Android 13 (V2.220) has landed

Currently downloading the update on my X30 (in UK)


  • conreb01
    conreb01 ✭✭

    Battery still unknown and charging still below 11watts. I can therefore only deduce that I was mis-sold this phone. I bought it for 33w charging. I won't touch hmd again.

  • I'm in the UK also but I'm still waiting for Android 13. Would there anything I could do to maybe force it maybe? I can't hard reset my device either as I'm on a subscription.

  • cashworth
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    I didn't get any notification of an update. I just restarted my X30 (to fix the Bluetooth bug), and on the restart it installed the update.

  • Vineeth P
    Vineeth P ✭✭

    Anyone received Android 13 in India?

  • Received 13 version on G11plus, updated today. Kenya

  • Same here. I would have thought they'd fix it with such a major upgrade. PPS charging (which the Nokia charger provides) has always been a bit broken on these phones when charging close to 33 W. Makes you wonder whether it's only a certain batch or hardware revision of the devices affected since it's an ongoing issue. They again, most people likely don't have a PPS charger capable of 33 W or more.

    Even without PPS, you should have at worst QC 3.0, which is 18 W. The slow charging we have at the moment is effectively 'brute force' legacy USB charging, as a result of the battery type not being reported. Without that PPS, and QC 3.0 will not function. The downside is it probably isn't any better for the battery, and potentially worse since battery reporting is broken.

  • I have Nokia X30 I have just painted my kitchen cupboard like a olive green so after finished went to take pictures and the colour is coming up grey video everything so took some pictures of green things and my camera is not picking up true colour green is their a fault on my camera or with the app or all Nokia X30

    please help it has my head done in trying to figure it out

    Thanks guys I'm in the UK

  • efka
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    Yes it did land . Unfortunately after update alot of issues with charging with handfree and with android auto. Same as with xr20 after update. So now i have 2 broken phones......

  • vgaspar
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    Which regions have the update released at?

    Is there any timeline to reveal rest of the locations to be pushed? What about Hungary?

  • trimegisto
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    edited June 7

    My X30 is stuck at the March 05 update. 

    According to the Nokia's official website ( the update is available since April 19 and and an update for that release was made available in May 4.

    I bought my phone from Nokia's website, from the source! I am in Europe, in the EU , not in some remote corner of the world. My carrier (Vodafone) has been selling Android 13 phones in my country for months!

    Therefore, none of the usual escuses is applicable. And this can only mean pure incompetence, pure lack of respect for those who bought this phone.

    Nokia's behavior's is in fact illegal in the sense that were promised monthly upgrades!

  • Anyone have the factory image with Android 12? I think the 00WW_1_310_SP02, can't find it anywhere.

  • Problem with bluetooth and USB . The mobile switched to android 13 have probelm with bluetooth and USB , still disconnecting from car radio. When was android 12 was not this problem. car is Jeep Renegade .radio is Uconnect 7. Does anyone have a similar problem? Thanks :)

  • According to the oficial website ( another Android 13 update was released on May 30.

    That means Nokia is still pushing the updates to some privileged users and others are left behind.

    Guys, let's act together and put some pressure on the support services, both web and via the MyDevice app. Let's demand that the support operators report this.

    As an alternative you can try to send the phone for repair using the oficial services ( and reporting this shameful situation. I will do it as soon as I can get my hands on another phone.