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  • Yes another update is required solving this issues but Nokia people should know that few devices have this error problem. When they gonna release the new update resolving these issues.waste if buying this mobile if we have to roam to service center after every time this issue occurs
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    The service center or other official support channels can't help with this.

    Almost everything and everybody is outsourced / subcontractors in modern corporations, and I don't think HMD is old-fashioned.

    We can only hope that management is made aware of the customers complaints and the poor quality of the pro camera app, and hope that management has proper quality procedures to correct the issues.
    I'm still baffled that the pro camera app update came as a public release.


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    The picture quality is ok but it's quite slow to focus and take pictures but the real problem is the video it's just horrible i mean it losses focus and even the quality is quite low and it has alot of noise even in moderate light and the cropped video another issue.Nokia should seriously improve video quality
  • Hello all,

    I have question about Nokias 8 camera.

    It has an option of photo series. Holing the button makes the camera doing photos as long as You hold the button. It's cool and seems to be created for animations... BUT... It allowes to save only one photo from whole photo series and the rest to be deleted and it also consider the photo series as one element which makes creating an animation manually with the google photo assistant impossible( You have to choose at least two elements...).

    Assistant sometimes creates pretty cool stuff but it not always and the animation was done from the photo shoot I made one time did not satisfied me. I wanted to do it myself and it turned our that I cant which is pretty upsetting.

    Any help ? Anything can be done about it ?

    I will have many more questions about Nokia 8 but let's stard with this one.

    Hope to receive some usefull advises.

    Thanks in advance !

  • when taking an animation by holding the camera button after you stop go to your galley to see the photos there is a icon at the bottom that lets you create a full animation from the photos that you just took from holding the cam button

  • @laura can you share any information on the status of the roll out by territory? I am in Poland and have received nothing since the announcement.

    It is a little irksome when an update is announced as 'released' yet in reality it isn't.
  • Update has bugs 1. Live bokeh mode gone 2. Screen problem sometimes video gets dark while shooting...
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    There's a maximum of 50 pictures in Google Photos animations.
    The option to create an animation is not available when there is more than 50 pictures in a burst-shot sequence.

    The burst-shot feature in the pro camera app takes ~20 pictures per second, which is too many to be useful in my opinion.
    ~5 pictures per second would fit the purpose.

  • Thanks a lot ! Now it's clear. I found that option only after deleting few pics.

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    @laura Dear,
    camera application is good very user friendly but talking about quality improved when compare to old application .....whereas in front camera sometimes pics are like mirror need to work on it....I know front camera has no optical image stabilization... That is why when i taking pics I holding the camera steadily but sometimes pics are mirror (blur type) especially when we zoom the video recorder please provide us pause feature... After 9 months we get camera firmware update usually very high expectations...... finally please increase the quality of image of front camera too especially
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    @laura dear,
    On Nokia 8 pro camera mode update it's not good because bokeh mode is totally bad please update this
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    Please allow longer integrations (up to 30sec) for both back cameras or, at least, for that with the B/W sensor. Thank you.

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    The only issues I have found so far I think have already been mentioned. I find it tends to slightly over expose photos when compared with taking the same photo with Google camera. Google camera wins every time. It also tends to refocus on the middle of the frame even if you tap the screen to change the focus point. I found it difficult to switch to video mode, swiping the screen for me didn't always work and usually have to try several times to make it work. Unless you are shooting video at 4k, both OIS and EIS are enabled on the rear camera. EIS needs to be disabled in the rear camera, it causes a conflict and does not work well. EIS though is a welcome feature on the front camera though. Audio when recording video seems to have a static type scratching sound that seems to occur at regular intervals. This didn't happen in the previous camera software and does not happen if I record a video with Google camera.

    I find at the moment Google camera is still superior in almost every way, image quality is far superior and this is what I have been using. Stock camera still has a fair bit of room for improvement, Google camera shows what the hardware is capable of.
  • @laura-moderator,

    Are you even listening to us or not? We are giving our feedback continuosly but you still have not mentioned about it that will you update the camera app or not?? Will the bugs go away or not?? We are having serious problems here.. camera means a lot to us pls do something
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    I received my update on 12th June around 17hrs. I wish i have never updated to Camera Pro. It takes very bad pictures in the dark, the clarity is total gone now and it can't focus in the dark, pictures are coming out to be very dark and sometimes it fails to focus, so it is just dark you can't see anything.

    I have already reported this in support app so many times with screen capture attached of previews and new photos, why can't we just have the stock android CAMERA instead as i have install it manually and it take very beautiful pictures especially with portrait mode (but not fully function since it is not official release of the app).

    I had no complains on the previous Camera version, but this update really needs to be fixed or amended (downgraded).

    :( UNSATISFIED rating it 2/10 for CAMERA PRO and 8/10 for THE PREVIOUS VERSION.

    I have suggestion, release the stock android camera available for download on PLAY STORE and user can just choose to have it or this CAMERA PRO UPDATE that we didn't ask for.  

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    Hi there,
    The thing that I like most about the update is the new interface. Pro mode comes in handy, although it feels quite limited (shutter speed limits for example). Since the update, I've had a couple of bugs where the camera had stopped working. Last but not least, the electronic image stabilization while filming is not useful because it crops the image, so a toggle off option would be desirable
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    @laura Dear,
    Front camera is taking very very bad images after pro mode update.while clicking images on front camera it's blur type images...
  • I Can't change FLASH LIGHT on/off when im turbiny on the app. When I press the flash button the application behaves as if there was no button and it catches the focus in this place. IT worka only on PRO mode. Please repair this.
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    The post processing needs a lot of work. I have tweeted about the same. Here is the link to tweet:

    I have tried to capture same image using Nokia Pro camera app and Google camera mod by Arnova8G2. The images taken by GCam are much sharper and have a lot of detail. The details in shadows, dark areas are captured very well and the dynamic range seems amazing. All of these things lack in Nokia Pro camera.

  • I was at the park today wanting take photos of the ducks and opened the camera app and there was no video record button. I looked everywhere. Anyone know where this has gone?

  • You have to swipe to the left side for video :-)

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    Aaah thank you!!

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    I have just spent a week on holiday and completely ignored the pro mode, i just cant see the point of it on a phone.

    In full auto the camera did a sterling job and captured some amazing memories with even lowlight photos being acceptable and because i had the video resolution set to 4k (just to avoid EIS) i got some great videos on the plane and of a 5am lightning show.

    If only the focus point remained where you set it and EIS was binned off at 1080p then in auto at any i think the camera is perfectly acceptable and people are expecting far too much from it. It is never going to compete with a £1000 flagship or even a £100 "real" camera but for non image critical stuff it is nearly there now.

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    people are not expecting too much, still camera is not best if you observe means every nokia smart phones hardward is excellent in paper but in real camera doesnot look good...still focus is very bad in artifical lighting conditions...out of 10 shots 2 to 3 shots best coming....

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    @user1530851825139 I appreciate your opinion but sadly i genuinely think people are expecting too much from the camera. If an excellent camera is your absolute priority then buy an iPhone, Pixel or Galaxy S because never in a million years no matter how much development is put in to it is a Nokia 8 going to come anywhere close.

    Focus is bad in lowlight on most things lets be honest this isn't a Nokia problem, this is a lowlight problem and this is why many, many devices use a focus assist lamp or beam to obtain a focus lock.

    The Nokia 8 is a handy, reasonably capable snapper and that is all it is ever going to be.

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    @MrBelter: I think we are not stretching expectations when we compare the Nokia 8's photos taken with a fork of the Google Camera app to those taken with the Nokia-engineered app.

    The Google app has a lot of issues of its own running on a non-Google phone... but the pictures it takes are still better in term s of exposure (e.g. bright parts of your face NOT bleeding to white or clouds being distinguishable in the sky etc.).

    I also expect my phones camera to record movies without distorting crackling sounds - especially when the company boasts about the phone's surround sound recording capabilities...

    Making EIS a user choice would be a nice treat - on a device having OIS!!!

    See how I never wrote about the new "pro" mode? Besides of ever so rarely pulling up the brightness in automatic mode for a picture I never needed a manual pro mode on a phone (!) camera... it is a snapper, as you said.

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    Once again i disagree, on holiday i used both the Google camera and the Nokia camera and the results were that similar you cannot tell them apart there was non of this bleeding you refer to. That said there are many different versions of the google app and clearly i have not used them all.

    As for Video and audio, mine seem fine.

  • Look at all these photos and let me know what is better
  • Mr Belter, it's clear you are not a Nokia user or you are paid to write baselessly, for your information with Google Camera App, Nokia 8 takes better pictures than all the iPhone, Samsung and Pixel. The Google Camera App is also far better than both the original Nokia camera and the new Pro camera. Don't try to confuse yourself here. Thanks.