Issues with Nokia X30 5G India

Hello Everyone, I am here to update you all regarding some issues I am facing in newly bought my phone.

1. Phone is still running in Jan 5 2023 SP update.

2. There is a notification showing multiple times a day saying Ok to use USB port.

3. Hissing noise some times in low volume of speakers

4. Camera: when compared to Nokia 8.1, the camera lags in many points. Saturation is less, Stabilization is not upto the mark

5. Battery drains very fast in 5G. (Network Standby mode)

6. In WhatsApp video link (YouTube) pop up the video doesn't play in full, it provides blank area's in the screen..

7. After a week's usage, the phone needs to get restart, or else Bluetooth doesn't connect to the devices..

Looking forward to Nokia to release some bug fixes to sort these issues. After paying a huge amount of flagship phones the support we expect also of same premium..

Thank you in advance.



    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    Only a update can change all,pls wait

  • Causing the USB c port there's water in the port then after some time when the water his dry out it show you

  • Okay to use usb

  • Nokia assured monthly security updates for 3 years right? That was one of their justification for the over price as well.. But it's already 3 months without any security patches.. !!

  • I am not a swimmer who swims all days keeping phone in the pocket.. Let us agree it's a bug..

  • Not just water in the Port, any grit. A can of electrical contact cleaner stoat (lasts years and is useful for many things) is safe to clean it out.

    As for the updates, you should have got the February and March updates, but there's an ongoing issue where people simply aren't getting updates. I had to use what's known as the VPN trick to force update my previous G60 as I was on an old build for many months.

    When though they promote excellent update service its actually pathetic.

    AMJITH ✭✭✭

    The next batch of Android 13 will be x30 and 13 can solve all current glitches

  • nikhileshpoozhammal
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    Yes 1&4. My phone problem

  • nikhileshpoozhammal
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    Are there so many problems because the X30 is made in China?

  • Vineeth P
    Vineeth P ✭✭

    Sad reality is Nokia Mobile India selling this X30 in more than premium price and not bothered to give tech and other related supports to the mere number of people who had purchased it .

  • I was a die-hard fan of old Nokia. ohh those were the golden days of innovation in Nokia(Technology means only Nokia). But after microsoft hacked Nokia back then and totally destroyed this legend i knew that now nobody will be able to revive nokia ever. And then comes HMD global a little hope was shown when they announce new nokia but today looking at nokia's website/portfolio of smartphones it looks like HMD global intentionally launching these trash like devices in 2023, for example you can choose any device from their website like "nokia X30 5G" selling at Rs 36999 on amazon its not overpriced but 3xoverpriced i mean you are using one year old CPU (snapdragon 695 launched in 2021) in 2022 smartphone. You forget that name is not enough in today's competitive market except Apple. It is sad to say but soon HMD global has to shutdown the company or to sell the company to someone if they keep launching these crap smartphones.

  • leadpb
    leadpb ✭✭

    I have still not received the Android 13 update and my phone is still running 5th Jan 2023 update.

    The customer care solution is as follows.

    Step 1 : Run the phone in safe mode for couple of hours.

    Step 2: Perform factory reset.

    Step 3: Wait for couple of days for the update.

    I do not understand why factory reset is required and then cannot push the update.


  • @leadpb : I am facing the same issue as update to android 13 is still pending. Is it resolved after trying factory reset?

  • I regretted buying Nokia x30 at the crazy price tagged on it. Thae phone didn't worth the price do to some inconveniences I am encountering while using the phone. At times, the phone will hooked and takes me time before it opens. This is cheating, please

  • Why not my Nokia X305g not supported 5g network

  • Vihaan
    Vihaan ✭✭

    I ordered Nokia x30 before 1 week and still not received.

    They are ensuring on the Nokia website after ordering within 2-3 days will get delivery.