Feeling Angry with Nokia service in India

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I had ordered Nokia 6.1 plus from nokia.com on 4th September 2018. The amount Rs.15999/- was deducted from my bank account through PayU Gateway. But I didn't receive any order id or emails, or even messages from nokia. I only received a mail saying that my money was deducted. Its been a week, I have called nokia customer care 1800102816 for 5 times, they just urge me to wait until next 24 hours. And nokia customer care receives call so late. That is too bad. Today thy received my call after 4 minutes of continuous ringing. I haven't received any mails or messages yet from nokia.com. But my money is deducted. 

I feel so bad. They can't even confirm my order neither do they refund my amount......



  • Log into your nokia account, and check there, if your order is placed or not..
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    I checked. It shows the order was not placed, but they have deducted my Rs. 15999, through PayU gateway. I even have PayU ID, Transaction ID also. I have been calling Nokia customer everyday since 5th Sep, but they are just asking me to wait for next 24 hours. I think I will lodge FIR now. They are not refunding my money...

  • Same happened here. Only difference is i have ordered on 28th Aug. Poor customer service doesnt know how to respond and they don't have any senior persons to escalate this. They only know that will resolve the issue within 24hours. For the past 2 weeks, I called each and everyday regarding this but they are like robots repeating the same story daily. Now what i want is refund my money within this year. Moreover nokia is nomore if this persists for the upcoming year....

  • have you got any solution yet because i am also having the same problem