Unable to dial Jio Care Number 199, 1988 from Jio SIM


Unable to dial Jio Care Number 199, 1988 from Jio SIM

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1. Able to Call from Jio to Jio land however receiver is able to hear my voice but unable to hear receiver voice (Tested using another Nokia 7 plus device and if same SIM inserted In Samsung A9pro then able to make calls properly)
2. Unable to dial short code from His SIM using Nokia 7 plus however if same sim used in Samsung A9pro then able to dial short code 199, 1988
Kindly assist in priority as I'm unable to communicate with my office Team.

Vishwanath Sawant


  • s biswas s biswas
    I too have the short code calling issue from my Nokia 8
  • My friend has Z2 plus and he faces the same issue.. it might be Nokia issue or might be Jio issue.. but if you are able to call someone ..it can not be a software or volte issue.. its the carrier issue then which has forced disabled your short calls... or Jio does not support Nokia 7 plus fully... if jio to jio mobile has an issue... try resetting the phone after backing up the data... 

  • I am facing the same issue on my Nokia 8. When I call Jio customer care from my phone the call gets disconnected. I am able to make calls to all other numbers. If I put my sim in some other phone, then I can call Jio customer care. I also got it flashed from a near by Nokia care center still the same issue is there. Talked to Jio they say tried to trace the problem and found that my handset is not allowing the call to be placed. Please help

  • This problem has been solved. I just called 198 from my Jio number. You should try again now. Please mark it answered if the problem has been solved for you.
  • lit_n_lite lit_n_lite
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    Not for me. Just tried it again. I am using Nokia 8. Looks like they just fixed it for Nokia 7 plus

  • Nokia 8 users. Please post in your relevant forum.
  • ramz6 ramz6

    i called the numbers from my jio sim and they are working

  • s biswas s biswas
    No respite for Nokia 8 users, same as before, can't call Jio Care.
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