notch switch removed

elufer akram
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edited September 2018 in Nokia 6.1 Plus
in the August update of nokia 6.1 plus the notch
bazzel switchablee button was Removed. It should remain in settings because it is good customisation. I think it's a mistake of company update. so please fix it


  •  so we will not this option going forward?

  • singhnsk
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     Dear Laura, is there anywhere that we as a customer can raise our voice? Isn't it too much of crap all for the sake of Android One?

    Nokia phones were so much better without the Android One branding too. I have no idea what additional benefits did Nokia derive out of the Android One joke when its own devices were already so clean and closest to stock Android. You would at least have the freedom to make minor changes to the software.

  • madbilly
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    I agree, it seems crazy to stick with the Android one programme even when it mandates crazy requirements like this.
  • I am wondering how Nokia is planning to implement their new much awaited Face Unlock feature to its Android One devices if such a small feature like Notch Hiding doesn't match with Google Requirement.
  • deadpool
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  • Mr. Juho Sarvikas has recently confirmed on twitter that Notch Hiding Option will be back soon.
  • elufer akram
    elufer akram ✭✭
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    pleasure to hear that.. Still in hope for getting AI face lock with update. it's essential security
  • The missing option to hide the notch is a good thing, in a way.

    Please remember that Android Pi has native support for the notch (Google calls it Display Cutout) and as such Nokia would not be required to maintain it's own tweak when Pi finally lands on the 6.1 Plus. The missing option and Mr. Juho's tweet just suggests that Pi is round the corner. Delivering speedy updates and security patches is the promise of AndroidOne. That is the advantage of being on the program.

    The real benefit of being on AndroidOne is to let Google look after the software while Nokia focuses on the hardware (not to mention saving costs on the way). We all appreciate the gorgeous hardware that Nokia puts out and this program allows it to focus more on that.

    I fully agree that users need a choice. Not everyone is supposed to like the notch. Hopefully, Pi will land soon on the 6.1 Plus and users will have their choice again!

  • Notch setting will be back and face unlock is already there....why waiting for it...but it's not like other have to press power button then it will match face then it shows unlock done then slide your mobile screen and it's unlock.