Nokia G11 - Wifi no longer works after upgrade to Android 12



  • syl
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    I have tried for 2 days trying to connect wifi to my nokia g11 phone. I thought it was my mistake or i had pressed incorrect buttons, glad to know I'm not the the only one having these problems. Will it be fixed automaticly, will it be fixed or will I need to get new phone? This phone is almost new, I'm a pensioner in a remote area and need phone to work as it should.

  • I have the same problem with my G11 does anyone know if the warranty will cover this

  • Same issue since update chat suggested hard reset.. anyone try this yet? If so did it work??

  • My G11 is exactly the same as it's used for my business as well as personal. Surely with so many people complaining of the same issue a fix would be sorted with the upmost urgency. Come on Nokia, get it sorted.

  • I had the same issue with a G21. Talked to tech support and the concluded that a Factory reset could help. So I did. I got my G21 and another one (today) fixed with same procedure.

  • If I do this will I lose everything stored on my phone?

  • This is what Nokia support said to me: "In this case we suggest you try a factory reset on your device. It is not entirely possible for us to say whether this is going to be the definitive solution, but it is necessary to test to determine what other path exists. Please note that a hard reset will completely erase all data, settings, and content on your smartphone, returning you to original factory settings. We strongly recommend that you backup your device before restarting it."

    I currently do not have enough data left for me to do a full backup, so it's going to have to wait for a while.

  • Nokia G21 here and can sadly confirm Wifi not working at all. Also, mobile 4g is not always working since the Android 12 update. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • i got the same problem from few days ago, lost wifi connection and dont have much mobile data and not interested in purchasing any more data, not happy, i still have my older model from last year which is fine but has no sim card and runs slow so not much use. Tesco assistant said about doing factory reset but i dont wanna lose all my apps ect passwords ect, so please sort this out asap.

  • Thanks for all your comments. I did a factory reset this morning, and it seems to have solved the issue. Obviously, it's a bit annoying setting up the phone again, but at least I'm not spending a fortune on 4G.

  • Same issue on my G11 since Android up grade a week ago. No Wi Fi.

    I took phone into a vodafone shop who tried to get it working. No joy They explained that the Android upgrade can not be reversed . They then tried Factory reset.. Still had same issue..

    They explained that Nokia is a 'pure' Android phone and as and when the update comes Nokia should get it first. In the meantime i have to use my limited mobile data ..not good

  • I have just factory reset my phone and all Wifi issues are solved (as well as intermittent 4g problem I had). It was a bit of work but overall I am happy with Nokia G21, long battery life and good vanilla OS. It also seems faster again after the reset.

  • shop03
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    Same issue here and I'm not resetting my phone. My experience with G11 hasn't been great anyway, I deeply regret buying this phone - if I have to spend time any more time resetting, it will be a new phone from another maker.

  • averil
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    I am SERIOUSLY disillusioned with fact, I actually regret replacing my previous android phone, for the G11

    The WiFi/G4 issue with the G11 is still not resolved, and quite honestly, I think it's beyond ridiculous. I didn't ask for their poxy update, I didn't want it, Nokia did it automatically. Customers don't deserve this.

    I am awaiting a heart and lung transplant. I need 100% reliability from my phone, I honestly thought Nokia could provide that for wrong I was.

    As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been any explanation/apology from Nokia. They haven't had the decency to inform customers of what went wrong, how they plan to rectify the issue, or even give any indication of how long it'll take for problem to be resolved.

    Come on Nokia, your customers have paid good money for these devices, you really need to correct the issue...its gone on for long enough!!

  • My wifi works also NOT Last Ip adres ,Macadres for wifi and Mac adres for wifi aparate . What can I do ?

  • I reported my G11 phone over a week ago as not searching for or connecting to WiFi after an update I didn't ask for. I have connected with Nokia via chat and they don't care at all. Can't tell me when another update will be available. Don't have an option to exchange phone. It's disgraceful that Nokia can take your money for a phone which is left not fit for purpose just a few months after purchase. I now have to buy another phone which of course, will not be a Nokia. However, they wished me a nice day, so all's well with the world.😩

    I don't know how they get away with this.

  • My brother had the same issue with his phone so he did a hard factory reset which resolved the issue, now his phone is working as normal. He had most of his things saved to his Google drive so he didn't lose much. It seems like at the moment the only way to fix this is to reset everything.

  • My wife has exactly the same problem. I only purchased the phone in February and by March the WIFI doesnt work. Nokia's support would seem to be non existent, and they are completely lacking any form of customer care. This will be the last Nokia I purchase for sure.

  • No not when you are able to perform a backup over mobile data. That's how I was able to fix it. After the reset to factory settings you can select the made backup to restore.

  • singhnsk
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    Do you mean that you were able to fix the WiFi on your Nokia G11 by performing a factory reset?

  • Factory reset worked for my Nokia g11 today just make sure to back up your info before hand

  • ctan01
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    I have the same problem as others ..... cannot connect to WiFi. My phone is currently working as a basic phone. My question is, if I do a factory reset and it doesn't fix the problem will my phone still work as now or will I need WiFi to make it work.

    Also do I have to remove my SIM card in order to do a factory reset?

  • ctan01
    ctan01 ✭✭

    Has anyone tried just resetting WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth instead of factory reset.....if so, did it work?

  • In answer to ctan01

    Yes i did a WiFi,mobile bluetooth reset. Didnt work

  • So am I !!!!

  • Hello everyone,

    My work colleague had this problem. I spent a half hour or so having a look at trying to fix this problem.

    Backup everything on your phone and do a factory/hard reset. Completely fixed the problem and her wifi is working.

    Nokia G11

  • You need to back everything up and do a factory reset. See my previous post.

  • No need to remove anything.

    If you've signed in with google, you can back everything up via google settings, in your phone setting - then google services (if i remember rightly) - this can be done with your data turned on (i think it will ask you if you want to do it with you're data or will say somewhere on that page)

    You'll see what you want to back up ie, photos, contacts, apps etc. I just backed everything up on my colleagues phone. Remember to back up WhatsApp on the actual app.

    Then you can factory reset the phone. You will know straight away once you start setting up your phone as will asked for wifi password and it connected straight away.

    Hope this helps.

  • Well done you were 100% correct. One the phone was out back to factory settings and set up from scratch it sorted the issue.