Nokia 6300 4G - finally lunched

Zeeshan ktk
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Hello friendz. How are you all. I hope you all are fine, friendz Nokia come back with Nokia 6300 4G with design copy of Nokia 6300 2006 model, now fully support WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook,Google Map & other apps with KaiOS chipset processor. Expected price is 58$ .. Tnkx


  • How to be am purchasing in india 🇮🇳

  • Is it possible to delete the Facebook and Youtube apps off of this phone?

  • Cirrus
    Cirrus ✭✭

    On my 6300 4G, I can uninstall Facebook (done that), but it is not possible to uninstall YouTube.

  • I purchased this phone recently, and the alarm clock does not work correctly. Some mornings it goes off fine, and others it does not go off at all.

    And I just saw someone posted this same exact question in this forum earlier this month, and it had not replies other than the one just posted.

    Is there a problem with others too? I cannot seem to post any new questions in this community yet, as i just joined today.

  • can we use 6300 as modem for pc ? i need to send sms from my app throgh the connected phone via usb cable

  • Ashton02
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    I'm trying to setup a 6300 on Ultra Mobile, but holding the '1' down dials 186. Ultra mobile's website indicates hold down '1' or dial 123 for voicemail.

    How can the voicemail speed dial "1" number be changed?

    (I could find no button or link to create a new post/question.)

  • هاتفي نوكيا 6300. 4g لايتسع اكثر من 1500 جهه اتصال عندما انسخهم من بطاقة الذاكرة ارجو المساعدة لكي استتطيع ان انسخ كامل جهات الاتصال

  • A started to use an 6300 4G. It is almost okay, but i have some problems:

    I set up sync in Calendar, but it works only one direction: my cellphone's events appears in Google Calendar, but i cannot see other Calendar's events on my cellphone.

    I can sync Google phone directory, but some people appears twice in my cellphone's phonebook.

    I can't put some people in a group.

    I travel between 2 countries frequently. I set up auto date&time sync, but the phone's clock doesn't sync when i switch between timezones.

    I look for the solution, but i haven't found it. Pls help me!

  • Does this phone send and receive text message such as verification codes?