[ADP is closed]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview

Please note: The Android Developer Preview is CLOSED! Registration is not possible anymore since the final build is released already. 

[ADP is closed]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview

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Please note: The Android Developer Preview is CLOSED! Registration is not possible anymore since the final build is released already. 

Hello to everyone out there interested in the Android developer preview. 

Update - 

Thanks for all the feedback you have given us on Android Pie! We’re now adding the final touches to the official market release, so this developer build for Nokia 7 plus is a coming to a close. Stay tuned to our media releases for news on Android Pie coming to your device! 

There are no active devices in Nokia phones Android developer preview. We'll let you know as soon as the next program begins.


As a registered app developer, you’ll be among the first to get access to the latest Nokia phones Android developer preview builds. All registered app developers  will have access to the Android developer preview sub-forums in our Community. There you can discuss, exchange experiences and raise issues. 

If you want  to be part of the preview, you can register here

Also check out our FAQs.

Have a great time and get your apps ready for the next Version of Android. 



  • bean bean
    ✭✭  /  edited November 2018
    Which of the phones which will be able to access developers preview?

    Will Nokia 6 2017 do?
  • Unknown
     /  edited September 2018

    Hi user1514579944186 

    as stated in the FAQ unfortunately the Nokia 6 isn't featured yet. For now the developer preview is for Nokia 7 plus (TA-1046 and TA-1055). As soon as other devices are available we'll release a media alert, so stay tuned. 


  • Unknown
     /  edited September 2018

    Having installed android P on my 7 plus, I am having issues enabling wifi. Tried all the solutions without success... downgrading now.

  • Unknown
     /  edited October 2018

    Hello Laura 

    i have Chinese variant which is TA-1062 Nokia 7 Plus 

    i am willing to join this beta developer preview on my device 

    is there any chances ? i talked on chat they said no but whats reason 

    to not add this model and variant ? this is same and even 1st launched 

    device ever ... :( 

    waiting for your reply 



  • Vtbjorn Vtbjorn
     /  edited July 2018
    Will we receive further beta updates ota or must we install them like the first one using adb.
  • user1525865191974 user1525865191974
     /  edited July 2018

    Same as Cicas, I had issue with Wifi, unable to enable it. I also went back to Android O.

  •  Looks really good. How can i add sd-card to storage?

  • user1525536354439 user1525536354439
    ✭✭  /  edited July 2018
    I have installed the android p beta update in my Nokia 7 plus and i'm facing issues with volte and I'm not able to make and receive calls and also text messages. For your information, I'm able to use the mobile data.kindly provide a quick solution
  • kaustubh kaustubh
    ✭✭  /  edited October 2018

    when it will available for Nokia 5?TA-1053

  • user1525544375861 user1525544375861
    ✭✭  /  edited September 2018
    Hi. I have a question if android developer preview on nokia 6.1 in future beta?
  • steve steve
    ✭✭✭  / 
    Is the 8.1 flash the only way I'm going to get Android 8.1 on my UK network unlocked Nokia 7 plus which is stuck on 8.0 ?
    Nokia help is pretty much non existent and updates seem to prefer only certain countries, I'm on a sim unlocked Android one device so surely Nokia saying the update is reliant on my carrier is nonsense, I have no fixed carrier and I use ee, O2, vodafone and ID sims in this handset, not one allows the 8.1 ota update
  • Supazeez Supazeez
    Hi don't need to be on a particular network to receive the android 8.1. Got mine few days ago over the air on my vectone mobile UK
  • steve steve
    ✭✭✭  / 
    Well updates are usually carrier determined on when they get released because of tweaks and such to add all their trash , but I'm still stuck on 8.0 on my android one Nokia 7 plus

    Think I'll give it one more week then either throw it in a draw or sell it , back to Apple because they at least update across the board, they aren't staggered updates
  • Supazeez Supazeez
    Lol not that deep. Nokia are pretty not doing too bad releasing last OS updates. At least they are not as worse as Samsung who doesn't release one in years. Nokia 7 plus is a very good mobile. iPhone to me isn't that up to scratch compared to Nokia pricing for phones. U might as wait for Android p then. Oh wait... Nokia 7 plus can get android p beta. Go on Google Android p page to register Ur phone for it. 7 plus is amongst the seven phones eligible to get android p beta. Lucky u. I have Nokia 6(2016)
  • steve steve
    ✭✭✭  / 
    That's why you have the 8.1 update , wish I had have gone Nokia 6 now , I decided to try Nokia because I was bored of apples design and didn't like the 8 or X , my 7 was great with over 7 hours on screen battery time, I don't play games so that is probably why...but I thought I'd forsake the regular updates and try a new design (Nokia)

    I will give it a week or so then I'm back to boring apple
  • Supazeez Supazeez
    pls don't go back. I've an iPhone 6 plus myself and I bored to death of it that's why I bought the Nokia 6 last December and I'm not looking back since then. just be patient u will get the update. ur carrier is the problem not Nokia. apple doesn't release updates as quick as possible too even the iOS 11 isn't the best of OS apple has ever made. hang in there buddy. Nokia has been the best Android company releasing updates as early as possible
  • Unknown
     /  edited June 2018

    Hi Laura,

    Yesterday DP3 was released.

    Can you provide us with some information about DP3 for Nokia 7plus?

    Whenis ETA, will it be OTA......lots of questions.

    Hope to hear from you! Thanks in advance.

  • Unknown
     /  edited June 2018
    Yes I second that. Please update us Laura on DP3 availability. Surely we should see it in the new few days being Android One devices
  • Boopesh Boopesh
     /  edited June 2018
    Hi Laura,

    Eagerly waiting for Android P DP3 via OTA for Nokia 7 plus. Could please update us that when it will be available ?
  • Unknown
     /  edited September 2018

    Hello all, 

    I know you are waiting patiently for the DP3. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any concrete information on that just yet. 

    I’m very sorry for that. 

    Best regards, 


  • user1528141201791 user1528141201791
     /  edited September 2018
    I'm a Nokia 7 Plus user and have a question to Laura as well.
    Why don't you fix all stuff that DON'T WORK in the current firmware Oreo 8.1 in the first place and then concentrate on Android P that will come months from today?
    Tell your colleagues to have a look at this forum and see all the post with issues people are reporting because it seems no one from Nokia Company reads them.
    UI lags, poor battery life for an Android One phone with 3800 mAh battery, lack of 60 fps recording in Camera app at least with 1080p resolution and push notifications that don't push at all when phone is in sleeping mode (Gmail).
    I'm sorry but Google's app that doesn't notifies on Google's clean software is something I don't understand.
    Nice design doesn't make a phone. It's the software that matters and software in current state is just underdeveloped to say the least.
    People buy your phones. You should at least answer to customer questions and resolve basic issues because if you will ignore your clients you won't get far.

    Not happy Nokia 7 Plus user at the moment,
  • cjmagowan cjmagowan

    For those of you having a problem with WiFi, Go to the WiFi settings and longpress on your network then select forget network > Turn off WiFi > Turn it back on > Reselect the network you recently forget/removed then enter your security key if you have one then connect.

  • Hi Andrew,

    This is a topic about developer preview, not complaints about Oreo 8.1.
    Why the developer preview?

    To improve the user experience and get rid of the errors in 8.1. Besides, there is a huge group of people who like to test these new builds. So I am happy Nolia is giving us the chance to try it out.

    Push notifications from Inbox work flawlessly, even when screen is asleep. Maybe you should look at the notification settings of your Gmail app.

    60FPS is rare at any midrange phone. You should buy Galaxy or Pixel then.

    AndroidOne is rolled out by Google, don’t think Nokia can change a lot about it.
    So: why don’t you just try DP3 when it is released next week, I am sure you get enthusiastic!



  • Hi René,
    Why here? Because nobody reads other section.
    You are very undemanding.
    Basic bugs should be fixed first.
    I don't want to use Inbox. Millions of people are using Gmail and I expect that Google app will work flawlessly on clean Android system.
    It's not the notifications settings. I checked that many times and even did factory reset.
    This happens only when phone is in sleep mode.
    If this issue is fixed in Android P I'd be happy.
    As for 60 fps recording it can record in 120 fps but can't 60? Really? Where's the logic in that?
    It has Snapdragon 660 capable of recording even [email protected]
  • Now for me the build is not showing up, it's saying that this is not supported for specific network.

    I have a VoLTE network. Is there a way to make it work on Jio network?

  • Unknown
     /  edited September 2018

    Hi everyone interested in the Android P beta developer programme on Nokia 7 plus

    Update for you guys, New Android P – DP2 (V3.08B) and rollback Oreo (V2.13B) images are now available for sideload. 

    As per flash instructions, it is strongly recommended that you wipe user data before either upgrade and/ore downgrade.

    The support for OTA delivery is very close – stay tuned!

    Best regards, Laura

  • waltercch waltercch
    Oh wow finally new P released. Thank you, but I wanna know the changelog of this new Android P beta, Laura?
    Thanks in advance
  • vjman vjman
    ✭✭  / 

    Thank you for the update, Laura. However, the naming convention is a little confusing. Google had released DP3 (Beta 2) for Android P. But, this update for Nokia 7+ seems to be named DP2. Could you kindly clarify the same?

  • It is a bit confusing indeed. DP2 was released in may. The latest DP3 is also called Beta 2
    I hope the new build for Nokia 7plus is the DP3/ beta2!


  • edwaine edwaine
    ✭✭  / 
    I've just noticed that the "Clear All" button is still not present in the new Android P DP2 update.
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