Nokia 8.3 5G error after restart to update security



  • Luke Staunton
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    This same issue occurred with Google Pixel devices after the May 2023 security update too.

  • Nobody from Nokia here? You destroy my phone with your update

  • Hello,

    I actually found your guide earlier. Thank you for it! Does unlocking bootloader reset all data on my phone?

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    Why no response from NOKIA?

    How come Google and Nokia released the update without testing it?

  • Where can i download the latest OTA?

    SW ID: 00WW_3_490_SP04, Security Patch: SP Only (Android 12), SP Version: Apr-23, Date: May 08, 2023, Android Security Bulletin: Apr 2023        

  • We must unlock the bootloader for install this if we find it?

  • I am sorry to report that this issue extends beyond the Nokia 8.3. My Nokia G60 5G is completely bricked after an update performed yesterday. The device will not start, and the bootloader is locked such that I am unable to restore the device.

    Nokia MUST provide us the means to unlock the bootloaders on these phones in order for us to restore them. It is unacceptable for an OTA update to brick customers' devices, and it is unacceptable for Nokia to charge for repairs.

  • Nokia 8.3 bricked but the XR20 update installed without a hitch.

    In Australia the consumer law is not as strong as the EU, so I hope Nokia comes up with a fix ASAP. I will not install another update without first waiting a few weeks in the future.

  • pertti01
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    I also got the locked phone after the Android security patch update as well. The phone worked perfectly before the update. HMD does not get any responsibility about this defect.

    And I also got the copy/paste answer: "I'm so sorry for all the inconveniences with your Nokia 8.3, I completely understand your frustration with the phone...etc.

    And besides of that the person said that it is completely the users reponsibility to accept the updates. HMD does not recommend for user to do any updates. So, even security patch updates which come from Android!

    This is very strange. I really hope that HMD will take this case seriously.

  • engtsw01
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    Strange that on their website: Nokia Smartphone Security Maintenance Release Summary | Nokia phones

    It says "Users are reminded that all Maintenance and Security Patch releases should be accepted as soon as possible to help ensure a smooth Android experience." But it is our responsibility and now do not recommend to do updates.

  • cyril02
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    I believe this is the Security Patch [00WW_3_490_SP04] that ended up taking us into this state on the TA-1243 (aka Nokia 8.3 5G). Correct?

    Once in the unrecoverable state, under Recovery Mode, does anyone see the following error?

    ro.boot.bootdevice is: ld84000.ufshc

    Update via sdcard on UPS dev.Mounting card


    Failed to mount sdcard

  • ugs-lumia
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    Is it already known whether the faulty security update has been withdrawn????

    I'm getting a brand new 8.3 from my dealer because my old one was still under warranty.

    It has to be updated to Android 12, so it won't be destroyed again.

  • lrmic
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    My Nokia 8.3 5G stopped working yesterday afternoon after the OTA restart. Nothing from HMD.

  • warre1
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    Probably it is withdrawn, since I checked the updates earlier today here in Finland and phone did not find updates .

  • ugs-lumia
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  • ugs-lumia
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    Thank you, I don't want to destroy the new 8.3 right away.

  • martin04
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    I have been pressing Nokia/HMD customer services to take ownership of this issue, especially for any handsets that are out-of-warranty, since those were rendered inoperable through no fault of the user and only because of an error with the 8 May 2023 OTA security update, as supplied by Nokia/HMD. Their latest response to me is below:

    "Dear [redacted]

    Welcome back to Nokia Mobile Care, I am so sorry for the issue that you are presenting, let me help you to solve this inconvenience.

    Thank you for letting us know your feedback, the reason for this email is in regards to your Nokia device and the repair order creation after the situation your device is presenting, we understand and appreciate the information you have provided, yet unfortunately, as the device is already out of the warranty, there no much we can do.

    For the moment, we have paused the update immediately and our teams are working on a solution as our highest priority. 

    We would like to share the steps on how you can send the phone to service. The following will be the link where you can complete the process, yet the charges from the care center will apply: 

    Hope this information will help you to resolve your issue and I do satisfy you with my answer.

    If you have further questions or face any difficulties, please contact us at your convenience. We will be very happy to assist you.

    Best regards,

    Nokia Mobile Care."

    At this point in time, Nokia/HMD is clearly not willing to accept liability for the OTA update resulting in several models of their handsets being rendered inoperable; this is despite consumer law in Finland (Finnish Consumer Protection Act 38 1978, as amended) mandating that even when there is no warranty for a product, if a product has become faulty for any reason other than user error, and the product can be repaired or replaced, the vendor must by law make efforts to repair or replace at no cost to the user (see information at

    I would recommend that any users affected by this issue raise the matter with members of the press via social media or direct contact, as it is the most likely way that pressure be brought to bear upon Nokia/HMD to make them undertake their legal obligations and repair phones that were rendered unusable by their own update process. I would also recommend contacting the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority to raise a complaint against Nokia/HMD via that agency. (

  • Unfortunately it seems that my phone is stuck now as well.

    I contacted Nokia Support and they said I should send my phone to them... but it would cost me as my warranty is no longer valid.

    I must admit that I am now upset.

  • What mobile made in Europe can you recommend me now?

  • pertti01
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    This morning I got the following answer from Nokia Care:

    "We are aware of an issue with the Nokia 8.3 5G and are investigating it. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The issue occurred after the latest security update was rolled out. We have paused the update immediately and our teams are working on a solution as our highest priority. We recommend anyone affected by this issue to bring or send their phone to our Care team for support. Please visit our support site for more information:"

    Obviously the repair will be free-of-charge if the phone is under 24-month warranty. But, when I asked who is paying the bill for repairing my 25 months old phone, I did not get any answer...😐️

  • ugs-lumia
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    Isn't Google also partly to blame for this faulty update? So far, no information has come from their side.

    Who gives the go-ahead for rolling out security updates? Google or Nokia???

    I think Google would have to contribute to the repair costs.

  • martin04
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    The OS image is specific to a given handset, so Google would have provided the basic security update code, which HMD's engineers would then customise to suit individual Nokia-branded devices.

    It would be the responsibility of HMD to ensure that any update did not render devices inoperable via QA testing prior to making the update publicly available.

    Make no mistake: the fault lies with HMD, so it is their responsibility to put this right - especially for anyone who purchased their handset directly from HMD themselves via the Nokia branded online stores.

  • I have the same problem is Nokia looking into this

  • singhnsk
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    So, here is the outcome of a few things that I/we have tried over the last few days. Here are a few things to note about unlocking the bootloader.

    1. Unlocking the bootloader will likely fix the problem, and the phone will start. If not, you can rewrite the full firmware, and the phone must start.
    2. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe the DRM keys. This means that the apps that rely on DRM will deny playing videos in quality higher than 480P. Some of these apps are Netflix, Disney+, and Discovery+. There may be more. However, YouTube playback will not be affected.
    3. Once the bootloader is unlocked, it cannot be locked again. There is no means to re-lock the bootloader on a Nokia 8.3. The unlocking is also an unofficial process, so do not expect this to be fixed in the future.
    4. Varies by region: Some bank apps will refuse to work when the bootloader is unlocked. Security issues, but that's how it is. Wireless (tap) payments will no longer be allowed if you use Google Pay etc.
    5. Unlocking the bootloader deletes all existing data on the phone i.e. photos, videos, apps, etc.

    I have had 2 kinds of experiences:

    1. No data loss: The boot slot on May 2023 update was not marked successful. So, reverting the slot to other slot i.e. on the April update, brought in a device still with existing data. After that, we disabled further automatic updates on it.
    2. Data loss and needed firmware re-install: In the opposite experience I had with another user, the phone did not work, even after unlocking the bootloader. I had to rewrite the firmware. It worked after rewriting the firmware, and now the phone is okay, except that the bootloader could not be locked.

    And I have heard from others that most phones worked by merely unlocking the bootloader. The free method to unlock the bootloader is a little complicated, but you'll get it working if you follow it thoroughly and you have previous experience handling computers and command line tools.

    All in all, the phone is fixable, yes. So, if you do not have a warranty and Nokia support asks for an exorbitant amount, you should fix it yourself.

    I also am providing low-priced service to fix the Nokia 8.3 for those who are not that much into technology and do not want to run through the process of bootloader unlocking. And most likely, the data can be kept as well i.e. without wiping existing data. I flash the phone using flash permission from Nokia Care. Let me know if somebody needs my assistance.

  • singhnsk
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    They most likely are. And if more people contact them, they will likely repair free post-warranty as well. However, with the Nokia 5.3, it took them nearly a month before they offered free repair. So, you will need to arrange a backup device while you wait for a solution from them.

    The good thing seems to be that the further rollout of the update is halted. So, there will be no more damage than what has already happened.

  • singhnsk
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    The May update was an SP release. So, it won't come as a full package (MRs do). So, you will first receive the last MR - likely in November 2022. After that, you will receive SPs for December 22, January 23, March, April, and May. If May still shows up for you, don't take it and disable Automatic system updates (link to guide) in Developer Options. It will keep you safe from the damage.

    To avoid forced updates during Android setup, please set up the phone offline (i.e. skip WiFi connection on the first screen of the Android setup). Else the phone will force you to complete all available updates before allowing you to enter the OS.

  • benz01
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    Hello Singhnsk,

    thank you for sharing you experiences!

    Could you please explain your first approach without data loss a little bit more detailed?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Digzone
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    Andriod 12 official Rom June security update for 8.3.

    Does the ADB Flash still work or not at all?

  • Timo S
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    After three days we still don't have official statement from HMD / Nokia phones regarding this major issue? Am I right?