Nokia 3.4 android 12 update

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Is there any chance of to get android 12 on Nokia 3.4 ? I am losing hope. And no one know that will we get android 12 or not? Is there any Hmd official person there to reply me ? Should we buy another brand like Samsung which also provide 2 Year android update and interface is quite good.


  • Same here

  • cosmicfoxx
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    😂They say monthly security updates and they don't deliver and you're suggesting we have faith? In Nokia?

  • wtf man,its like a joke at this point first i thought that nokia might be having trouble with optimizing the android 12 for such a low spec device but now the half powerd nokia 2.4 has the update and i still dont have it. LIke common i bought this device so i can enjoy stock android 12 experience and the updates are even slower than its xiaomi counterparts

  • Yeah, if they promise the update then we have to get it on the 3.4

  • Android 12 launched for Nokia 3.4 guys

  • Intezaar khtm hua..

  • We need to get Android 12 update on Nokia 3.4 as soon as possible or Nokia is a scam

  • Android 12 build available with Google security patch 2022-7 for Nokia 3.4 😍

    Country - India

  • Im personaly starting to feel tired of waiting for a global update for nokia 3.4 to android 12 ,i mean others are moving to android 13 and we are still waiting for android 12 ,i think ive learnt my lesson, the new Nokias aren`t Like the Nokias Of old the company isn't the same .I Think I'll stop trying to be nostalgic and just avoid Nokia completely when Im buying a phone next time.This is so disappointing ,Is there any suppot for Nokia 3.4 in other countries other Than India???

  • Nokia 3.4 Android 12 Android update final

  • Hideous update. I wish I could reverse it. Phone feels completely different.

  • I love android 12 but would like to use 13, I've to wait till next year for that?

  • September 2022 security patch update available for Nokia 3.4 😍 Android 12

  • I lately installed Android 12 update on my 3.4 thereby causing my battery to runs down in no time. Pls I need help on how to reverse android 12 back to 11 or it follow come version.

  • singhnsk
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    Going back to an older Android version is not possible.

    I will recommend that you give the device a few days to cooldown. After that, please see if the battery performance is still not good. In case it is not, then you can consider performing a hard reset and see if that helps in resolving the problem.