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Customize it how?  I've never really changed it on any phone other than using a different background/lock screen image

When do I get Android 9?


  • Customize it how?  I've never really changed it on any phone other than using a different background/lock screen image

  • Also I now have a notification that says:
    Android Setup
    App and data restore paused
    Restore will continue when setup is done.

    But, setup IS done.. as far as I can tell?

  • By totally removing the clock in the center Google search should be on the bottom. Change the three on screen buttons on the bottom and replace that with the small split look. Find that iin gestures
  • Not sure what you mean by the small split look?   The Google search is already at the bottom.  There's actually no clock in the center, just a day/date, which is on the screen twice now, so I got rid of the one in the middle.  

  • At the bottom of the screen is there an on screen back and home buttons?
  • At the bottom of the screen is there an on screen back and home buttons?
  • Yes, I think those are the buttons anyway.

  • You can change that to just one button that sort of small tiny spacebar look. The settings are in gestures. Take a look at it. It looks better and cleaner look
  • I finally managed to get to the installation screen but it says cannot install as file or update is corrupted. Anyone have a link to a copy that works... Also what I had to do was open up the zipped compressed folder and extract to a normal folder in my inter storage and rename it then it worked. Noone mentioned that part lol
  • Device Tech Guy,

    Yeah I had found it before actually... just wasn't sure that's what you were referring to.   So what else is new in Pie?  

  • Nadeem South Africa,
    You do NOT have to (nor should you!) extract the zip file.  Just rename it.   

  • That's because nobody had to do that part. The zip file is self extracting
  • Kirito Kirito
    The VPN method worked for me.
    Model TA-1068
    Country México and USA
    Carrier Telcel and AT&T

  • mrgg mrgg
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     I live in Oz and have the TA-1050. Update through the system menu was not available yet so I followed the post from MaxH and downloaded the zip from the Google server. It works fine so far including the camera. Only annoying thing is the Google search bar on the bottom which I cannot seem to get rid of.

  • wizzard wizzard
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    MrGG can you guide me where is that post??
  • Ta-1054 and no update.
  • mrgg mrgg
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    It seems the post has been removed. I suggest you search manually in the forum of xda-developers.com and you will find it. If I post the link here, it will probably removed as well.
  • wizzard wizzard
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    MrGG tell me is it works well on TA-1050 a post from XDA??
  • wizzard wizzard
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    I follow guide on XDA and after update everything works well on my TA-1050 :)
    Thx a lot for guide XDA :* and members over here :*
  • maxh maxh
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    Nothing is removed, see:


    Pay attention to renaming, that the filename doesn't change in ********.zip.zip
    Also, don't unzip the file and place it in the root directory. Not in download, documents etc.

  • wizzard wizzard
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    Thx MaxH i update it already and it works fine on my TA-1050 :*
  • I finally got it to work. Trick was to install directly onto my phone TA1050 not transfer from the pc. Pie is awesome. I kinda like the position of the google bar now. Lets hope we can continue receiving future updates.
  • Kirito Kirito
    After Update to pie, whats Is the final compilation number?
    My Is 00WW_3_260
  • TA-1043,nothing yet, GREECE
  • Wow that's shocking

  • The whole PIE update thing from Nokia was just FAKE NEWS  LOL

  • I was tired of waiting for the OTA update last week, so i also used the XDA solution to get my piece of pie. It worked like charm and i haven't encountered any problems yet.
  • device tech guy device tech guy
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    I am getting the impression that most users used XDA solution  Sad NOKIA just SAD

  • It indeed is sad, and not what i expected from an android one phone.
  • And here is the kicker.   It's not like HMD has to put skin on it, tweek it or anything to the OS is supposed to be pure and delivered by Google.  All they have to do is pass it on.  SMH.  I guess they must be sitting there staring at the OS

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