Heating issue

Nokia 6.1 plus is heating little bit in normal uses of 1 hours . Some time it heating a lot.

Heating issue

kamal000 kamal000
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Nokia 6.1 plus is heating little bit in normal uses of 1 hours .
Some time it heating a lot.


  • SumeetPandey SumeetPandey
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    Yes I am also facing similar issue with my Nokia 6.1 Plus handset.
    Nokia support people even not recognising it and giving weird answers everytime you raise this query to them.
    The best part is..even they are not responding over mail to atleast acknowledge customer's concern and provide way forward.
    Not having a good experience with Nokia.
  • sai kiran s sai kiran s
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     Is it after the Aug Update or even without update?

  • kamal000 kamal000
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    No, this is happening without August update.
  • SumeetPandey SumeetPandey
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    This is happening without August update.
  • ghosh27 ghosh27
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    My nokia 6.1 plus also heats so rapidly while using phone.i updated to aug update,Is it is the reason for heating..or hardware problem..??need to return phone ??can it fixed by update?? Sry for low skill in eng
  • ghosh27 ghosh27
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    I need an answer about this issue..how to find the exact reason for it..hardware/software??
  • Singh Singh
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    I had heating issue before update and it is still there after update... I don't thik so update is causing heating of phone... But company is not giving any answer for this.
  • Guys try this once. I had the same issue. When I used the mobile for the first time it heated up. Drain your battery completely and charge it from 0 to 100% once by keeping it switched off. After this I faced no heating issue except while playing heavy game like pubg. Let me know if this works.
  • rusty rusty
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    6.1 plus camera hung up and heated around the camera.
    Then the phone glitched completely. I hope this doesn't persists.
    We've waited for 6.1 plus. But not for this.
  • Pranav Pranav
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    The phone heats alot while playing pubg mobile usually but yesterday i played for almost 2 hrs continuously but the temperature was 37 degrees it happened only once and other times the phone heats on normal usage too even on the first boot is this a bad unit that i got or some other issue
    I pre ordered from nokia website
  • Mine also same heating problem in Nokia 6.1plus mobile.so how to solve this by Nokia company, or any replace option.As a result negative feedback.
  • I face heating issue with my Nokia 6.1 also even on normal usage
  • <div>Hi everyone. I'm using a Nokia 6.1 and my problem is overheating. Serious overheating really. I don't know what caused this to happen. I just bought this brandnew sealed at a store here near us. I already updated this to Android Pie which I thought will resolve the issue but nothing good happened. I really like this device but this overheating is really taking a toll on my patience. </div><div>
    </div><div>Can anyone help me on this? Anyone who experienced the same and fortunately resolved the issue? I would really appreciate all the help I can get right now. </div><div>
    </div><div>Even when I just let it standby for 5 minutes, the battery will decrease by at least 2%. I'm pretty sure that IS NOT NORMAL. Aside from heating problem, now includes the battery draining fast.</div><div>
    </div><div>RIGHT NOW: I'm playing music and typing my post here in Facebook and the back of the phone is Warm. </div><div>
    </div><div>Please help.</div>
  • Sid1719 Sid1719
    The phone heats almost till 46 C which makes quite hot to touch, please improve this with a software update or else the phone will suffer huge internal damage 
  • Same here😑 sometime notification shows - Battery over hitting, stop charging. Can't get any solution.    
  • Jiazz Jiazz
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    My mobile is even rising up-to 50 degrees Celsius and battery backup is not good. I am not a heavy user and the speaker is also getting heated up when I play songs for 5 minutes.
  • Nokia 6.1 plus heats abnormally after android 10 update. The heats so fast when i use mobile internet. Also battery drains so fast.

  • Akshpat Akshpat
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    Since last update of my Nokia 6.1 plus to Android 10, my mobile device gets heated during video call & downloading. Also there is a issue while charging. Sometimes battery gets charged & sometimes percentage remains same as before.

  • Jeff Vernando Jeff Vernando
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    I had the same experience with the heating issue and the charging port problem. Any idea how to fixed this?

  • Amitfbg Amitfbg
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    I am facing overheating issue from first day..I have placed an replacement but they rejected my replacement because my phone temperature is just 46'C . That's terrible they told me if temperature goes above 50 then we can consider it .

    We Nokia 6.1 Plus users want a perfect solution for overheating and fast battery drainage .

    HMD Global please help us to sort out this problem..

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