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Got update from xda and testing now.

When do I get Android 9?


  • Got update from xda and testing now.
  • Got updated OTA and it screwed up my Nokia 6.1 phone (TA-1043).

    ANT+ services not working anymore.

    How to roll back?

  • I think you have to perform a factory reset.

    Maybe my NOT getting the update is a good thing after all. 

  • Eleftherios Eleftherios
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    In which country for model TA-1043 have been starting update ?
  • Finland and Sweden got it on 30. Oct for TA-1043
  • TA-1043, 4/64 gb, Latvia, Tele2 operator, still nothing.
  • user1541057087447 user1541057087447
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    In Austria the 9.0 Update isn`t available (TA-1043 / T-Mobile)

    My last Security Update is from the 1st September....

    Not okay, when you promise the consumers fast Updates. ..
  • Macgarrett Macgarrett
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    Anyone in the USA with TA-1045 get it yet? My guess is we are such an insignificant market among all the global users that we will be dead last .
  • You appear to be correct, Former BlackBerry user.  
    I dumped my last phone because of security concerns due to the manufacturer.  Now, Nokia is shafting U.S. customers with what, according to every review I read, was the best mid-range smart phone on the market when I purchased it early this year.  They promised 2 years of OS updates, and yet they can't even give us one year of them.  
  • We all know that, update comes in phased manner,
    So relax. I was happy to receive the update as soon as it launched.
    But DON'T update . There's a lot of bugs and adaptive battery is not working.
  • hugh w. hugh w.
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    Updates do normally come in a phased manner, yes.   If Nokia had released a schedule that said "Model 10xx will receive the update on or about October XX, Model 10xx will received it on or about October XX, etc.", that would have been perfectly acceptable.  But, they didn't.  They announced the availability of the update to the Nokia 6.1. Not to the Korean version, not to the Chinese version, but to the phone.  

    At the very least, they should have issued the monthly security update.  They didn't even do THAT for the TA-1045.

  • maxh maxh
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    It's impossible to give specific dates you will receive the update. The date Nokia gives is the rolling out date. After that it's depending on many factors.
    And so what, doesn't your phone function anymore when an update is overdue??

  • Still not Android 9 update, TA-1043, 4/64 gb, Latvia, Tele2 LV operator. Earlier, monthly updates were received with a delay of several days.

  • user1538993227026m,

    in the past, I received monthly security patches on or before the 25th of every month, even though they were labeled after installation as being on the 1st of that month.  So, at the very least, I think it was reasonable to expect an October security patch by then.  Obviously, a major update such as Pie takes a bit longer, but to keep U.S. customers out of the loop and then brag about keeping their promise?

  • maxh maxh
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    Don't you guys read this forum, just dropping a question?


  • I have a TA-1043 no update for me too.(Hungary)
  • user1541184732885 user1541184732885
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    Ta 1043, România, no Pie
  • Has ANYONE in the U.S. gotten Pie yet on the Nokia 6.1?   

    Laura - can you give us some insight on when the update is going to be sent out, or what's going on?   Anything at all?  Please?????

  • Актуализацията ще дойде. Това е NOKIA все пак.
  • I did not ask if it would come, I asked WHEN.

  • I'm using model TA-1068 in Mexico with Telcel. No Pie update as of yet.
  • Balint Stefan Balint Stefan
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    TA 1043, Romania. Still on Oreo... The 4th day after pie release and nothing. Why?? We are uggly or what? Thanks.
  • wizzard wizzard
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    TA-1050,Serbia still no pie here.No we are not ugly we just don't have a Pie :P
  • Nokia 6.1 Update zip link

    Because it's not designed for sideload.
    Rename it to PL2-3260-0-00WW-B01-update.zip
    Place it to root directory of internal storage and dial *#*#874#*#*

    Posted on xda. I have ta-1043 ( Romania) and it works perfectly
  • user1541057087447 user1541057087447
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    Austria 2018-11-03 01:36 PM // TA-1043 T-MOBILE, still no Update to 9.0 available
  • There is a workaround folks from xda and it works. It's as easy as downloading a zip file place it in your root directory renaming it and type some numbers and symbols in your dialer and the process begins. This works for TA 1045 USA model
  • Still nothing on the TA-1045 (U.S.).  

    You would think Nokia would want to end the negativity and release SOMETHING indicating when the update is coming.  Instead, crickets.

  • Nothing in USA yet ain't no big deal people don't realize it's a stable build but it can still have issues , like certain things don't work and that's why there's updates to correct don't be so ancy on getting it .
  • I have a feeling that one of news articles was right and the pie update is only currently available for India, Germany and Pakistan. What makes me think this is if you look at the product pages for Nokia 6.1 in each of these 3 countries they have been updated to state the 6.1 runs Android 9.
    India: https://www.nokia.com/en_in/phones/nokia-6
    Germany: https://www.nokia.com/de_de/phones/nokia-6
    Pakistan: https://www.nokia.com/en_pk/phones/nokia-6

    Compared to UK, Australia & USA Product pages which haven't been updated to say includes android 9:
    UK: https://www.nokia.com/en_gb/phones/nokia-6
    Australia: https://www.nokia.com/en_au/phones/nokia-6
    USA: https://www.nokia.com/en_us/phones/nokia-6

    Have a feeling us in these other countries are going to be waiting longer for our Pie update.
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