When do I get Android 9?

Hi, when I can get my Android 9 on my phone?

When do I get Android 9?

Șerban Acs Șerban Acs
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Hi, when I can get my Android 9 on my phone?


  • user1527734959581 user1527734959581
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    I haven't got it either on my TA-1043 in Romania. Kind of annoying to be honest.
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    Restart your device.I have TA-1089.I am using it Android Pie.
  • Bastus63 Bastus63
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    Looks like Nokia's 6.1 TA-1043 are the only ones that still lack the update. I was pretty pumped up waiting for it but I guess we'll have to wait.
  • Same here, no Pie Update on my TA-1043 (France)
  • vartotojas0 vartotojas0
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    I'm still waiting for Pie too on my TA-1043 (Lithuania)
  • I am waiting as well ta-1050 UK I think
  • former blackberry user former blackberry user
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    TA-1045, nothing in the USA
  • user1529883076460 user1529883076460
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    TA-1068, no update here either. I usually get all the updates on time.

    Hopefully there isn't the bs of certain variations of devices not getting it for months (or at all).
  • I've experienced the "your device variant has the most recent software" plenty times before. I understand phased rollouts but surely there is a timeline even for that
  • Well i hope that we will get android 9 very soon. Like i'm even stuck on June security update.
  • Nothing here either, TA-1045 in the USA.  I've gotten monthly security updates regularly on the 26th-28th of every month since I purchased the phone,  and until I read that the device was getting Pie today, I had concluded that there would just be a regular security update for October, and that it would be late.  Now I'm starting to wonder if I wasn't right after all. 

  • Kirito Kirito
    How big Is the update (GB)?
  • Update is around 1.4GB , i've got TA-1043 and installed update yesterday.
  • wizzard wizzard
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    TA-1050 No update for me
  • Remove sim card and then search for updates. It might be your carrier preventing you from getting the update.
  • Try it still no updates :/
    Model TA-1050 cursed that's sure -_-
  • TA-1043, Lithuania, Telia operator, still nothing :(
  • hugh w. hugh w.
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    A day later and STILL no Pie on my TA-1045 in the U.S.  Epic Fail, Nokia.

  • wizzard wizzard
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    Yup a big fail^ And Juho says we had 24 hours left till October ends and we keept our promise^
    What a pathetic joke at all.
    Serbia no update TA-1050
  • Unfortunately, I can't say I'm surprised.  This phone got rave reviews, that's why I bought it over some other brands.  Only after buying did I find this site and all the problems. Fortunately, I didn't have any of the issues until the September security update, which somehow slowed my phone down.

  • TA-1043, 64 gb, Latvia, Tele2 operator, still nothing. When to expect?
  • former blackberry user former blackberry user
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    According to nokiapowerusa.com as of October 31 the only markets receiving Pie will be India, Germany and Pakistan. 
  • Nothing on my TA-1016
  • milind goel milind goel
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    This bug is so annoying. Happens randomly on changing wallpapers. Nokia, please fix it....

  • Nokia support told me that it all depends of country or region, service provider, phone model etc.. So, no other choice than just waiting.
  • If it's true what they say, entire western world is omitted for Pie update for now. I can't believe they said they'll release the update without saying that only few Asian countries will get it. I was all hyped out for nothing. Guess we'll have to wait for more news.
  • WizarrD what carrier do you use I have Vodafone. I also have ta1050
  • No tengo Android Pie en Chile y mi modelo es TA-1016 tendré o no ayúdenme
  • Xda has the update ready. 
  • user1525726425007 im using Telenor network
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