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    Congratulations, Nokia, you've finally managed to upload the correct update for everyone (or so it seems).

    Now what was fixed again? EIS is still forced, pro mode can't be enabled in horizontal view, focus resets after 5 second, etc etc. 

    I know I'm shouting into the void here but I really want to see the changelog.

  • ignas
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    But nothing broke this time, so I guess it's a positive!..

  • petrus
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    The new update does not fix anything: /

  • LennartB
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    Got the 85.xxxx update too.

    Also we still can't film video in monochrome.

    EIS is still an issue, though should they choose to add filming in monochrome mode again EIS should be enabled for that sensor only.

  • ignas
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    I'd rather have no stabilization than EIS, it looks horrible and massively reduces the field of view. Have it an option or throw it out. I'm sick of having to film at 4K to get a proper working camera.

  • I don't seem to be able to activate the carousel for pro mode. Am I missing something?
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    Probably because you didn't get the play store update that appeared yesterday with it in, I received it yesterday and this morning received a smaller update that seems to have reverted all the changes and put it all back to how it was before. I don't know what Nokia are doing with this, the camera app for Nokia 8 is rubbish. The only way to make the camera work satisfactorily on this phone is to side load the ported Google Pixel camera app. Everything then works as it should and it takes decent pictures.
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    @laura we are waiting for the new update please speed up the bug fixing.the camera app for other Nokia phones is great for Nokia 8 is very bad.we cannot enjoy the camera.i use my girlfriend's Huawei p10 in order to get a nice picture and not my phone.please speed up i am thinking of buying new phone and throw my Nokia 8 whether in everything else is a great phone.please inform your devs or manager to speed up.thanx in advance.
  • Apparently I did not press long and hard enough when sliding up to activate the pro mode carousel. With regard to the focussing point reverting to the centre of the screen, it seems more logical to me to rotate the camera so that the subject appears in the centre of the screen and in focus, wihout having to faff about by moving the focus point.
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     So one day later, we get the right "Nokia 8 fix" update...

    Ruining a decent camera hardware with mediocre camera app is sad, especially when you dare to boast "Zeiss optics" on the phone and in communication.

    Recording crackles with your famed OZO-sound in less-than-concert-loud surroundings is also a letdown. (Just don't pull up the gain so much, come on...)

    But how you handle this community forum and how you handle app updates is beyond compare. Not going to recommend Nokia to anyone anymore, esp. not to myself.

    Please note: Not all people that wish a non-black phone also wish copper or gold contrasts on it...major dislike for Bling Bling here. Which is one of the core Nokia brand values of old....

  • To get the carousel, what I do is simply hold down the centre cirlce (beneath the word Photo) in the bottom off the camera app (the one that acts as the shutter button) and the simply swipe up until the circle is over the word Photo and then let go. The camera changes to the Pro mode.

    To revert back to normal mode, simply hold the centre circle and swipe down and let go. 

    By the way, I'm using the older version 85.* , and not the 90.* from the PlayStore.

  • Thanks for this advice. I have now figured it out
  • madbilly
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    I installed the new update, no problems so far.... but can someone please remind me what has changed?!

  • ignas
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    Nothing. I challenge anyone to find a fix. 

  • Kind of lost touch with what has changed, but I've just ascertained that on my TA1004, with 85 app: Twin lenses isn't, only Color and Mono work (covered the outer lens with my finger tip and only Mono is obstructed). Dual and P-i-P options freeze the app. Live Bokeh seems to work fine, although I am no expert in its use. Panorama works fine.
    I use both the Nokia and ported Pixel apps, and do not get awful photos - might this be an entirely different issue, unrelated to the app used?
    I'm not convinced that HDR works at all.
    EIS in vídeo is really annoying coz I can't use 4k video and hate the drastic reduction in the field of view.
    OZO provides superb sound at concerts and among flocks of geese abånd nesting cormorants, but sucks at low volume, not just the crackling.
    Pro camera works as it did before but seems more stable. I use only really use it if I want to adjust exposure compensation - I do that a lot in outdoor, e.g. forest shots.
  • ignas
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    "Twin lenses isn't, only Color and Mono work (covered the outer lens with my finger tip and only Mono is obstructed). "

    If I understood you right, it doesn't work like that. In twin mode you still see just the color sensor in your viewfinder - the monochrome shot is taken in the background and applied to the picture afterwards.

  • Roger37
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    The Video mode is missing. How do I get it back?

  • gelemannen
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    Roger37 have you tried to swipe left on the camera screen ? (swipe right to get back to photo)

  •  Thanks. Of course it worked but that's not intuitive. There should be a symbol on the photo screen indicating how to activate the video mode. I missed an important video because of this.

  •  @Ignas

    ""Twin lenses isn't, only Color and Mono work (covered the outer lens with my finger tip and only Mono is obstructed). "

    I understood you right, it doesn't work like that. In twin mode you
    still see just the color sensor in your viewfinder - the monochrome shot
    is taken in the background and applied to the picture afterwards."

    Plus that when you switch to "color only", the pictures come out with more detail in the shadows if you also enabled HDR. Just like with the Google camera (which doesn't know about monochrome sensor).

    Sadly enough, the choice of "color only" is not persistent between app restarts.

  • Hello
    Apdate has issue
    It's shut down application wen you pick pro mode
    But anfortunately colours is still with no realnes and it's like a dark filter is always on in any foto
    I m waiting for a solution for a fone that have Carl ZEISS cameras on it...
  • So I've been looking at buying this phone or the nokia 7 plus. How bad is it really? I mean the camera? Is the OIS working nighttime to prevent blurry images? Dual lens mode any good for hdr/night shots?
  • Yes, I know the nokia 7 plus doesn't have OIS, but has a better aperture and pixel size. I only eant to know if the pictures are any good in less than ideal lighting conditions on the nokia 8, and how's the camera software?
  • ignas
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    I don't know how it compares to the 7 Plus, but the photos end up a hit and miss depending on how the HDR or monochrome shots are applied or what it decides the exposure should be. Software is by far the worst part, full of bugs and features that shouldn't be on this device (like EIS being forced below 4K video since the Pro Camera update) and after two botched apk releases, finally getting a "Nokia 8 fix", turns out it fixed absolutely nothing. Or we have no idea what. It has potential to be a decent shooter, but at this point I have doubts it'll be realized. So far there were only promises. Google camera apparently improves the experience a lot, but I've not tried it and I think it has bugs of it's own. 

    With how the camera app was handled so far and other problems the phone has (see "screen burn"), I can't in good faith recommend it. unfortunately. Or any Nokia phone for that matter, but who knows, maybe they care about the 7 Plus a bit more. I would advise to very carefully read what problems people have with it and not brush it off as "just a problem with their phone". 

  • hughmnyksj
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    IMHO, pictures are not blurry in less than ideal conditions. I have just taken an indoor photo with and without HDR and the result is much better with it on. The app forgets touch focus, so that's not good.
    The OIS is always on, even with video in the current native app, which seems to have come from the 8 Sirocco and 7 Plus, which don't have OIS. This means that to avoid EIS, which cannot be switched off, you have to film at 4K. You have to use the native app to get OZO spatial sound - awesome for concerts, not good at all at low volumes. Field of view greatly reduced in videos at 1080p & 720p
    The camera app is 'having problems' right now, but reports of awful photos are totally incompatible with my experiences.
    Sorry if that was too much info...
  • There is far to much ringing with the Nokia camera. I presume a sharpness setting is at play. If you use the Google camera and zoom right in, though the screen seems to show similar ringing artefacts at highly contrasting edges just as you press the shutter, once the picture is viewed there is no ringing. However, the Nokia camera shows it on the final images. As I said, it's most noticeable when fully zoomed in.

  • Thanks for the comments! I'll hold off for now, and revisit the nokia 8 vs nokia 7 plus topic once at least the camera software issues are fixed
  • madbilly
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    I just did a quick price check and in my locale the 8 and 7+ are almost the same price (only €10 difference) and that's for the dual SIM 8. The single SIM 8 is actually cheaper... On those prices, this makes the 8 better value than the 7+, bu the buggy camera app is an issue.

    On the subject of bugs, I just noticed that the gesture which is used to change between auto and pro modes doesn't work when the phone is held in landscape mode. When in portrait, swiping up and down on the on-screen shutter button will change the mode, but this doesn't work in landscape. I'm sure someone's mentioned this before, but I only just noticed it after reading Steve Litchfield's comparison with the Lumia version of the app on

    Speaking of which, I'm sure that Steve's on this forum somewhere, moonlighting under a non-descript userxxxx name perhaps!


  • hughmnyksj
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    It would be great to see Steve Litchfield's detailed criticism of the 8 and it's apps. He was fairly "underwhelmed" by the 8 in his The Phone's Show review (number 327) last December, saying it was "80% Android reference design and only 20% Nokia DNA..."
    He was optimistic that the camera app might get better in a later iteration. He was disappointed that there was no OIS in video capture, which is not entirely true - or is it?
  • I've not listed to the phone show, unfortunately I generally don't have time for podcasts.

    OIS can't be disabled AFAIK, as it's a mechanical feature, so it must be present in video and pictures.