Android 13 released for Nokia T20 and I'm disappointed

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I have waited a log time for Android 13 update on Nokia T20. It was launched with a phone like UI and had stayed that way in the Android 12 update. I was very excited when Android 13 was released by Google as it had many improvements made to user interface in Android tablets. Despite the delay in launching update I was hoping the UI enhancements will be worth the wait.

Coming to the update, it has minimal to no changes to the interface, it still looks like an enlarged phone UI - no taskbar, no split notification panel, no changes to home screen, no changes to app drawer. It still has the search bar that stretches across the whole display that cannot be removed. It comes with one handed mode - which is actually missing in G21! I don't know why would anyone use their tab with one hand. On the other hand G21 has all the tablet UI enhancements available which is of no use in a phone.

And still no changes to widevine L3 certification, so this tab will never have HD streaming enabled.



  • what region are you in? i do not have android 13 yet.

  • My region is Europe and i also still don't have android 13.

  • nvm - the updating is installing for me now in the UK. i am not hopeful that this will be high quality.

  • ed west
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    Just installed it here in the UK

    Took a couple of attempts and couple of restarts before it would install

    Default launcher lost my home screen setup during install, and post update will not rotate to portrait mode. Apps do work in portrait mode ok

    Have switched to Microsoft Launcher as a workaround, works fine and also feels quicker to use

  • kdhuk
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    Updated to 13 here in the UK .

    Seems reasonably OK - getting duplicate cast devices when pressing cast icon in apps. Tried lots of previous remedies that have appeared online - none working yet . (including this one )

    Anyone finding a solution please post here

  • kdhuk
    kdhuk ✭✭

    Yes - Home screen layout did disappear - had to set it up again....& OK since

    I am getting rotation to portrait mode after a bit of a stutter each time I restart

  • FoxVol
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    Absolutely agree! I was so waiting for them to leave all the changes for the tablets Google did, but no... I'm just disappointed with it. A buggy launcher only adds bitterness to this update. Judging by the android 12, we will have android 13, which is very sad. I'm just very, very upset and disappointed.

    Moreover, most of the changes for tablets were already in Android 12.1, but for some reason our tablet received the usual version of Android 12. Although, even if I received 12.1, there would be no changes.It's a shame that Nokia developers climb where they don't stand and don't provide us with what we should have android.

  • Almost a month later, and crickets for those of us here in the USA, it's like they don't care much about us here.

  • Can one downgrade from android 13 to 12?