I haven't received the Pie update

Hello i still didnt get any updates today My phone runing on android oreo with september security patch Whats wrong?

I haven't received the Pie update

CrabMan CrabMan
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Hello i still didnt get any updates today My phone runing on android oreo with september security patch :( Whats wrong?


  • Unknown
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    Hi there

    like all of our updates the Android Pie update is staged and it may take some time until it reaches everyone. 

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  • user1539153833605 user1539153833605
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    All of your system staged. You all are making fool of your customers. Make sure the update for all or not give it to anyone. Nokia making fool this time to the customer.
  • user1539194895033 user1539194895033
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    One of my neighborhood friend got update 2 day ago.but I haven't get
  • @laura, how long do we have to wait? Will it take few more days, weeks or months to receive stable android pie update for 6.1 plus
  • Yeah, previously it will not be like this
  • If anyone have manual link for pie update of india
    Please share it here.
    Nokia OTA services not helpful.
  • iamkfi iamkfi
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    I am going to wait till 10 th November
  • Why? Is there any information?
  • iamkfi iamkfi
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    Yup from Nokia support i got the information that OTA updates will be available soon across all the Nokia 6.1plus/ Nokia x6 users. It takes time too roll out updates for all
  • @lamkfi what are planning to do, if not get update by 10 November.
  • iamkfi iamkfi
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    Then I will try Pie ROM from XDA websites.
  • For Indian user
    See this video
    But Video in Hindi Language

  • Got the pie update today at 3pm...no bugs faced uptil now ....whoever receives the update I would suggest to factory reset the phone after updating to pie as I did the same..
  • iamkfi iamkfi
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    Still i haven't got it :(
  • Thanks
    Got 9 pie stable update today 3:00 PM .

    Anshu Kumar
  • Rahul Rahul
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    Nokia kept his promise got update today MANY THANKS
  • Got update today....
  • Bhautik Bhautik
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    I also got the pie update on 3 pm on Airtel carrier and working very smooth without having any issue.
  • I am a beta tester, and own 2 nokia 6.1 plus. It's an amazing device, thought my first device got the update, but the second one still haven't got it, both devices are in the NCR zone, add using the same operator! This is very vague these i must say, and this type of unevenness is not expected from Nokia.
    P.s both my devices were beta 9.0
  • ichwansyah wiradimadja ichwansyah wiradimadja
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    Same here
  • Still not received update 
  • Firstly, just go back to the stable Oreo from beta pie through hmd website then u will recieve update
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