official comment, neither in user manual. Could there be any official comment on this please?
  • 1. Accessibility menu button for brightness up is not working. It stucks at 11% if I click on it.

    2. Finding options in settings is quite difficult without search bar functioning properly. Please fix search bar results in settings app.

  • fandy
    fandy ✭✭
    edited May 2022

    Hi, I also have strange problems with the wifi, it almost never disconnects but sometimes it does not find the sites even if they are very close to my router, this is a serious problem that I would not have expected from a NOKIA product. As for the phone calls as well, I was disappointed knowing that it does not support phone calls and text messages, being LTE I was sure that these were supported. :-( A real shame because I considered it a great product and instead it's money thrown away 😥

  • I inserted sim on my Nokia T20 tablet,and selected do not disturb,still when people call the line it rang without me hearing.its giving bad impression of me.how can I stop the tablet from making the sim rang for calls.thanks

  • Hello. Tell, please, when T20 tablet with 4/64 configuration we will see in Ukraine ?

  • others who have experienced that the t20 will not charge anymore?