Display gone blank

My nokia 5.1 plus screen has gone blank. After 10-15 minutus later, its reboot again. is there any issue with my device?

Display gone blank

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My nokia 5.1 plus screen has gone blank. After 10-15 minutus later, its reboot again. is there any issue with my device?


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    im also facing the same problem...since morning..what to do ??

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    Just reboot your phone by pressing power and volume up and down button
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    If still not reboot...check with nokia care centre
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    Hi everyone, 

    I forwarded this topic. 

    Just to make clear I understand correctlythe display goes blank and a restart fixes this issue temporarily?Or does the phone reboot itself? 


    And another question: does it happen randomly or do you do something specific on the phone? 


    Thanks a lot and best regards, 


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    Hi , for me the phone was alive with the screen got blackout . When I called my phone , ring went but my phone didn't get the call . Then I myself did a reboot to use it again . This happens randomly along with ghost touches happen mostly when we use the phone while it's at charge .
  • This problem randomly happened
  • I think it's software problem
    Display gone blank
    With out any reason any time
    Please fix this problem
  • I am habing the same issue. Anyone find any solution yet? Is this truly a software issue or hardware? Will there be an update regarding the display blank issue? Please reply
  • I have also noticed one thing that earlier the fingerprint scanner works faster but since this issues started , fingerprint unlocks the phone with the same speed but screen takes a little bit more time to open now. This is not a good experience I was happy after buying this phone and still want this. Please fix this issue It occurs twice to thrice a day.
  • Hii Laura this solved temporarily by restart the phone
    it's take randomly not specifically
    Please fix this quickly
  • Hi Laura.
    My phone goes blank for no reason.
    It started couple of days ago.
    It would still appear to be ON but nothing is displayed on the screen.
    Could you please assign your monitoring team to resolve this ticket
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    I also faced this issue twice. This issue is occurring randomly and there are no specific steps to reproduce it. First time it happened when I was on a call and second when I woke up in the morning and tried to access my phone. The screen gets completely black and have to restart my phone by trial and error method. I am afraid of the consequences if this happens in some emergency situation.
    Please release a software patch asap to fix this issue.
  • Hi Laura, I am having a same problem. You can tell me whether this is a software problem or a hardware

    If that's a software problem, repair it in the next software updates. If not, then I have a return option on Flipkart till October 23

  • Facing the same issue..
  • Have the same problem and it is really annoying....using phone since 4th October...had it couple of times.
    Otherwise the phone is fantastic
    Trust the brand Nokia..
    Pls fix it ASAP. Thanks
  • I think this happens by abient display
    And adaptive brightness.
  • Same happened to me three times in 24 hr... Then i have switched off that ambient sensing off... That stopped...
    Is it hardware or software issue...??
  • maniKNB maniKNB

    Highly dissatisfied with the performance. second day only i'm facing the problems. screen went blank while watching video. Worst service from Nokia. Please fix the issue or else stop the sales of Nokia 5.1 plus. Don't create pain in customers *ss.

  • Im face same issue
  • this happened with my just now, my phone went into whole bank out of no where and i have to force restart , Nokia Please fix the problem with Nokia 5.1 Plus this is frustrating to customers

  • I am also facing the same issue on 2nd day itself. We have to force restart it. It's happening randomly. No specific action or process is causing this problem. It might be hardware issue not software. Nokia didn't even acknowledged this issue in Nokia 5.1 plus device. this not not acceptable from Brand Like Nokia. Please replace our devices or refund our hard earned money as soon as possible.

  • nirman nirman
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    It seems to be like a software issue
    as i think automatic brightness and light sensor is not properly synced so the only solution is to reboot by power off + volume up key
    until nokia releases a patch....
  • I also faced a same issue twice of phone getting blanked, brightness was almost zero.Then I rebooted the phone.Kindly Nokia support let me know about the issue.
  • I also face this problem. Screen black out completely.. this time ph is on condition.. I call from other no it's ringing.. but my Nokia phones on like sleep mode.. after 10min reboot itself and works fine.. why this happened.. after buying 2nd days.. please fix this issue
  • Same issue hare.. screen black out for. 10 min.. I can't do anything.. then try to call from other phone I get its ringing.. but Nokia 5.1plus doesn't respond any. Just in sleep condition.. den I tried Soft reboot by pressing start bottom and lower volume kye for long time.. this issue happen 2nd day after buying.. please fix this issue..
  • This is known issue in all the nokia phones, it was in nokia 3 ,nokia 5 even in some nokia 7 plus phones.

    link to the post :


    This issue was fixed in nokia 3 but still remian for some of the nokia 5 users, the legacy is continuing even in latest nokia 5.1 devices.

    Hope nokia will one day and does not repeat in new phone, if they care about it as new nokia is not the old one :).

  • Laura, any update on fix for the screen blank issue.

    have seen a post on nokia 3 facing the same issue and a fix was released

    link for the post:


    Please check out will it help getting a fix for the issue to nokia 5.1 plus. since both are having same issue, the screen mainly goes into dead mode when we use the camera application.

    Please release a fix ASAP.


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