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  • I know the bugs in the stock camera are seriously annoying but as a stop gap until Nokia sort this out are any of you using the ported Google camera? So far it has solved my issues and takes far better pictures than the stock camera and you don't get any of the issues some of you are getting. I'm using the cstark version, for my needs it works well, it hasn't got all the features of some of the other versions but takes good pictures and everything works in it with minimal need to message with any settings in it.
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    I've been a big advocate of the Google Camera in the past but people should not be having to resort to sideloading a community developed app when they have paid good money for a product.

    It has been 3 months now since the "Pro" camera was launched and there has been zero support for it and no substantial information from the moderators or the company itself. Feels to me like a newer model is coming given the Nokia 8 is about to become 1 year old and they are hoping to sweep the Nokia 8 and its shabby camera under the carpet.

  • simo
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    Nokia 8 is one of the nokia phones to receive android P, most likely we will not see any major update till then, because it does not make sense. Do you need constant communication from some company rep. ? I don't understand this complaints. Three months is not a long time, and they are not developing uniquely nokia 8 camera app. They may have a well defined update-upgrade schedule that they are in any circumstances compelled to reveal to the public.

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    It is OK saying 3 months is not a long time but the camera has been rubbish for the entire 11 months since the Nokia 8 launched and not just the 3 months the Pro app has been out.

    I agree it is up to Nokia to remain silent if they wish however i am not sure it is doing them any favours when it comes to repeat business. Their USP of low cost but high quality handsets has gone out the window and when it comes to all round support there is a deafening silence.

    They have not even answered the simple question of will the app be updated via Google Play or via OTA.

  • I'm waiting for 11 months, no improvement in camera. Feeling upset. @LAURA atleast did they replied you about camera
  • EIS in video recording is very bad, get OIS come back please.
  • İ cant focused manually if i not focus my self i have better results
  • Nokia camera update available on Google store, 247mb the download size...
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    With new 247Mb update with added sliding UI of google camera and stupid AI features everything else is gone.

    NO pro mode anymore

    NO way to select the 2nd camera( no more monochrome photography)

    No more live bokeh effect

    What  happened ?

    basically no more use of 2nd camera

    And the issues with previous version are not fixed as well

    same digital stabilization issue.

    no 60fps mode, etc etc

  • Where did you find this update? The Nokia 8 camera app is not and has never been on the Google play store till now. In fact, the camera app from hmd global in the play store is still "not compatible with my device" that is because it is the camera Appa of Nokia 5, 6 and 7, and it does not have any of the feature of the two camera setup of the Nokia 8. I don't know how you installed it ...
  • @Simo goto Playstore and check for the update. It is there.
  • Maybe it has something to do with region. I live in India where while other apps were updating on play store, the camera app also got updated and now I m like crying without my monochrome sensor and bokeh effects 

  • My phone did the update when I click on the update tab in the store, I didn't have to find the app it was offered automatically as an update
  • Uhm I see it now... Strangely enough, if I go to the Nokia camera page on the play store it says it's not compatible, but it appears as an update when I look for updates for my apps.
    Anyway, I will refrain from updating it, since there seems to be problems. Again.
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    My camera app after the new update gives error when i try to take portrait from front camera and there is no option for potrait mode from back camera.Nokia please do something about it
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    @Simo: Nokia 8, Germany. To me the update of Nokia Camera is also presented in Google Play Store. For the first time, never seen it before. I guess they made a decission to give us a stopgap camera with less features to shut us up until Android 9.0 updates comes.

    - Manual Mode will not give you control over exposure duration anymore

    - No more Bokeh mode

    - No mention of EIS or OIS whatsoever

    - Picture still very much "zoomed in" when switching between photo and Movie (when movie resolution is set to lower than 4k, which makes sense with a mobile cam)

    - Crackling sounds when recording video still exist (maybe not when recording in loud surroundings, but definately when recording in my living room with only the radio on). I guess it is just an error in leveling audio recording - when it is silent, record silence, don't pull up microphone sensitivity to ludicrous levels!

    * No more selection of b/w camera (work around: take color pictures, apply b/w filter in app of choice)

    * HDR is now "Auto HDR" and is a toggle in preferences - can't force HDR anymore

    * Availability of button to switch between normal, side-by-side and PIP-Camera mode depends on setting of "motion recording" in photo mode

    + Google lens compability

    + Motion mode recording in photos (I like those, but can they be viewed outside of Google photos (app & web))


    * Old problems persist

    * Features new & old were removed

    * No more use of secondary camera (neither bokeh nor manual choice of cam)

    * New Google Lens & Motion photos

     Using Google Camera fork since a couple of weeks. (Since it's a fork from different hardware, it has issues of its own, but it takes good pictures). 

    I think I will continue to use the Google app! And I will put HMD on my "not buy" list - next to Huawei/Honor (bad software compability Bluetooth and Android Auto)  and LG (many models have serious quality problems).

  • Have you tried to "uninstall update" from app info as it is possible to do for other apps and Google apps? Just curious if it is possible to revert to the previous version...
  • Vicky max
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    The new updated camera application from play crashing frequently, interface changed completely. Present no comments about quality of pic and video but focus issues still arises.... Maybe be again they soon provide other update
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    How this can be real? Are you joking??
    Why the app is still crashing?
    Where is pro mode?
    Where is white/black camera?
    Where is HDR? Auto mode? Really? It's not work good... Sorry, not true, it doesn't work at all!
    Where is bokeh???
    What did you do all time? Who made a decision and approved this *innovations* for this phone/app?
  • Update cant download on turkey but i dont want to update after read problems
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    I'm very sad to report that I've turned off auto-updates now for both system updates AND play store updates - I don't want to install any updates from HMD/Nokia until I've heard from the community that the updates can be trusted. This is a very disappointing turn of events from HMD.

  • nikita petrenko
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    Beauty mod: action not support 708 error.
    Dual-sight mode is rotate selfy at 180 degrees.
    Pleaaaaaaaase... Moderator, say something
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    Well done hmd. An update like joke.
  • simo
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    I get the feeling that this is a mistake. An update for Nokia 5 and 6 camera app that rolled out for Nokia 8 as well. What you are describing is the camera of the lower Nokia models that do not have a two camera setup and originally was available on the play store differently from Nokia 8 camera app. I still get a message of not compatibility when I got to the camera page on the play store and this is weird, why sending only the update under "updates" page in the play store? It does not make sense. I guess there was a mistake and an update for the Nokia camera that wasn't supposed to be available for Nokia 8 rolled out for it as well.
    I am afraid I will repeat myself, but could you try to go to application - camera - and click on the three dots menu on the upper right corner... ? there should be "uninstall updates" allowing you to go back to the previous app. I think, if the menu is there. I hope we can hear soon from HMD because I don't feel like this update was thought for Nokia 8, it does not make sense to give us a camera without pro mode, different UI and disabling the two camera setup. Let's wait and see.
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    I didn't think they'd repeat the Pro Camera update failure, but here we are. 

    Is this all that was done in three months? An app that seemingly can't even recognize the phone as a Nokia 8? It pushes generic manual settings instead of the Pro mode, has no live bokeh option, no option to use the second camera at all anymore. Also the camera struggling to set proper video exposure in low light until you enter settings or reset it in some ways seems new too. Of course, you get all that on top of all the past bugs and issues, like forced EIS stabilization.

    HDR mode was interestingly pushed deeper in the settings and is now only auto or off. It's a good thing it always worked perfectly and there's no reason why someone would want to easily turn it off so it doesn't ruin a picture, right? No, better fill the top bar with every gimmick one could think of. 

    I'd ask why release an app in such a state, but I already asked that the last time.. The only thing Nokia got right is to release it on the app store, so I can uninstall it. YES, YOU CAN UNINSTALL IT. Go to the app info, disable, then enable it again. It resets it to factory state. 

    But I fear it'll be forced upon us with the next OS update with no improvements anyway. Interesting how I bought the device with promise of software support and now I'd almost rather they just stop. Best of luck to any Nokia customers when their device becomes "the older model", I can't say I have much hope anymore.

  • There is new Info :

    The same update on other Zeiss branded phones like 6.1 or 7+ didn't do any such terrible things , bokeh mode as well as pro mode both are available .

    somethings gone wrong with Nokia 8  

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    Use the uninstall updates option to get the previous version with the features back. Looks like a update for another device was pushed by mistake.
  • ignas
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    @Simo > Oh yeah, you can uninstall updates via the three dots menu. I only knew how by disabling the app, sorry for the extra clicks to whoever follows my way of doing it. 

    I very much hope it's a mistake, but I don't think it is. The description states the app is available on all Nokia phones with Android 8.0 and above, Pro mode available on phones with Zeiss optics, etc - nothing that really excludes the Nokia 8. Even if it were a mistake, it still doesn't look that good for us, as everything done to the app so far seems to focus on various extra features, which doesn't translate into a lot of time dedicated to improving experience on the Nokia 8 to me. 

    Looks like the same thing as last time, giving the green light because the app "kinda works". 

  • cri347
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    Maybe the new camera requires a firmware update that we haven't received yet.
    The new app doesn't recognize our phone setup, it's clearly a mistake.
    Luckily is very simple returning to the old version.
  • I am getting error in each and every click as it says action not support 708 709 707...what going wrong with camera and the quality of front and back has gone very down I have in setting resolution of 13 mp but it look like 1 mp...pls do help me out I am having worst camera experience I cannot click a single image