Android P Sucks....

After Updating My Nokia 7 Plus to Android P... Phone Battery Is Going Short...

Android P Sucks....

Nain Nain

After Updating My Nokia 7 Plus to Android P... Phone Battery Is Going Short... I Bought Nokia 7 Plus 2Days Ago But Battery timing Is Only 4 Hours Even When Not In USe, And The Mobile Is Going Hang When Using ANy Social App.Why ?
Please Release A Perfect Update And Fix Some Major Issue..

1- Navigation Bar And Notification Bar Icons And Layout Is Too Old Please Release Latest Like Oppo F7.. Means hidden Navigation Bar..
2- When I Turn On Power Saving Mode The Statusbar And Naviationbar Colour Changed To Red ..Very Bad..
3- Improve Battery Timing Battery Timing Is Very Short.
3- Please Add Minimize function For Notification Like Other Latest Phones..
4- Please Add File Manager And Gallery..
5--Please Add auto unlock Function When I Enter a Pin Code..
We Don't Need Any Security Update Or android One Who can Not Listen Our Feedback Or We Don't Need Any Other Update We Need Perfect Update...Please Please Please Please
You Are A Nokia Buddy .. Stay Latest ...I Hope YOu will Reply 


  • Regarding the battery issue, checkout the XDA forum of Nokia 7 plus. People there have found a solution.
    Regarding all the feature request, I don't see any of them being accepted by Nokia because Nokia phones come under Android One branding and Android one requires manufacturers to keep the android as is meant by Google. That means just like the pixels.
    This is exactly what makes Nokia release monthly updates because of minimal changes to android.
  • Sameer Mehta Sameer Mehta
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    @nain do you understand the word beta... Nokia will and should not change to anything other than stock Android, this is not Chinese junk here
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    Battery usage is not available.
    any help?
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    don't know what happened , my yesterday's post didn't show up... welp..


    Ok first like @sameermehta2087 said.. android P is still in beta.. it's not a daily crash is normal..

    second like @Puneet said most of the nokia devices are android one handset.. so there are certain limitation on what features nokia can add and what they can't.. so maybe non of the features u r asking will be added in the future.. and seriously gallery and file manager!! there tons of that available in playstore.. free and paid both offer good amount of features..not all of those free version has annoying ads..

    also u said "We Don't Need Any Security Update"!! well there are people who prefers features pack handset with tons of bloatware and doesn't care about security update..but there are a lot of people including me who prefers a stock look with just the necessary features and monthly security updates as it's always better to have phone with a latest security than a bloatware pack phone but vulnerable to threats like last year's blueborne or krack and who knows how many to come later..

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