Android 13 errors and their solutions

Updated on Android 13 and received two critical problems.

1. Now when the phone is in sleep mode, I don't get notifications from apps,

2. I can't change the default helper.

Please give your feedback, do you have the same?


  • Phimond
    Phimond ✭✭

    Same, we have same not detecting wifi

  • I recently updated my Nokia G-20 ,to Android 13.I prefer the phone to run on night mode but since the upgrade it's going on and off.Tge screen goes to night mode and then immediately switches to normal.its light a broken light bulb just flickering slowly.

  • Please don't buy any Nokia phone

  • katemi
    katemi ✭✭

    after upgrading your Nokia G20 to android 13, reset your phone, things will be ok

  • peraroza
    peraroza ✭✭

    @katemi how to step by step to reset my phone (G20), please info me?

  • jacko50
    jacko50 ✭✭

    go into a shop and buy a non Nokia phone, then take your Nokia and throw it in the river...or just smash it to bits with a large hammer... That's a permanent solution to the many issues, and also very

  • Permission controller doesn't display microphone or camera options. Any solutions, apart from being an incompetent hater like some other commenters suggested?

  • infotvbox 75
    infotvbox 75 ✭✭
    edited June 6

    android 13 aggresive backgroud killing of apps .

    doesn't matter configure unrestricted the apps and batery settings off ,the phone still kill apps randomly,notification problems

    factory reset doesnt fix the problem.

  • PG-13 dude
    edited June 10

    After I updated to android 13, now I can't use the WiFi sharing feature anymore, I hope I can use the feature again after the next update

  • infotvbox 75
    infotvbox 75 ✭✭
    edited June 29

    sometimes display don't turn off automatically .

  • Upgrading to a new operating system version can sometimes introduce unexpected issues. It appears that you are experiencing two critical problems after updating to Android 13:

    1. Notifications not received in sleep mode: It can be frustrating when you don't receive notifications from apps while your phone is in sleep mode. This could be due to changes in the notification settings or battery optimization settings introduced in Android 13. I recommend checking your device's notification settings and ensuring that app notifications are allowed in sleep mode. Additionally, review the battery optimization settings to ensure they are not overly restricting app background activity.
    2. Unable to change default helper: It's important to have the ability to change the default helper app on your device. If you're facing difficulties doing so after updating to Android 13, it could be a bug or a limitation of the new version. I suggest checking if there are any updates available for your device's software or contacting the manufacturer's support team for assistance. They may provide guidance on how to change the default helper or offer a solution to address the issue.

    Remember, software updates can sometimes introduce unexpected problems, but there are often solutions available. Don't hesitate to seek assistance from the manufacturer or explore online forums where other users may have encountered similar issues and found solutions. 

  • After upgrading to Android 13 my SIM Wind Ita only works for phone calls, not for data.

    I tried replacing with other carrier's SIM (Tim, iliad) and It works fine, also tried my own Wind SIM in other phones and works, also tries other Wind SIM in my nokia and doesn't work.

    Seem like there Is a conflict between Nokia, Android 13 and Wind.