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whenever I plug in my headphones to have a conversation it produces hissing sound and i realized that the sound is from the working of 3 microphones including 2 from phone and one from happens most of time and the person from the other side cannot hear a thing..sometimes the headphones will calling seems to work fine but most of the time it produces hissing noise it gets back normal after REBOOTING only..i tried many different headphones but the result is same :( is this hardware fault? please fix this


  • yes, I'm also facing the issue.. when i'm connected to the Bluetooth headset, and if i receive a call while playing game(PUBG) it won't work properly when i get back to the game. i've to reconnect Bluetooth headset for almost 2-3 times then only it works fine.
  • riki
    riki ✭✭✭
    it happens with wired headphones..its annoying af... it's a hardware issue maybe i hear buzzing sound
  • For buzzing sound i have found a trick. You need to turn off 'Access with Voice Match'. For this you have to go to- Settings>Google>Search, Assistant & Voice>Voice>Voice Match... Here, turn off the 'Access with Voice Match' feature. Restart and you will not hear the disturbances it was causing while playing music and on call. I've found thia by trial and error. But noise cancellation not working while on call and using earphones.
  • I am also facing few problems. Certain Apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Twitter are not loading/ getting refreshed on WiFi, but are working fine on mobile data.