WARNING - Do NOT factory reset Nokia 5.3 -- Bricked phone



  • Because its own problematic update caused this failure, Nokia must release the model information so that we can unlock the bootloader, after unlocking the operating system can be reloaded.

  • Because its own problematic update caused this failure, Nokia must release the model information so that we can unlock the bootloader, after unlocking the operating system can be reloaded.

  • In my story, I've got a repair case open with them but....

    Again ..... nothing happened

    Chatted with nokia ..... again

    My case got escalated .... again

    I've had three weeks between the moment it got bricked and the moment I heard a repair could be requested. Today another three weeks has passed since the first repair request. Somehow they can't seem to handle the easiest step of it all: a package slip.

    Six weeks and counting. Pathetic as it may seem, I keep contacting them. It now became a matter of principle.

  • singhnsk
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    @Mirmohammad Behkar @nokoit01

    Hi, I hope Nokia mobile helps you. However, in case they do not, please reach me. I will help fix your device for a fair price :)

  • Hi @singhnsk

    Please help me to repair my phone. I live in Iran and there is no care center in my country and I am very sad about this. @singhnsk How can I contact you?

    If you can send me an email with your Discord ID or whatever you have so we can be in touch and I can fix my phone.

    my email address: [email protected]

  • Well ...... WE MADE IT !!

    As suspected, the issue was at DHL whom defined Sweden as a "remote area". That forces Nokia to manually create an pre-paid label for me to allow for drop-off at a specific DHL service point.

    Today Nokia nailed it and I got the packagslip for shipment 🎉. Bonus points for they verified the selected servicepoint with me at forehand. (It was as DHL suggested the nearest, but in a direction I hardly ever go, another one close to work suited much better)

  • Sheet!!!!!! bootloader is lock😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Please help my phone is like a stone

    I am really sorry that I wasted my money to buy a Nokia phone

    I don't know what to do

  • Hello Guys.. I managed to get my nokia 5.3 repaired within one day.

    First I went to the Nokia care center in my country(Sri Lanka). They tried to flash the firmware twice and failed. They said that the firmware IC is corrupted and the phone is dead and to repair, the motherboard must be replaced and asked me 35,000LKR for that which is ridiculous since I bought this phone for 30,000LKR.

    Then after I lost hope I tried to give the phone to local repair shops. The second shop I tried said they will fix it and I gave my phone to them. Surprisingly I got a call the next day saying my phone is fixed. They charged me 7500LKR (20 USD approx.) which is a very fair price since the EMMC was replaced.

    So the problem was the EMMC chip which is the 64GB storage of the phone, was corrupted. Therefore flashing your phone won't be successful. The repair shop told me that almost all Nokia android devices get this problem after few years of use and that he have repaired many. Its funny that he was also repairing another Nokia device with the same problem while talking to me.

    I think Nokia is using low quality EMMC chips on their phones and their poor software further reduces it's lifespan. After replacing EMMC I also found that the lag which existed previously, even after a reset is now gone. In a way I am happy I got my phone repaired. I don't think I'll buy Nokia again.

    The solution is to completely replace the EMMC chip of your phone and then flash the firmware. This is a complex repair and not many offer this service. Try calling nearby repair shops and ask if they replace EMMC IC. Luckily I found one that was also cheap.

    Hope you guys get your phones fixed :)

  • Rexo
    Rexo ✭✭

    Thanks for sharing this. Makes more sense to me. Please, could you tell me the android os currently running on your phone after the repair? Is it still the android 12 or lower? Thanks.

  • Its running Android 11 (BUILD NUMBER: 00WW_2_290_SP02) after the repair. Got some security updates and now its at September security patch. No further updates. Seems like Nokia pulled back the Android 12 update. Hope they release a more stable version.

  • @TomBNL The thing is I wasn't trying to factory reset my phone I just wanted to wipe the delvik cache cause my google related apps stop working for some reason and I saw online doing that might solve the problem, turned my phone off held the volume down button and the power button, entered the fastboot mode been stuck ever since no matter what I choose. I'm not expecting much just saying it since most people tried to factory reset before getting stuck but I didn't and I'm still stuck.... Anyways thanks.

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    While this does make some sense, it is probably not how they fixed your device. Older models from 2018 had emmc issues where the emmcs were hitting their lifespan I/o limits within 2 years of usage.

    The Nokia 5.3 is definitely not shipped with such an inferior EMMC. Moreover, switching over the emmc is not as simple as you mentioned. You need to readback from old emmc and clone over, else your new emmc will not have any imei, meid serial number and several other critical data without which the device cannot function properly.

    Although I can't directly challenge, I think that they didn't change emmc for the device and found some other software-only solution. I'm making this assumption because it is not easy to write imei numbers on new models without internal authorization.

    If I can make a guess, I would make that they likely flashed in the Qualcomm Emergency Download (EDL) mode after disassembling the device and shorting the pins on the board that lead to EDL mode.

  • Thanks a lot @singhnsk My phone came alive


  • singhnsk
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    I am glad that my solution worked for you as well. So, I still have a 100% success rate on the Nokia 5.3 units bricked due to this issue.

  • @singhnsk repaired my phone in less of a hour, they charged me a really fair price and flawlessly, they uploaded the new image and they booted without problems.


  • Hi @singhnsk !

    I have the same issue: after hard factory reset, my Nokia 5.3 (upgrated to Android v. 12) bricked in bootloop. Whichever option I choose (Start, Restart bootloader, Recovery mode, Boot to FFBM, Boot to QMMI) the phone restarts in boot screen.

    So, is there a method to fix it? Can you help me?


  • singhnsk
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    @matteodisimone Hi, please contact me via private message on the forums. The phone's OS needs to be reinstalled. Yes, I can help with that.

  • Hi

    please help me @singhnsk

  • @singhnsk


    I have just read in the previous page of this topic that Nokia/HMD is offering to fix bricked phones for free, even though the warranty has expired. Therefore, I have decided to wait a few more days in the hope that customer support reply to my emails I sent in the last two weeks. At this point, it has become a matter of principle!

    If I receive no answers (likely, I guess...), I will contact you soon.

    Meanwhile, thanks!

  • Sent my bricked nokia 5.3 for repair in January, received an email today with this quote Action/Repair Required: Service Type Description Qty Unit Price Amount

    SERVICE-LEVEL-2 NOKIA REPAIR 1 $233.64 $233.64

    Subtotal: $233.64

    GST: $23.36

    Total Price: $257.00

    Account Details:


    Account Number:

    Account Name:


    Please ensure the above reference number is used for this payment to ensure timely and efficient

    allocation to your account.

    082 637


    Roadhound Electronics Pty Ltd



  • nokoit01
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    .......read in the previous page of this topic that Nokia/HMD is offering to fix bricked phones for free, even though the warranty has expired.....

    They do. Not always a flawless process BUT my quest is (finally) over, yesterday I got the phone back in a working state.

  • singhnsk
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    Is it on Android 12? Or they flashed Android 11 to it? :)

    @mattjc72 Since Nokia support has given up, would you like to try my solution? :)

  • nokoit01
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    @singhnsk : Is it on Android 12 (security update nov '22)

  • Nelrid
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    Strange to see, that there exists a newer Android 12 Version for the Nokia 5.3, which wasn't distributed via the update function.

    My device is still on security update september '22 (Android 12)

    I still have some hope left they fix this mess. Best would be, If they also unlocked the Bootloader etc. so people could also use custom roms on their phones, which would make the phones longer usable (warranty also should not be a problem due to the age of the device)

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    @singhnsk hi dear please help me for unbrick my nokia 5.3 my email is [email protected]

  • Any fix for this ?

  • singhnsk
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    Isn't the Android 12 release 3_400 on Oct SP?

    The 3_400_SP01 that I flash is also November based. I guess they paused the updates to the 5.3 on A12, which is why you did not receive it.

    ro.product.system.manufacturer=HMD Global
    ro.product.system.model=Nokia 5.3
    ro.system.build.date=Sun Oct 30 17:02:19 CST 2022

  • singhnsk
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    The only ways are to send it to Nokia Care. Or take my flash service (essentially same thing as Noki Care, but your device does not need to travel).

  • Hi everyone.

    I didn't update my Nokia 5.3(android 11 right now) to android 12 with the update file that came out on 2022.

    But now I've received the update again and as Nokia service responded, the problem that bricked phones are solved and it's safe.

    But I'm still afraid because I absolutely can't afford to buy another phone.

    Is there anyone else that has received the new android 12 update? If yes, have you tested it ?

    I would really appreciate your opinion on it and your guidance 🙏.

  • singhnsk
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    This update is on Android 11 only, bumping the SP to Feb 2023. So, it is not Android 12. You can install it normally. I have not heard any other user complaining of bricks due to this update.