Worse battery life since the Oreo update

Since the update, I have definitely experienced worse battery life, especially overnight on idle and also overall when I'm at home on WiFi, I have read a few…

Worse battery life since the Oreo update

duncadelic duncadelic
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Since the update, I have definitely experienced worse battery life, especially overnight on idle and also overall when I'm at home on WiFi, I have read a few posts about the November security patch causing worse battery on a lot of different phones so I don't know if it is because of that, I just hope either the December patch sorts it, or HMD make the battery optimisation better in the next update patch from them soon, has anyone else noticed worse battery performance since Oreo?


  • user1511876383952 user1511876383952
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    For me it's actually the opposite, battery life has improved for me since the Ordo update.
    What does your battery report say? Is it a specific app that's causing the drain or is "Android System" using a significant amount of power?
  • duncadelic duncadelic
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    It seems to be more when I'm at home on WiFi and through the night on standby/idle that I have noticed a drop, but also after Oreo I have a RCS Phone app now showing in my battery usage which I have never since before I'm guessing it's Rich Communication Services and probably because of WhatApps, but that is the only thing that is different on the whole, Instagram is using a little more battery now to tho. But I'm gonna try a night of just 4G soon to see if it is a WiFi only issue. 

  • Today after being 9 hours connected to Wifi and nearly 3 hours display on I still have 82% remaining
    so there are no issues here at all.

  • Mogdar we must have different batteries as I have also had 3h on screen time today, 6h since last charge, and I am on 45%. I have glance off and screen brightness is pretty low.

    Any tips to get performance like yours?

    How long for yours to charge? Mine takes around 3-4 hours using the supplied charger.
  • So, after some hours on the Christmas Market my day is over, 12,5 hour after last charging, still 74% left.

    I've Glance on for 20min and display on automatic brightness.

    Charging last less than an hour till 100% with a third party Quick Charge 3,0 charger.
    But I have my phone all night in a docking station connected to the charger.

    If it takes longer to charge I assume there is something wrong with the charger, try a different cable or connect to a PC with a USB 3 slot.

  • Mogdar I am honestly having a hard time understanding your reported battery stats. From all the reviews I have read they said battery life was average compared to other phones but the stats you have reported are significantly better.

    My phone takes literally 3-4 hours to charge and the battery life is much like the review sites. I get around 5 hours screen on time.

    I have been speaking with the support chat tonight (waste of time) as I noticed a weird bug with quick charge 3.0. When using the HMD supplied charger the phone displays "charging rapidly" then "charging slowly" then "charging" then "charging slowly" and finally it then states "charging" and stays like that. I have tried 2 other third party QC 3.0 chargers and they do the same. I tried every charger in my house and found my old Samsung QC 2.0 charger, and this is able to charge rapidly, unlike the supplied charger. I have not had a chance yet to fully charge the phone with this charger to see if it is indeed faster. So no idea if my phone is broken, but the difference between our batteries is extreme.
  • I've seen this issue as well when using the supplied charger and a third party quickcharge 3.0 charger I have in the car. Someone else here did some tests and checked what the charge current was and deduced that it was charging rapidly it's just displaying the wrong thing on the lock screen. If I plug my phone into a usb power delivery charger it then displays charging rapidly, however when it reaches around 89% every few minutes it will disconnect the charger and then reconnect again, although slightly annoying it does still fully charge. Mine usually takes a couple of hours from around 15% the last bit of the charge takes a lot longer, it will get to around 50% in around 30 minutes but will then slow down a bit, this is normal with rapid chargers. As for battery life mine seems to have excellent battery life but then I keep all the battery hogging social media apps off my phone. If I want to use Facebook I use the browser as when I did have the app installed it killed the battery. I lose around 6% on average over night if I'm in a good reception area. If you are in an area with poor reception this will eat into your battery life as the phone will keep waking up looking for a signal.
  • As I'm not taking care of speed this might be the factor. I use my phone connected to the QC 3.0 charger at night as watch and alarm clock with glance on all night. In the morning it is fully charged and last at least a day. Yesterday evening I had 72% left after quite some usage including several hours of Geo caching.
  • Have been on Oreo 3 days now and not noticed any worsening of battery life compared to Nougat - which for me is better than  my previous HTC 10 phone (Nougat).

    For example yesterday, 13 hours after disconnecting from charger (at 100%) I had 69% remaining. This is with 1h11m screen time, about 90 mins of music through earphones and corporate email client running in  Push mode for 9hrs, as well as a few other tasks running in non-optimised mode (e.g. whatsapp, Inbox etc). I dont use twitter,facebook etc.

    Approx 1hr of the 1h11m was probably surfing the net. My phone is connected to Wifi when I am at my desk or at home  - 3g/4g otherwise.

  • I have 9h of screen on , on my old LG G2 i have 3h30 of screen on.
    The phone for me are great on battery performance.
    Im on Android Oreo 8.0 Nokia 8 TA-1004
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    I am using Nokia 8, it stops charging when it reaches 45%. Then if I replug the charger, charging happens only for a few seconds.
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