Feature requests & bug reports submitted to KaiOS

Here is a thread where we could list the feature requests and bug reports some of us have submitted to KaiOS.

Feature requests & bug reports submitted to KaiOS

lroguet lroguet
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Here is a thread where we could list the feature requests and bug reports some of us have submitted to KaiOS.

BR - Importing contacts from Gmail generates duplicates.

Each time I do an import of my Gmail contacts, all contacts are imported. If I have 10 contacts in Gmail, I then have 10 contacts on the phone after the first import, 20 after the second import, etc.

The expected behaviour would be that an import adds missing contacts only (and as a bonus since it's an import and not a sync removes contacts not present in Gmail anymore).

BR/FR - Importing Google calendar from account with custom domain.

While I can import my Google calendar from my private Google account (email ending with @gmail.com), I cannot add my professional Google calendar from a Google email with custom domain (ending with @company.com). In that latter case, the save button in the "add account" process of the calendar app is not even present.

FR - Outgoing Calls & Messages

Under Settings > SIM Manager > Outgoing Calls & Outgoing Messages, it would be great to have a fourth option so that calls/messages can be made/sent using the number the previous call/message from was received on.

This would be very handy for dual SIM phones so that one does not always have to choose a SIM in an existing SMS thread for example.


  • This is my suggestion tickets list (sent to KaiOS support team):

    First idea is, when open shortcuts, it could be nice if we could triger one of the shortcuts with keypad nubers keys (1 to 9). it is logical solution, there is 9 icons.

    Also, this could be nice for menu screen too.

    My Nokia 8110 has two sim card slots, but I am currently using only one. There should be option to deactivate slot 2 completely so on main screen we don't have to see status (no SIM card and sim card 2 x )

     I have problem with predictive text, if I choose to use Serbian, sometimes it goes to English by itself. It is very important to improve text imput.


     Another idea is about BACK button. It should be good if you implement long press Back button to go to the main screen ( and exit all apps).

    Browser is very buggy. Add some settings to get lite surf, for example, to turn off loading pictures.

    Add shortcuts to joystick on the main screen.

    Improve music player with playlist and (or) play folder.

    There is no option to copy number (from contacts) and to paste it in email or sms message.  


    Google maps can not find my location, always stuck in "getting location" message.


    There is no equilizer settings in music player to adjust bass and treble freq.


    When I am writing a message, and I want to delete some letters or words, sometimes it went out completly and delete whole message that I wrote.


    Start writing a message with small letter (need to be uppercase by default).


    Show battery percentage on main screen.


    Very slow contacts app.

    I notice that when I am in a message, I can't call the person in the thread with Call button. It is possible to do it with Option, scroll to "call" than confirm, but it could be much quicker to just press Call button and to make a call.

    And when I read message in Notice screen, there is not possible to make a call to the sender even in option menu.

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    As this is a peer-to-peer forum, the chance of the right ones finding this thread is limited.

  • Deja Morison Deja Morison
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    Oh, I send it to right ones ;) Don't worry.

    I just wanted to post it here too, to get ideas in one topic.

  • lroguet lroguet
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    Same here, I created the thread just for those interested in seeing what feature requests and bug reports others have submitted. I sent mine to the KaiOS team directly.

  • Long back button to main screen and shortcuts to joystick are things that a nokia would have implemented from the beginning, a 30€ phone can do that, why not these new shining feature phone?
    Another thing, calendar is a shame, you cannot even make an event recurrent ( as a birthday ).
    Browser is soooo bad, opera mobile on my nokia 301 is far better in use.
    With t9 you cannot select a letter to be uppercase, unless you disable t9.
    For a phone, it’s unbelieveable you have to enter the menu to go to contacts for a call!
    A little bug, my clock didn’t worked as I selected the same clock for the entire working week ( from mon to fri ). If i edit it day by day, no problems instead.
    Would also be wonderful to have the chance to edit quick link of the main screen, now you are stucked with default choiches.
    It’s a good phone ( calling is far better than most of cheap smartphones ), and it’s strange not to see things like those written on those kind of phone.
  • My UK spec phone keeps forgetting the wifi password, also noted no capital letter for first letter with predictive. Phone hangs in call log screen and needs re-boot

  • Another bug: My gmail calendar is 5 hours behind. if I add a 9.00am event it shows up in my gmail calendar as 2.00pm and if I add something at 2pm in Gmail it shows up as 9am in the nokia.

  • I contacted Nokia user support - they said take the battery out and replace which made no difference. I forgot to say settign Time to auto sync just made the time wrong. However. This morning, wifi password is now remembered, no freeze on call history screen, time works properly, and calendars and alarms. Not sure about predictive yet. Reckon there must have been an update overnight.

  • Main thing is that quite a lot of things are a pain to do so it is having the right effect - do i really need to send a text - no! Good digital semi-detox.

  • user1542385232641 user1542385232641
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    Here's 2 more:
    1 - Importing 9-digit phone numbers from gmail saves them with spaces. For example:
    "987654321" is saved as "987 654 321". Although it works if we try to call those numbers, they don't get recognized when we receive a call from them -  meaning that is 987564321 calls you, the number will appear, but not the contact's name.

    2 - How the heck do I disable the "swoosh" sound when sending SMS's without putting the whole phone silent??????

    I just chatted with a Nokia representative who directed me to HMD. I just sent them an email and let's see what happens.
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