Android 13 on x20

I have some concerns.Those who updated ,can you tell me any problems with update including phone brick, unsupported apps and bugs.

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    AMJITH ✭✭✭
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    Thank you bros.

    Black out issues are in Android 12 lens is not an essential thing for me.other than that how is the camera ? Is it better or worse than previous one.

    I still didn't get the update.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Android 13 is not widely available to all x20 phones.Do you all guys signed up for nokia beta testing for Android 13.

  • I am also having same issues

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Got the lens not working.dont know any other bugs until usage

  • Hi,

    Since the update calling with my bluetooth carkit doesn'nt work properly. Also when i receive a call the callong pop-up or screen takes forever to show.

    Sometime it won't unluck.

    Running the normal android 13, not the beta version.

  • Same problems over here, since the update my Phone has all the issues mentioned above. #worstupdateever

  • I just checked for the update now. Glad to see it available in my region but I am seeing Android 13 (V3.360) but the last time I checked this space I saw V3 370. Can anyone please confirm this discrepancy before I jumped into this update. Also what's the issue with some applications not working properly on A13?

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Which applications,every application works in my phone.there is no compatibility issues till now.

    Review your new camera experience.I want to know if I only have degraded quality at night

  • On Android 13, I did a device test and the wifi failed the test.

  • Hakkk
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    Google Lens does not work here either. To be more precise, neither the Camera App can launch Google Lens, nor the Google Lens can use Camera for smart recognition. Google Lens is still able to load and recognize things on existing photos.


    The rest seems to be quite OK.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Bluetooth have some problems.QR scanner is not working in Google pay and other payment crashes.

  • Feedback of A13 on Nokia X20

    I just updated my phone to Android 13, so far so good, all my applications work flawlessly. Also the camera has been worked on. Honestly everything on my phone works perfectly.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Post some camera samples on day,night,wide and macro . Android 13.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Does anyone factory reset their phone after Android 13 update.Nokia support instruct to me but Iam afraid to do so.some people brick their phone by doing it.

  • 手势点按两次屏幕无反应,需每次重新启动后重新设置才能起作用

  • My X10 doesn't brick but since Android 13 update my X10 already had 2 times where all widgets vanished from the homescreen after unlocking. Nothing works, no appdrawer, no google feed anymore. A restart solves the issue but doesn't fix it. No idea what could cause this.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Double tap to wake not working.And in the new advanced testing in device app,test itself assumes everything is ok when my vibration motor doesn't run.

    Sometimes camera has an error " can't connect to camera ". Nokia tried to bringing more light to camera destroyed the quality of the photos.Everything is super bright.we needed this functionality as an option 'dark mode '.

    Some positives also in Android 13,

    Download speeds increased

    Performance improved

    Battery backup better than Android 12

    Smoothness increased

    @Altich why do you unlocked your phone ? Does the problems occurred before or after unlocking?

  • Upgraded now in the UK.

    In addition to all the problems previously mentioned here I have found 3-button navigation doesn't work properly so have had to switch to gesture navigation.

  • even the double tap to wake up the phone doesn't work, every time you restart the cell you have to turn off and on the appropriate option in the submenu of the display, every time...

  • same here. updated for around 5 days

    after reboot double tap to wake not working. (need go to menu turn feature off and on)

    Google Lens app not working (also will lead camera app disconnected camera)

    so far bluetooth no issue (with sony wf 1000 xm3)

    Charging in lock screen, sometimes the ETA to full gone (but I can see the ETA full in battery settings)

    2 x sudden reboot during midnight after update

  • what is the problem? I am also using traditional 3 button navigation. (the new gesture somehow hard to use)

  • I can't use Android Auto on my X20. Do other have that issue? It stopped working. Is there a fix?

  • Massimiliano Moraca
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    I've the same problem. I can't receive any telephone call after the update to 13.

    Another problem is on the dark mode. It's not persistent and after some time is deactived automatically.

    I can't use Google Lens or any QR code scanner. It is not possible to use the zoom for shot a picture.

  • I don´t use Google Lens and QR scan is working normally (binary eye app).

    Before I had some problems but after December 21 update all is working fine, even better than in A12.

    December update size= 94.06 MB for Spain.

  • Using Nova Launcher but the stock launcher seems to be interfering. The button in the middle opens the stock launcher app draw.

  • Lens opens, works with saved photo's, does not work with camera.

    Tried support with MyNokia chat, not much help. Tried the usual, clear cache, start in safe mode, reinstall lens, etc. No fix just the same.

    A few other glitches which seem to clear after restart. No clock, screen actions (swipe back) not working, etc.

    Bit disappointed, I've had nokia for years and done many upgrades (Android 10, 11, 12) never had issues until now.