Nokia T20 Android 12 update?



  • Yesterday I contacted Nokia support and the person I chatted with knew nothing of these problems - or so she said. I then referred to another community post that says updates have been withdrawn and asked if it was true or false. Her reply? Please send me a screenshot. It seems like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

  • On my Nokia T20, I'm not receiving any fresh updates. My most recent security update was in September 2022; after then, there have been no updates or system upgrades to Android 12.

  • Does anyone at either Nokia or HMD ever read these posts?

  • Please fix this issue, I really trusted you nokia

  • You're right! :) I hope they will fix it.

    Although the device is starting to get on my nerves, even though I used to like it.

    Later someone wrote that they talked to support and they didn't really know about the problems.

    All you have to do is read this forum that they run.

  • You are going to be sorry for updating it . Just saying.

  • I think everyone facing problems in Nokia t20 after Android 12 update should read this.

  • I have been using this slate daily for more than a year on @ndroid 11 and now on @ndroid 12 for nearly a month.

    Never have I encountered any major problems mentioned above.

    Only minor bugs in UI along with slow animation speeds can be annoying but that was expected from @ndroid 12 update.

    Hopeful that future updates will add more polish to the stock UI.

  • I assume they have halted the update because of the issues it's causing. If this is the case, why don't they announce that there working on it? a little short-sighted.

    I'm still on Android 11 because 12 is not available. For now, it seems from everyone's comments that's the best thing to do.

  • use microsoft launcher it will solve some of your problems and wakelock v3 app from playstore in case u encounter some more problems...this is the best prescription i can give for now

  • Careful what you wish for. I bought my T20 only 2 weeks ago and it went straight to Android 12. Big problem with random Restarts for no reason and complete loss of audio requiring Restart to get it back.

    Nothing we can do but wait for an update to fix.

    Come on Nokia/Google...get out the bug spray

  • Has anyone received a software update I'm still on the security patch for the month of January?

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    girts ✭✭

    Yes, received. Two devices updated and issues are gone. Located in Latvia :)

  • I am from Serbia and there is no update yet.

  • One of the f*****d up device after update, sue the developer and fire them from job and make sure they never get any job in future.

    My device is like brick after update, service centre damage the body of my device and I had no choice left but to accept the device, even after they install android 12 my device is super slow.

    When the **** you are going to roll out android 13 or stable android 12 which is more like android 11. This rom is ****

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    The Nokia T20 has received an update to Android 12. The update was released in March 2023 and includes a number of new features and improvements, including:

    • A new design language with a refreshed look and feel
    • New privacy features, such as a privacy dashboard and microphone and camera indicators
    • New accessibility features, such as a new Magnifier app and improved TalkBack support
    • New performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Slow tablet after update , lot of bugs, Nokia is dead

  • I will never buy a product from Nokia , i have Nokia 8.3 dead from their update and a tablet t20 full of bugs and lag