Nokia 6.1 Plus – General FAQs Thread



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    After the November 2020 security update (which was installed yesterday), the SIMs are not detected, and the WiFi cannot be enabled.

    I tried a WiFi/mobile/Bluetooth reset, a soft reset, and a factory-reset. None of them fixed the problem. I tried downgrading to the previous full OTA, but Android 10 refused the downgrade. Consequently, my 6.1 Plus is useless now. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

  • My device is Nokia 6.1 plus, I have Jio sim in it, what happens is that network is shown full in my device but my friends complain that my phone is showing not reachable, then I have to restart phone and then it's working fine. This happens everyday. Please help

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    sorry! how i can create new topic? where is start button?

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    You can. After you complete 24 hours from your registration time.

  • Nokia 6.1 plus have touch problem and i cannot able to slide up to see the notifications please solve my issue

  • Nokia is still a legend in my mind. Now it's not as popular as it used to be, but I have a very good impression of it. Pacman 30th Anniversary

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    Nokia 6.1 Plus is full of problem, microphone problems, heating, low camera in low light .😔

  • The phone freezes like for a minute or two... When deleting huge files like 2gb or so... Done factory reset... Still problem persists..

    The same goes for clearing cache as well... Even for like 200mb cache file deleting... It takes couple of minutes

    Any solution?

  • My Nokia phone dials up the emergency number automatically without anybody actually dialling it. Can someone please help me fix this problem?

  • Nokia may not have the same level of popularity as it once did, but in my mind, it remains a legendary brand. My impression of it is still very positive. luxury pret pakistan