i love my 7+

it seems there are nothing but complaints on this forum. many unreasonable demands to Nokia being made.

i love my 7+

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it seems there are nothing but complaints on this forum. many unreasonable demands to Nokia being made. people saying things like 'Nokia, you must do this..........'.  I don't doubt there are issues with some handsets, but many of the complaints are user error. i also know there are handsets that have issues. all manufacturers have defective handsets, whether you're apple, samsung, huawei or anyone else.

i do wish the camera software is better and i know there are a few
things that can be better like face unlock. for me though, everything else is excellent.
battery life is awesome, screen resolution is excellent, charging is super fast, headphones sound perfectly normal. most of all, the industrial design of this phone is perfect in my opinion. it's not trying to be bezeless, doesn't have a stupid notch, has a headphone jack, rounded corners, 1:2 aspect ratio, black or white, the copper highlights are beautiful. solid in hand, great texture. i simply love this phone. it's a joy to hold and i love using it. typical north european design. simple, elegant, not fuss and timeless.

are there any others out there who love their phone? or are there only complainers here?


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    I agree. The demands for a FM radio in the next update are ridiculous. What are they expecting, Nokia to come and install an FM receiver in their phone?

    If the phone doesn't have what you want, don't buy it!
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    @user1529691594753 it was apparently advertised as having FM radio in some countries (not in mine nor on official site). What I can say is that FM services are running on the N7+ and drivers are also present. That does not mean much, but if FM chip is there a simple software upgrade would enable it.

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    well I'm using 7 plus for 2 months and yea I love this device.. and  I agree with u there are lots of demands for different features..funny thing if nokia add all those features, still there will be demands for even more..reason people always wants more..

     well some of the features people are asking is reasonable, like face unlock.. even it has less security people wants its as it's a trend these days and it's pretty cool.. another one is FM radio.. in India a lot of people use it..and u can get that feature in budget phones so people are made it's not in a phone which is said to be a premium mid ranger..but what makes it ridiculous instead of discussing it in one thread.. everyone is making a separate thread about it..and the forum is filled with it..

    The most ridiculous demands i'm seeing is the demand for applock, dual app..i mean c'mon  there are tons of apps (free and paid) for that in playstore that can do the job.. and those are not some big app that cost a lot of data.. u can free to choose any one of those u want.. and not all of them have ads.. same for music player and file manager... and people need to learn there are limitation on what nokia can add an what nokia can't in an android one device..if they add all those bloatware will google allow it to be a android one device?! u will then loose the guarantee monthly security update and two major version update.. i will rather have a android one set with guarantee security update instead of a android device full of bloatware with security vulnerability..

    What nokia needs to do now is  they need to fix the optimization issue of the software..the micro sutter and some lag here and there...and mostly the camera app.. the post image processing algorithm.. can't says anything about the audio quality through headphone jack as for me it's good.. i'm not a guy who always listen music through headphones..and when I do listen it's at 50% volume lvl most of the time.. cuz thats high enough for me.. 

  • I had some serious issues with notification even though I didn't even touch settings but eventually found a way to fix it by hard reset via Recovery.
    Since that time the phone works great.
    The overall software needs just little optimization but besides from that it works just great.
    Battery life is awesome! Screen is calibrated very good in my opinion.
    As for the camera. The auto settings generate bad photos to often but using manual mode results in really excellent photos.
    My iPhone fan friend after seeing some photos from Nokia 7 plus asked me twice if they were really made using this phone. He just couldn't believe. So the camera is very good but gives better results when using manual (Pro mode).
    The speaker is loud, sounds very good.
    You will find cheaper phones with similar hardware but not with that build quality, not that battery life and not always up to date, clean Android.
    It's a great phone. And it's also quite heavy phone so if you like light weight device Nokia 7 plus will be just to heavy for you. It weighs 1 g more than Samsung Galaxy S8+.
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    i love this phone. everyone at work, mostly iphone users, love the way the 7+ looks and feels. it's a beautiful design. i'm hoping to get some positive disussions about this lovely phone than the usual petty whining.
  • I'm really trying to love this phone but it's getting harder and harder. Spontaneous lag when scrolling, camerasoftware that is way off par, and Bluetooth connection issues. I was hoping for a unlocked bootloader by now but probably won't happen any time soon. If Nokia won't get their **** together I will probably sell the phone and buy a OnePlus 6. The phone has potential...but it needs some fixing.
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