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bought nokia 5.1 plus the day before yesterday, the problem started yesterday itself, everything was working except the screen went black and today it happened…

Display gone blank


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    bought nokia 5.1 plus the day before yesterday, the problem started yesterday itself, everything was working except the screen went black and today it happened once again, NOKIA either you fix it up through OTA or i am returning this that to with a legal complaint filed, THANK YOU
  • My Noia 5.1 plus is just 7 days old. It was running fine until this morning when the display went bank. How do i correct this problem. I have bought this phone fron the Nokia online store. 

  • Hello @Laura,

    I have had the phone for 2 weeks now. The screen went black yesterday for the first time, and did today too.

    I have been using Snapchat for more than a week now on my 5.1 Plus, but yesterday when I started the app for first time late at evening, the screen went blank. I tried triggering a response from it, where I tried unlocking using fingerprint (the unlocking sound told me it unlocked successfully), calling from another phone (it rang). I also tried picking up the call but was unsuccessful in doing so.

    I force-restarted the phone by long pressing the power & volume up buttons simultaneously. When the screen lit on with Android One logo, I rejoiced that I won't have to suffer through getting the phone repaired.

    Sadly, the same thing happened today though. Upon opening Snapchat for the second time today, the screen went black again.

    I would be happy to share any logs from my phone which might be helpful in resolving this issue.



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    @Laura please let us know what the issue is and when will it be resolved. What kind of behaviour of Nokia is towards their customers. They are facing so much problem after buying the product and then there is no response from the company. In this way Nokia can't retain back it's position.
  • Me too facing same issue display darks down automatically.
    I replaced device with Flipkart for same.
    And same issue was also with replacement also.
    Nokia is there any problem with device hardware or software
  • The same thing has happened to me 2 times, can you guys at least confirm if this is a software issue or a hardware issue?
  • This issue is still present  in most of the nokia phones and i am seeing only laura is the only moderator in this forum. There would  not be a official answer from  nokia people, as the staff of nokia very tiny. They don't have the staff to look it to every issue immediately.

    The only hope is waiting for getting the issue fixed, rather than posting more queries for already known issue.Because we don't get reply sooner.

    As the issue is already reported to them, they may fix it and release the fix in along with november android security update or directly the android pie which was promised from the ceo of nokia india.

    If you guys want the issue to fixed sooner, try posting in twitter by tagging the ceo which may help in getting the exposure needed for getting this issue fixed.

    Only waiting is the option.

    Note; This issue was becoming very often when i updated to oreo 8.1.1 update provided by nokia. I used the phone without updating it worked flawless. The moment i updated all the issues were flooded.

    If you guys also faced the same issue after updating, reply to this thread, as people can get an idea that where is the trigger for these issue.

    Advice to new people who wanted to buy nokia 5.1 plus or other nokia phones, Only update the phone software after reading posts of the stability of the update. It is better before than latter.

  • user1538729504666 when did you get Oreo 8.1.1 update?. After the 5th October security patch also my Device is running on Oreo 8.1.0.
  • @Kshitiz 

    Sorry, i was meant to say  00WW_1_080 MR Update and SP (Oreo 8.1) Sep-18

    which was before the october patch. 

    What i mean to say is, i did not update my phone when i opened it.

    I updated it  only after 2 days which showed an update around 340mb ,before the update all was fine but after the update all the problems started. 

    For now i reset the full phone and did not change any setting. Till now did not faced any issues regarding the screen black issue or phone gets stuck in apps.

    The only issue still exists is random lags,but better than before.

    if you want any more info, reply to this thread will help you out.

  • Hello Folks

    We need to raise this issue together to fix it as soon as possible. Nokia is still haven't acknowledged this issue. So we don't have any idea whether its software or hardware issue. So please help us by raising it on twitter by using #Nokia 5.1plus #displaygoneblank #fixthisASAP and Tag Nokia's official twitter handle as well as Nokia India's CEO and other important people. If anyone has other better ideas please revert me on my twitter account @vishallote8910 

  • Same problem of black screen , and other problems started to, like Internet stop working, It only works for few seconds when I of-on the internet. also screen freezes sometime, also, call is coming but nothing is showing on screen , only ringtone is playing, fix this asap. 

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    @vishallote8910 I already did that with Twitter account of NokiamobileIN but got no reply from them till now. They don't seem to be addressing this issue. Will try by tagging CEO of Nokia now.
    Request everyone else here to do the same.
  • @Kshitiz Well done my friend. I am posting multiple tweets on Twitter for the same issue. But Nokia seems to be didn't care about it. We need other users support as well. Pleas reach me out as soon as possible on twitter @vishallote8910. We will try to solve it together.

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    Hi everyone, saw a post about nokia 5.1 plus will get a android pie by today night. I think the website may have got wrong info nokia 6.1 plus will get android pie by midnight instead of nokia 5.1 plus what do you guys say?


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    I am also facing the same issue.. please fix it soon.. the screen got blank but the phone was active.. the alarm till ringing and and when I tapped the screen multiple times to check whether it's working or not.. it dialled a random number.. it happend 2 in 2 day's.. even the Power button doesn't work at this time.. have to press the Volume buttons with power to re-start the device.. bit this temporarily foz the problem.. please fix it
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    I have this problem too please fix this asap
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    I am also facing the same problem please resolve it as soon as possible
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    The display goes off suddenly when I try to unlock the phone. I can see that the phone is working as it unlocks and when seen from a proper angle, I can see the screen working with very little brightness(way lesser than the least possible brightness using brightness option in display) and very less color. On restarting the phone, it starts working fine again. Have faced this issue twice already.
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    I think turning off ambient display would work. But there many other problems also in this phone like screen freeze, lags etc.
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    no permanent solution for this display blank problem is provided by nokia till now, this is not expected from organization like nokia
  • Please nokia fix this problem as soon as possible.
  • I have also this problem
  • I am also facing same issue. Was in a hurry to place a call and display went black. When I asked some one to place a call there is incoming dialer tone but no display. Then figured out how to hard reset the device and it started working again.

    Is there any way I can get a refund of my device I don't want to have a unreliable device that stops working randomly.
  • I think the issue is present in all the nokia devices. Even i face the same issue. As i observe the lcd is actually ON but the backlight doesnt loght up when this issue occurs. Rebooting the device by pressing volume up and power button will help during this situation. It happens very very rarely..... But still it needs to be solved by nokia.
  • Hi... I've started to face problems with my new Nokia 5.1 plus. It's been a month since I bought this device. But for the past two days my screen's turning completely black frequently. The phone does not reboot by itself. But when the screen's off I can still hear the lock and unlock sounds. Then only when press power and volume up buttons simultaneously, the phone reboots. Is this a software bug or is there something wrong in the display?? Please Nokia if you can fix this, do it at the soonest possible time or if this is any hardware issue please let me know. Thanks!
  • Facing the same Issue, Please do fix this issue ASAP.

  • I have the same issue too. This is my second nokia phone in two months, thousands of sales depend solely on rectifying this issue. What is going on?
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    bought nokia 5.1 plus the day before yesterday, the problem started yesterday itself, everything was working except the screen went black and today it happened once again, NOKIA either you fix it up through OTA or i am returning this that to with a legal complaint filed, THANK YOU

    I would advise that you try a soft reset. This is a safe and quick way to reboot your device, so no need to worry, you won’t lose or erase any data. Just keep in mind that the device should not be charging.

    It’s easy: Press the Power button and Volume UP button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, release them when you feel the phone vibrate and you see "Powered by Android" on the screen.

    If the issue appears again, please contact support directly via Mail ([email protected]) or Chat.
  • Hello friends i have faced the same issue but i have found the solution it's an software bug there is no problem in phones hardware to get rid of this problem just change some settings as follows go to settings->display->advanced->ambient display and set lift to check phone->on and set new notifications->once , that's it
  • I am also facing the same issue on 2nd day itself. We have to force restart it. It's happening randomly. No specific action or process is causing this problem. It might be hardware issue not software. Nokia didn't even acknowledged this issue in Nokia 5.1 plus device. this not not acceptable from Brand Like Nokia. Please replace our devices or refund our hard earned money as soon as possible.
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