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Thank you Laura I just saw it. I am currently on beta 3 will the ota update wipe my user data?

[ADP is closed]Welcome to the Android Developer Preview


  • mickey. mickey.
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    Thank you Laura I just saw it. I am currently on beta 3 will the ota update wipe my user data?
  • Mohanrex Mohanrex
    Thank you Laura, In downloading the update right now. Thank you Nokia for keeping the good work and releasing the updates as promised. Hope this build will be a stable one.
  • Waiting for comments from DP4 :p I had serious issues only with alarmclock, no alarm in the mornings and tried 2 different 3rd party apps also :D

  • Mohanrex Mohanrex
    I don't have that alarm issue even in DP3. Maybe you can try wipe clean and reinstalling it.
  • Did 3 wipes, also rolled Oreo back and then switch to Pie with wipe ofc... Did not work :D

  • Alps Alps
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    Hello, TA-1055 with Android P DP3 installed via OTA, everything went fine. Now the beta labs form says my device is not supported..?
  • Alps Alps
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    Whatever, it just appeared via OTA :)

  • New update :)
    Hope it's an improved and efficient version
  • Ashok Sanke Ashok Sanke
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    Latest Developer preview (V3.150) is available for download.

    Update 8th August 2018 - Great news for Nokia 7 Plus Android developer preview users – Android P DP4 (Beta 4) V3.150 release is now available for OTA and manual sideload!.
  • Hi Team,

    Right now I'm having Android P DP3 In my Nokia 7 plus device. If I have to install Android P DP4 I have to request for OTA and all data will wiped off again after installation.

  • A-Lex79 A-Lex79
    Ok quick question, does android pay work on these Dp's for anyone else?

    Mine does not as it thinks my device has been rooted or modified, at least that's what the message says when I try to complete the set up.
  • devesh devesh
    All data will wipe while installing update
  • Anh Khánh Anh Khánh
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    Will all nokia phones have official versions via ota next week or not yet?
  • Mohanrex Mohanrex
    Wow... Best build ever I guess.
    New navigation is back.
    Ambient display works fine
    Network icons are showing up properly
    Google bar in the bottom with rounded corners
    Update went so smoothly
    Device is so cool. No battery drainage problem.
    Always on display has been removed or I couldn't find it.
    And much more....
    Build is almost stable. Couldn't find any bugs in two hour usage.
    Great work Nokia... Keep it up.
  • NandosNV NandosNV

    Guys did it wipe data if you were on DP 3? For the OTA I mean...

  • Yes all the data will be wiped out..
  • I people. For 7+ dp4 what about google playstore? Show certified or uncertified? Thanks

  • jacobofski jacobofski
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    I downloaded the update and did a manual update. Did not wipe phone. Just sideloaded with adb and no data was lost. Even my Microsoft Launcher is working perfectly.
  • mayom mayom
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    I have sideloaded the update as well and did not erase user data and I have found 3 bugs so far. 

    1. network notification on wifi is showing and disappearing and pushing to the left every icon next to it.

    2. when display size is set to the lowest possible option icons in launcher are squeezed and it looks ugly.

    3. netflix is not working and needs to be downloaded from here to work (updates must be disabled in order to make it work) https://help.netflix.com/en/node/57688?ba=SwiftypeResultClick&q=Netflix%20says%20%27Device%20failure%20occurred.%20(501.-117)%27 

  • Just did an update and after that a factory reset.

    Lots of new features: adaptive battery, new gestures, correct 4G+ sybol.

    Only one thing is still missing: incoming calls not visible.

    Had to install AnyDo again. Just sended feedback to Nokia.

    Any of you having the same issue?

  • Hi, just updated.

    Cannot login to Google Assistent anymore.

    Gives the message: Just a sec, this may take a minute or 2 "

    Tried wifi and 4G, did a soft reset.

    Any suggestions?

  • Rj Paul Rj Paul
    Just Restart your device.
    Then, open Google app > Menu > Settings > Voice >Voice match
    Now tap on "detele voice model" option & train it again with your voice.
    Hope, it'll help you...
  • @Rj Paul: thanks, but it did not solve the problem for me. You face no problems logging in with DP4?

  • devesh devesh
    For me DP4 is "almost" stable
  • Rj Paul Rj Paul
    Not at all.
    But at first, I had the same Google assistant problem like you.
    I've fixed it by the way I've told you
  • NFC Google Pay works ?

  • mrlaemp mrlaemp
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    No Google Pay doesn't work. Play store is not certified. And my fidor banking app here in Germany doesn't open, so I had to go back to official 8.1 Oreo. Hope the final will arrive soon 
  • sach sach
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    There's an issue with auto restart. Even when you keep listening to the music it does restart.
  • zaid zaid
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    Home screen rotation has been removed from beta 4
    Also hoping to see the final stable build pretty soon
  • zaid zaid
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    there is no markup screenshot editor still....is it a pixel exclusive??
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