Nokia has to stop promising monthly updates

GuilhermeVP ✭✭
edited September 2022 in Nokia 5.4

HMD is losing credibility, the new smartphones Nokia differentiator is the promise of monthly security update, it doesn't deliver, change your marketing to take away the promise of updates, or change it to something realistic, maybe quarterly security update according to what the HMD Nokia can fulfill, would be more honest


  • I agree with this post. It's disconcerting to read that some devices under this promise have security updates older than 6 months and some go as far back as April 2021 according to some reports from users. The software update promise weighted heavily when I bought Nokia and at this moment I don't feel reassured that I took the correct decision

  • It is true that overpromising and underdelivering is a nasty affair. Imagine if they had only promised for quarterly and then delivered them mostly monthly. People would be happier.

    However, now that most of the models keep skipping the "monthly" updates here and there, it is certainly not making for a good image in the eyes of the consumers. I mean, sure, they are doing updates, and sometimes they are on schedule, still, the misses don't align with their marketing.

  • Nokia : our backs and run away

  • Maybe we can make sue to nokia for not making their promises come true?