Background notification/alarm issues

I've been using the 3.1 (US) for a couple of weeks and am having issues with the phone not triggering notifications from background apps.

Background notification/alarm issues

riiice riiice
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I've been using the 3.1 (US) for a couple of weeks and am having issues with the phone not triggering notifications from background apps. I first noticed this with Google Hangouts, where a new message would arrive in my browser but the notification on the phone would not fire. After opening Hangouts, the notification would be triggered. 

This pattern extended to a 3rd party alarm clock that I use (Alarm Clock Xtreme), which when set displays Androids "alarm set"  icon in the notification area. In this case, after some passage of time the icon will literally disappear. I missed one alarm like this before switching back to the native alarm clock (which seems to work just fine).

It seems as if something on this phone is stopping processes that normally run in the background. I've tried disabling battery optimization at both the per-app and OS level with no change. I've dug around the settings (to include, those under developer mode) and nothing else jumps out as being able to control these types of behavior. 

Is anyone else having trouble like this? I really want to like this phone, but this is a bit of a show stopper for me.


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    I had this problem few years ago with another Android phone, and I had it yesterday also.

    • Create an alarm that is going to ring after 20 minutes from now
    • Reboot the phone, and let it somewhere (don't remember if the charger was plugged in or not)
    • The time has come, but you hear nothing
    • Unlock the screen after 2 minutes late and the alarm begin, like when an employee suddenly begin to work when noticing the boss entering into the office.
  • robinwood robinwood
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    Unfortunately I just did it now and it seems that the problem cannot be reproduced.

    Few years ago it was with the Timer, on a Nexus 4 phone. 5 Minutes timer. 7 Minutes later, I hear nothing, I go to the phone, I turn the screen on... It started ringing displaying "-2:17", "-2:18" and so on. I felt a little bit angry in front of this kind of things ! It was one of the numerous reasons why I went on Windows Phone from 2015 to 2018. But now it's Android for everybody (or iPhone !).

  • Seismal Seismal
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    I have the same issue.  Love the phone expect for this.  It keeps booting background tasks.

  • user1533634435731 user1533634435731
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    The same here. For me, it´s noticeable when I´m in a Whatsapp conversation, the screen times out and the phone doesn´t ring for new messages. Opening whatsapp then reveals new messages.

    Something that might is related: I´m using Twilight to dim my screen at evening. But it´s kind of unuseable, because when opening ram intensive apps like Firefox, Twilight gets force closed in the background, even when i´ve disabled battery optimization for that app. Maybe the same thing is happening to messengerapps...


  • riiice riiice
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    There's some comfort knowing that I'm not the only one. I believe I speak for all of us that I hope Nokia issues a fix in a future release. 

  • riiice riiice
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    I received the following from Nokia support:

    Also, you can may also try the following steps:

    Menu >> settings >> Battery>> 3 dots on the right corner >> Battery optimization >> show All apps >> choose the Apps you want to run background (Alarm Clock Xtreme, Google Hangouts, and Twitter) >> Don't Optimise 

    ( you can set only one by one of course)

    We understand how frustrating this situation could be but please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience and note that we appreciate your feedback and are building upon it to further constantly improve our services. 
    In the case you're describing, there is no fix we could apply from a distance also please note that there are some special procedures which need some time to be finished. That's why we would highly appreciate your patience 

    For the moment - indeed we would bring suggestions about the White List to the appropriate department - as it may take some modifications but perhaps we should indeed await the developers to work on that matter.

    Once again - we really appreciate the feedback and the additional ideas that you had provided.

     It is very helpful and we will keep your case in our database 


    The battery optimization suggestion did not fix the notifications for me. If it does not fix it for you either, please consider opening a support case so there are more documented incidents of this issue and hopefully a fix is released down the road:

  • I've tried all the different things from the internet, which certainly included the "Battery Optimization" change.  Nothing has helped.  We likely need Nokia to do something at this point. 

  • Having this fixed, which may fix some other bugs people are talking about on this board, is critical.  A phone that can only seems to have one user background task going, fails a critical use case.

  • riiice riiice
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    I completely agree, and would encourage you and anyone else having this issue to contact support to have the case documented there as well:

  • Paul D Paul D
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    I had all sorts of problems with background-ed apps being killed off no matter what the settings. In the end I just blew away _every_ built-in com.evenwell package (a lot of it looks very dodgy!) using adb and my phone is behaving so much better now! So far zero issues or missing features. Presumably they'll all be back again with the next update.

  • I have exactly the same problem, in addition to bluetooth not working properly. I've tried all the same things re. battery optimisation - nothing makes a difference.

    I contacted Nokia today, and they are completely disinterested in even investigating this problem. Without any diagnostics whatsoever, they informed me that the problems of apps being killed are "probably" due to my choice of apps & their usage. Dropbox camera uploads fail because the app gets killed by Nokia's Android One OS. Nokia say "Dropbox's problem". I got no notifications from Words With Friends or Tweetcaster, because the apps are being killed. "Not our problem" say Nokia. They say my RAM usage is "probably" too high (without actually diagnosing anything). Even a tiny app like 'Twilight' that uses a tiny amount of RAM (to filter blue light for night reading), even this app gets inexplicably killed after just a few minutes. Apparently, ALL app developers are wrong, but Nokia are right.

    I'd way their support is awful, but a company has to actually offer support in the first place to be rated this highly.

    @Paul D - would you be willing to post a brief "how to" on how you made your phone better? What do these com.evenwell packages even do? 

    I'm going to try returning my phone to the shop to swap for something else, but if they also say "no, not our problem either" then I'd like to try your method to get this brick useful again.

    Is it no wonder that Nokia used to be kings of the mobile phone world, and are now nothing but bit-part players.

  • Jannis Jannis
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    I think it has something to do with Android One, not with Android 8, RAM or anything else. I had another Sony device with Android 8, and had no problems there. Also in the past older devices with just 2GB RAM had never this problem.

  • Paul D Paul D
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    @Annoyed Customer, your problem is the same as mine - it was my night filter and various IM apps being killed every few minutes that p*ssed me off enough to investigate further. And yes, the phone is most certainly to blame.

    There are plenty of guides on the 'net already on how to use adb to remove unwanted packages. In short I simply installed adb on my PC, enabled developer mode on the phone, enabled USB debugging on the phone, plugged in the USB, opened a shell using adb, 'pm list packages', grabbed the name of _every_ com.evenwell package, 'pm uninstall --user 0 packagename' for every one of them. So far I've encountered zero issues but all my "app randomly killed" issues have gone. Why HMD felt that Android (especially with doze) isn't capable enough to manage apps I have no idea.

    @Jannis, no it's definitely the evenwell junk that HMD add on that's the cause - not Android One's patching and updates.

    Now if only the Bluetooth audio didn't suck so hard when my smart watch is connected via BLE...

  • Thanks for that @Paul D. I'd heard of ADB before but never tried it (never had need to). Glad to see there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. I have both Win & Mac, and dabble with Linux sometimes too, so it is good to know I can play with this on any of my boxes.

    Do I assume correctly that if (when) I do this, if anything goes pear-shaped then I can just factory reset back to normal? (Nokia's idea of 'normal', anyway...)

  • Since the August update on the US version, things have gotten better about killing off background apps.  Not good, just better.  I can maybe keep one background application alive which is still unacceptable.  I'm waiting for others trying the uninstall of evenwell applications before I do it myself.

  • Someone somewhere has done a lot of the same work on a Nokia 2. Useful to cross-reference what is ok/not ok to delete:

  • Am happy to report I've also had some success with the deleting of the com.evenwell packages. Never used adb before, but that's pretty easy. Bit tedious deleting the packages one by one but that could be scripted in future, if need be. I did my package removals in two phases:

    1. Just removed some that I obviously didn't need, and others that mentioned battery or power. I probably removed only about a dozen packages. I'd read elsewhere that someone had removed just battery & power related evenwell packages, and had success with that. For me, after an afternoon's use I saw no difference in the phone. Dropbox, Twilight, etc. still getting killed off quickly & regularly.

    In between 1 & 2 my bluetooth went from working fine to not working at all. Again.

    2. Before I went out for the evening I sat and removed ALL the evenwell packages. Rebooted the phone (which also made bluetooth work again). I told Twilight to run, and Android duly showed it running in background. At the end of the evening ... it was still there! (And working). Went to bed ... still OK. Checked phone this morning ... STILL OK! Plus I'd received Words with Friends notifications, and my Twitter app (Tweetcaster) was showing notifications too.

    Dropbox ... not 100% sure yet. It *might* still have been killed, but I need to play/test that some more to be sure. BUT, so far, BIG improvement. I expect to see a hit on battery levels as a result, but I don't expect it to be huge and is a price I'm willing to pay.

    Disclaimer! I'm not suggesting anyone else to 'go for it' with the evenwell packages removal. Just saying, it worked for me. It involves an good amount of command-line typing, so be sure to be careful & accurate.

  • rman rman
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    I can confirm that this problem exists on the US variant, and that removing all of the evenwell junk (except for the FM radio, which you'll probably want to keep) fixes it.

    Do note that the 'pm uninstall' operation is irreversible except by factory reset, so I suggest using 'pm disable-user com.evenwell.*' over adb instead.
  • 'pm disable' - good point, but too late for me I didn't research adb thoroughly enough realise that was an option... Good for others to know, and for me too for future. Thanks :)

  • *Update* My phone is SO much better now. Everything I want to run seems to be running. The thing that initially triggered this for me - Dropbox not uploading pictures - is amongst the things that seems to be quite happy now. Having not touched the Dropbox app for a couple of days (loading the app always started camera uploads working again), I've been taking pics, and they've all been uploading automatically.

    Just one commend on the variation 'pm disable' rather than 'pm uninstall' - I'm not sure that 'pm disable' achieves the desired result. I'm trying to use this same method to speed up my old Asus TF300T tablet. I tried 'pm disable' for the PressReader app, which I never use. Checked the app list - still there, apparently not disabled. Tapped on the icon to load it - the app loaded fine, despite 'pm disable' saying it had been killed.

  • rman rman
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    Hmm, just to confirm that is 'pm disable-user' not 'pm disable'. Looks like this after I kill an app: . A reboot afterwards wouldn't hurt, either. I'm certain this method works - I used it just after a factory reset and my apps are staying in the background now.
  • rman rman
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    Hmm, just to confirm, that's 'pm disable-user' not 'pm disable'. Looks like this after I use it on a system app: . A reboot afterwards doesn't hurt, either.

    I'm positive this method works. I used it just after factory resetting my phone and all of my apps are staying in the background now.
  • @rman Thanks for that. Just to clarify, I'm not trying this on my TF300T, not my Nokia (so apologies for going off-topic) I've tried the both disable and uninstall the TF300T and at present neither has much effect... It may be that I'm not using adb correctly (though neither command returns an error message). I'll keep trying and Googling. Using adb on the Nokia, and now the TF300T, are my first forays into adb so I probably just need to read up some more.

  • I followed the instructions using adb to disable all evenwell packages and got the notifications working. For those of you looking for a one-liner:

    adb shell pm list packages | grep evenwell | sed -e "s/^package://" | xargs -I PACKAGE adb shell pm disable-user PACKAGE

    That will list all the evenwell packages and run disable-user for each one.
    Happy trails
  • Zeckeck Zeckeck
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    Hello, i know i'm really late to the thread but, i have had the same issues as you guys ever since my phone updated to android 9 (which i kinda despise now) and i felt saved when i finally found someone else reporting the same problem and also a fix for it, but i sadly have to say that using ADB to uninstall all the evenwell junk hasn't completely fixed the problem for me. I have noticed a positive change, i get about 80% of my notifications now, but the other 20% is very clearly still missing. Happens mostly at night when i'm not using the phone, i just flat out don't get any notifications until i open the app. Also it seems that Twitch has actually gotten worse, it used to display notifications every once in a while, now it just doesn't, ever. I turned off "Background restriction" and "Battery optimization" for most apps (aswell as adaptive battery) in hopes of seeing even more positive performance, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. Did i miss a step? I'll clarify that the only thing i did was uninstall all evenwell packages and disable battery optimizations/restrictions in settings. Any help could work!

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