[Bug] [Android 12] Missing the "Disable the Double-line clock in Settings" fix

johnjjnsf ✭✭
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My 8.3 5G updated to Android 12 this week and I absolutely hate the "Big Clock" on the lock screen.

When Android 12 was released, there was no official way to change the huge clock layout.

Thanks to growing negative feedback, Google eventually released an update that added an option to disable the huge lock screen clock by turning off the Double-line clock inside Settings.

Unfortunately it has not made the Nokia build.


  • singhnsk
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    Interesting, I did not know that Google made such a fix. Sadly it won't arrive on majority of the devices from other vendors since they do not ideally update to the latest Google source code once they have released an upgrade. They continue to maintain and stabilize the build that they have developed and pushed to the consumers. The best party to take the blame is Google itself which does not listen during the course of the Beta developments and then releases further updates once the source is already marked final and released to manufacturers for deployment.

    So, I expect the changes to only arrive with Android 12L (if pushed), else with Android 13. However, I hope myself to be proved wrong by hmd.

    Edit: It is the same on my Nokia XR20 as well. I did not find any value to reduce the size of the clock on the lockscreen unless by having some unread notifications, I like it though 🙈

  • Van Thieu
    Van Thieu ✭✭

    I like the new design 😁