Nokia G11 - Wifi no longer works after upgrade to Android 12

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Son upgraded his Nokia G11 to Android 12 the other day. When phone restarted the SD card was corrupt and couldnt connect to Wifi networks. Being a google child account it's administered via Family Link. I reset networking but when you go to turn Wifi on a white line illuminates on right edge a few times but no networks listed at all. We've done lots and lots of the troubleshooting and Nokia tried to help yesterday but we got as far as needing to put the phone into safety mode. They said we needed to push power button and tap and hold restart but it just closes the power menu. It means now the phone will only work with mobile data of which we dont have much . Only had the phone since end of august . Once have managed to extract all his files and data intend to do a factory reset but customer support person said it would factory reset to android 12. I'd prefer to have it back in Android 11. He didn't ask me to help upgrade it so had done no backups etc and upgraded in good faith it would work. Why have Nokia allowed the upgrade if it doesnt work? Can't really afford £100 phone every 3 months and apparently if have to do a warranty claim it will take a couple of weeks to replace leaving my son without a phone. Any advice on getting wifi to work again would be appreciated. Thanks



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    Hi @andrew-b, I'm sorry that you're having trouble. Of course it doesn't make sense to buy a new phone every few months.

    What I can say is that I haven't seen anybody else report the same issue - while I'd accept that I am not very active on the community these days. So, your issue seems to be an isolated one. Since you have tried the other basic troubleshooting, just like CS recommended, I will also recommend you to perform a hard (factory) reset. That should wipe the data of apps and settings. I expect the WiFi to start working fine again post a reset.

    Yes, the phone will remain on Android 12. There is no way to downgrade back to an older Android version once released. That said, I am confident enough that HMD does at least basic testing of updates that they publish that they won't push it with such a critical bug related to WiFi connectivity. Please backup the data and perform a hard reset. I am hoping that your phone will be good once again and usable for the next several years. I hope to hear back from you soon.

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  • This is exactly the same for me. It simply does not stay on and defaults to not recognising any WiFi option at all.

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    I'm having the same issue

  • I have contacted the chat and I'd advise the same to others. It sounds like they are aware and working on a fix but no idea on the timings

  • I also have the same issue starting 8 March. This really is infuriating as it leaves me as an older disabled person very vulnerable.

  • I have the same issue , is there any time scale for this to be fixed ? Very frustrating

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    I see a lot of Nokia G21 users reporting the same thing. I guess the fix will now come with next month's SP. So, those affected will need to wait quite some time.

    I hope Nokia halts this problematic update though.

  • Yep , me too. Sort it out Nokia ! 😡

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    I have this issue too on my G11. No Wifi visible, enable / disable Wifi, flight mode or restarts won't help.

    (Please) fix it!

    And how will I update it without a mobile data plan? That will be fun.

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    I spoke on chat to one of their agents last night. they told me they are aware of an issue with the latest upgrade affecting WiFi on G11 and G21 phones. Said they were "working on it" but couldnt give me a timescale for the fix. Recommended a total factory reset. I've not done that as I've too much on the phone to go through the hassle.

  • Having the same issue on our G11. Seemed to be working fine until early afternoon yesterday (8th March), then WiFi connection dropped. The slider "Find & Connect to WiFi Networks" just refuses to stay on, so can't see our home WiFi at all (which is working fine for other phones, laptops etc). Mobile data (on O2) seems OK at the moment. Very frustrating!

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    With so many people having this problem with the Nokia G11 phone, why cant Nokia let people know what is going on. This is a serious problem for some aged people and needs to be sorted immediately. Also how do you do an update without a wi-fi connection.

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    Ditto to above problems, very annoying and frustrating...grrrrrr

  • I spent a fruitless afternoon with 2 of Nokia's chat representatives yesterday trying to get some sense out of them. I told them I was elderly, disabled and not a techie but they insisted on using terms I did not understand and gave a list of apps to clear their caches which do not appear to be on the G11 at all. They were also impatient despite my explaining that I have manual dexterity problems so can't work so fast with small buttons etc. Several times I had to ask whether the chat person was still there, it was really upsetting. Tried safe mode and soft reset to no avail. I am warned that a factory reset may simply bring back the same problem once the updated software arrives automatically. This phone is only a few months old and still under warranty. Mobile coverage in this rural part of Scotland is scant, so I am really left very vulnerable without proper wifi connection. Completely lost faith in Nokia.

  • Ughh... I'm having the same issue too. Let's hope they resolve it before I run out of mobile data.

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    I have the same issue. Exactly same as above. The phone seems slow to respond, too.

    I spent ages following Nokia advice, clearing caches and explaining that some things they asked me to do were not on my G11. All to no avail. Still no WiFi.

    This morning they advised a back-up followed by a Hard Reset will fix it, but from other posts I doubt it will make any difference.

    Has anyone tried a factory reset? Did it make any difference?

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    I've spent the last 24 hours trying to get my phone to connect to my home no avail whatsoever.

    Purely by chance I found this informative site, and it looks like many people are having exactly the same issue!! Like many folk, I rely on my phone. OK, I can use my data, so I'm not completely cut off...but as my limit is quite small, it won't be long before I run out.

    I've trusted Nokia for years, but, now I'm not so sure, especially if this problem is going to happen every time the damned phone updates!!


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    Spoken with someone from Nokia and they informed me they are aware of the issue and are working on it. They'll be sending out another update to fix the issue and to look out for it. Unfortunately they were unable to give me a time scale.

  • adding to this as another affected user. Get on with it, Nokia

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    This is a known issue. Nokia need pushing to provide a solution. Please email an official complaint to [email protected], they do not seem to see it as important. There is no official way to downgrade from Android 12.

  • The Nokia tech people I am corresponding with insist that a Hard Reset may well fix the problem.

    I do not think it will and I'm reluctant to do a hard reset in case it causes further problems.

    Has anyone tried a Hard Reset and did it make any difference?

  • Thankfully i bought the phone via amazon who kindly took it back and replaced with another. The replacement insisted on the upgrade on installation which did complete successfully.

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    Hi andrew-b Is it the same model of phone you got, or a different one?

  • I have the problem on my g11. Just chatted to support, there is no estimate for the fix. It will be deployed automatically without any input by the end user. Nobody knows when!! I guess they need to find the issue, modify the code and check it fixes the issue and doesn't cause any new issues.

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    Not willing to wait indefinitely.

    Backed the phone to Amazon, very poor service from Nokia, won't be buying again.

  • I am having the same problem have they come up with a fix or a work around yet