What improvements would you like to see in our Nokia 6.1?

Now that I have used the 6.1 for a few weeks I have noticed a few shortcomings that could possibly be fixed with upcoming software updates.

What improvements would you like to see in our Nokia 6.1?

droidone droidone
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Now that I have used the 6.1 for a few weeks I have noticed a few shortcomings that could possibly be fixed with upcoming software updates. I love the phone for the most part, but if these few things are fixed, it would make my experience (and most possibly yours) much better.

I am also writing this thread to possibly make this a common thread for the Nokia 6.1 community to share our thoughts on what we would like to see improved. Maybe if enough of you post here we could request for a Sticky for this thread. So heres my list of 4 things I would really like to see improved.

1. Double tap to wake consistency: It works perfectly 8 to 9 out of 10 times. But that 1 time it doesn't its annoying. Because I use this feature every time I unlock my phone, its of great importance to me.

2. Camera Shake: I have noticed that I have to make extra effort to steady my hands to ensure there is no blur caused due to camera shake, which I did not have to do on my previous phone. It feels like a downgrade, and I am reminded of it whenever the phone takes a blurry image because of shake.

3. Auto focus: feels inconsistent as I often have to tap to focus to get the focus right. I cannot rely on the camera to take the shot, which is not how it should be in the Auto Mode.

4. Photos in dim lighting: We all know how low light images aren't any good on our camera. But maybe we could get better results at least in dimly lit conditions if not in low light? If this is. Also, it might be making the shake and autofocus worse. If this is fixed we could get away with not using the flash unless its necessary.


  • cosmiclight cosmiclight
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    Also the overall stability of the camera app needs to be fixed
  • mouli mouli
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    Also give the option to lock the phone by double tapping in middle of navigation parts like back button home button and task bar without depending on lock key,,,
  • seanetta seanetta
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    I'd like to see the absolutely dreadful colour image noise eradicated in lowlight images. Even using a 4 second exposure it comes out clear when steady but the image has horrible colour noise, never seen anything so bad. Daylight images are good except in the shadows of non HDR images are slightly grainy. Nokia seriously needs to work on it's camera app still it's simply not fast enough on any phone I've used of theirs. It's not a big improvement over the older camera app for speed, I've no idea what's wrong with the software writers at all. Generally phone performance is fine but it does stutter sometimes which is either Nokia optimisation for software or Google Launcher either way it's annoying. I also agree on double tap to wake sometimes not working. Also I wish Nokia would somehow reduce to OS size as it seems to take up so much storage out the box. Motorola in their latest phones have managed to make to OS size 6 gig but Nokia is 11 gig in size. Why?? There's hardly any apps installed out the box. Other than these problems all else is fine. Although why my UK sim free model is still stuck on May update is beyond me.
  • After updating to 8.1 nokia 6.1 performance get slow stuttering , jerking is common now
  • seanetta seanetta
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    So far all Nokia Android phones I've used suffer lag and stutter. I'd have thought being vanilla Android they'd optimise the software well but it's clear Nokia or HMD is very inexperienced when it comes to software
  • The double tapping to wake up the phone almost never works on the first time for me.  I have to do it at least twice--so that's like 4 taps.  Really unresponsive screen.  Maybe my tapping is bad.

  • droidone droidone

    I am optimistic about the camera getting fixed. We have seen this happen for many phones.

    @Mouli You can use this app to lock your screen- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lsc.lock

    Just place its icon on homescreen and tap it once to lock.

    As far as jitter is concerned, I haven't use the phone before Oreo 8.1. But I do notice jitter every now and then. Especially in the phone app, and just today I noticed the notification panel jitter while I was playing a game. I do hope they optimize the next update.

    #smoothasbutterandroidp #fixdoubletap2018 :D

  • Better RAM management, i.e less aggressive/restrictive.
  • droidone droidone
    For some reason my post in this thread hasn't yet appeared yet.

    Anyways, @Mouli You can use "Lock" app by developer Loewe. Just play the icon on your home screen and tap it once to lock.

    I haven't used the phone before Oreo 8.1 but I do notice some jittersbhere and there. Especially in the phone app. And yesterday I noticed the Notification panel stutter while playing a game.

    With double tap to wake, it has to be two quick taps. It took me a lil getting used to. It needs to be fixed.
  • Forget tapping, the one improvement I would like...need is for my phone to not randomly shut off and refuse to charge/boot up for a day or more.

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