NOKIA 6 OREO 8.1 APRIL SECURITY UPDATED phone is having VOLTE issues

I have updated the nokia 6 to latest oreo 8.1 and updated the security patch released on the month april which is the latest one.

NOKIA 6 OREO 8.1 APRIL SECURITY UPDATED phone is having VOLTE issues

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I have updated the nokia 6 to latest oreo 8.1 and updated the security patch released on the month april which is the latest one.

Including me many of the users are facing VOLTE issues, i have checked the trace at operator side  and came to know the handset is not initiating any request towards IMS server,

I've put my sim in one plus and volte is working perfect.

HMD is actually providing worse support , i have contact the support services, which is utter waste and irritating, i have used lumia till now and i loved to buy the Nokia android, but to be frank this HMD is not a standard company, Dont expect any standard from them, all they have they bought the brand name NOKIA,(from my experience)  first thing is what i have already mentioned the support services, all they have known is force restart and network restart, what ever details i have provided their reply is , " sir have you see three vertical dots click and reset, then force restart, if still issues go to service center , don't forget to keep valid documents" i was irritated and said get lost, then also same reply , have you seen vertical dots click.....

I have gone through several online articles and haven't received any solution till now, all i came to know is almost all of the nokia users are facing the same issue, when the HMD is going to provide the update and solution, 5G evolution is near by , are they planning to provide 4G volte services when all other models and users started to enjoy 5G..???

@HMD you haven't given any discount or the phone for free, i have paid for it , and I'm asking for the VOLTE services which you have told available with your phone,.. if you cant offer the services go and stop the company and return the amount to customers,

The most irritating thing is , no a days all should present all minor issues to social media, but i have asked support services first, which is the worst among all, then i have wrote a mail to HMD support, from them also no reply, 3 weeks i have waited no reply still, 

Thats why i'm posting all the things over here, i would happy if any of the Nokia user can support in this case, as no more hope from a worse support company HMD.


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    Even Nokia 6 TA1000 is having same problem since 8.0 update . I am facing this issue for last three months.none of the support team solved my problem.I am having mail conversation of 20 mails .in all mails they have replied as template answer that is" they forwarded complaints to relevant department"
    Even I tweeted to all Nokia supports and Juho sarvikas..none of them were responding.I fed up with their support team.
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    What else can be done, i decided to raise this issue till it get resolved , and i decided to publish this issue as much as i can , we all have to do it, why HMD is not valuing our money. 


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    Yesterday ta 1000 got update of 8.1 but still volte issue is existing...
  • atleast they fixed dolby atmos in the last 8.1 update after 5 months of bad sound quality with oreo . ta-1003
  • Yeah they fixed sound to prblm but this is really necessary its the basic functionality.
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    Hi, I am also facing the same issue after Oreo (8.0) update. Volte support is not available in my Nokia 6 (TA-1003). It was working before but after oreo (8.0) update Volte option itself not available under "Mobile Network" settings. Facing this issue since last 3 months. 

    @HMD/Nokia, Please release update for Nokia 6 (TA-1003) volte support, we (everyone who is having the model Ta-1003) are really affected because of this.

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    The Oreo update destroyed my phone...getting starting loops...cant even get access to recovery mode
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    Hi... I am also facing same VoLte issue after updating oreo 8.0. But I have waited for 8.10 excitingly to resolve my issue.Badluck my issue still not resolved. I am not understanding why HMD global support team not listening to us. What for they are claiming international brand. Let them think now...irritating
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    I got the Nokia 6.1 because of its volte,after the update the volte disappeared, am so angry now.HMD needs to grow up.
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    No one could answer .. Why Turkey Is nokia 6 (T-1033) at March security update. Why does not it take April, May, June patches
  • I too have same problem since jan 2018. HMD global why so adamant to resolve users problem since 6 months. Supporting department finally proved fit for nothing. Let me think about legal process against HMD global for not supporting even in warranty period.
  • Kindly upgrade volte
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