Pie update not pushed

2 days has passed since the roll out of pie update for nokia 6.1 plus but still it is not pushed on to my device. Does anyone have similar issue?

Pie update not pushed

user1537258007464 user1537258007464
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2 days has passed since the roll out of pie update for nokia 6.1 plus but still it is not pushed on to my device. Does anyone have similar issue?


  • user1539151676559 user1539151676559
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    Yes I also haven't recieved pie stable update till yet, Nokia 6.1 plus currently running PIE beta version
  • Yes i too haven't received any update, running oreo on my nokia 6.1plus
  • Yes me too .... My device also running in oreo
  • Kaushlesh Singh Shakya Kaushlesh Singh Shakya
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    I also haven't any update.. people called it's career issue.. m try with Jio and Airtel but not resolved.. I reset my phone one time but nothing happen.. Nokia please give the better solution or suggestion
  • Me too ;)
  • user1535381380990 user1535381380990
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    I think it's carrier issue. We will get it when our carrier gives permission
  • pushkar kane pushkar kane
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    Yeah me too. I am running my phone on beta pie but still i haven't received the stable Pie update.
  • user1535973087324 user1535973087324
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    It's not carrier issue, it's issue of making customer fool , Nokia is ambiguous in its promise earlier they promised to rollout in October at last day they roll out for some models for showing that they full fill their promise to make people fool.
  • Aman Aman
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    Are you all on Airtel? As I am also on Airtel and hasn't received the update yet.
  • Iam also using airtel carrier and also haven't received the update
  • Aman Aman
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    So it's a problem from Airtel side. Nothing to do with Nokia.
  • Only jio carrier have received the pie update yet.
    Don't know why Voda, airtel etc taking so much time to approve the ota
  • Kaushlesh Singh Shakya Kaushlesh Singh Shakya
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    No it's not career issue.. m using airtel, tata docomo and jio but m not getting any update from nokia side.. i 2tikes hard reset my phone but nothing is happen still running on Oreo.. its company side or Google side fault or maybe phase wise updation is not completed thats why we are not getting update.. xda team have any exact information so please share with us
  • omkya omkya
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    Have Jio users got the update? I'm on Airtel, hence asking.
  • pintu patra pintu patra
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    I using JIO, but i also didn't get the update. I am in beta channel.
  • Not revived, dated: 11:14 AM 2-11-2018 

  • pushkar kane pushkar kane
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    Nope i am using Jio still no update
  • user1534930782198 user1534930782198
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    Go on this link.

    Download the zip provided by user gksrbgh

    Rename the downloaded zip as- DRG-330B-0-00WW-B01-update.zip

    Now save this in Internal storage of your phone AND DON'T PUT IT INSIDE ANY FOLDER

    Dial * # * # 874# * # * and install the zip. Enjoy The Pie :-)
  • Haven't received yet .
    2nd nov'18 3:15 pm
  • Today talked to Nokia customer care he told me that update comes directly from Google to every device in a phased manner.so wait till it is pushed onto our device
  • Does the above method will erase the phone aur will just upgrade it?
  • harpreet1104 harpreet1104
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    Am Jio user & still waiting for update......
  • I m jio user still waiting update
  • Is that manual installation thing working for you guys?
  • Yes manual update is working... Be sure to rename the file as specified and place it in the root directory...
  • I don't think it is carrier issue I live in Nigeria and the mobile devices aren't tied to any network provider. I guess it is just Nokia incompetence speaking for itself while trying to woo and deceive their customers they shot themselves in the legs for this blunder..
  • What is the method of menual install
  • Data WOULD NOT be deleted if you update it using above method.
  • Those you haven't got the update should thank God for it . The pie update is marred with bugs . Airtel volte is not working ( as a matter of fact data is not working ) . Video is choppy . Video calls are Soo bad it feels like I am back in 2009 . Very very choppy . Finger print unlock is slow . WiFi disconnect issues . Scaling issues if you set the display to small . I am saying this after I kept my friends 6.1 plus running Oreo side by side .
  • nitin kachare nitin kachare
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    @Krunal Thacker Restart Your device.I have also faced wifi disconnecting issue but after 1-2 hours of restart wifi working fine.Now i am using only wifi from 2 days not faced any issue.For Full Screen You have to go accessibility there is notch options to see full screen,etc.
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