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  • Started my journey of mobiles with
    Nokia1100 ,from then has tasted Nokia mobiles of Nokia 105,Nokia 210,currently havung Lumia 532 & Lumia 540xl for my family & Personally owned Nokia 6.1 plus,
    All the above said mobiles have one quality in common i.e; Build quality
  • My Days with you are always cool, First drive with Lumia 520 makes me to fell in love with it.... it's just awesome.. still looking for that kind of trendy caller screen & Awesome Indian bamboo tune :smile: Love it.. Just love it
  • Hola!
  • Hi hello ,I am Naveen from India I like to thank for conducting a new event in dubai and bringing new phone  year to year from Nokia.

    I am always looking forward to your reply.
  • Hello Nokia, I am a big fan of yours.. I started my first j2me app development in 2005 and had a dream to work for Nokia.. I was with Nokia from 2010 to 2012.. very proud moment of my life..I remember those days friends used to call me to get recommendation to buy the best Nokia.. now those days are coming back.. feeling happy about it.. let's conquer mobile world again...
  • Hello there! I'm a user in China. After seeing the 2-year development of hmd Nokia in China and in the world, I am very proud of you Nokia. Hope you can return to your unique No.1!
  • Not very big fan of Nokia.I never used Nokia phones.there is a story behind that....

    First let me introduce myself
    My name is Ramesh and I am from India.

    You,know Nokia brought android phones  to India late,first I wanted to buy Nokia 6 which launched more than 13000/- with Snapdragon 400 series,there little disappointed 😞...then after Nokia lainched Nokia 7 plus in MWC event,so I waited for this Smartphone to come to India ,but unfortunately it was priced 25,999/- 😟...

    Then I decided not to buy Nokia Smartphone...but recently Nokia launched Nokia 6.1 plus in India with SD 636 processor at 15,999/- which made me impressed.....but poor cameras.😩

    Still Iam waiting for prefect smartphone from Nokia ....come on Nokia....

    I hope Nokia 7.1 plus/8.1 plus ...will launch in India...and it would be great exiciting, If I were there in the launched event of my first Smartphone...😊

    Thank you Nokia ...

  • What's Going On Nokians!
    ( :p;);) Nokia-nz)
  • Hello juho, Panos from Greece. Always a fan of Nokia phones since 2001 but Im still waiting that pure Android camera phone to rule them all 😊
  • Hello Juho ! The chances are that I will not be wining the privilege to be with you for the next presentation but regardless of that I will be forever a fan of Nokia phones since the first symbian phone ,7650,that I proudly owned.Hoping to here news of the most awaited phone :smile: Nokia 9.
  • Hello Sir, Iam an avid fan of Nokia Phones right from 3210, 3310,4315,8250.....Lumia 800, Lumia 1350, Lumia 640xl & now Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1plus, Nokia 5,Nokia 5.1plus, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1 plus & waiting breathlessly for Nokia 7.1 plus👍
  • Godfather of world mobile market is back with a new blockbuster mobile to make a history again
  • Hi Nokia ( the Professor of all phones)
    Loved nokia since my first 3310 to till date,
    Thank you for coming back. :) 
  • Holla,Jambo from Kenya,congratulations Nokia on your new devices..we are really enjoying your products here..very affordable and technologically efficient,keep it up..see you in Dubai God willing..Goodbye for now,kwaheri😊
  • Hello .Iam fan of all Nokia keypads .In that days Nokia was a dream mobile for us.i think mother of all mobiles is Nokia 
  • Please bring back meeting os,symbian os please I request you I love nokia
  • Hello  and super excited and eagarle waiting for launch in Dubai best wishes from Nokia fan from India typing from Nokia 6.1plus 
  • Holla, Nokia 6.1+ Got a bit hit. The reason is simply it was a lot more than expectations. Thanks Nokia.
  • 不管未來變得如何,只要我擁有NOKIA的產品就擁有榮耀的光芒!我就是愛NOKIA😘
  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭
    Hello Mr. Juho and all other fellow community members.
    This is Praveen Parihar from India, a Proud owner of Nokia 7 Plus.

    First of all, a heartfelt congratulations for successfully completing almost 2 years of RE-ENTRY into the mobile world, and delivering the best pieces of technology to US.
    I have been a Nokia fan since my school days, when I got my first phone, the Nokia 1600 and then Nokia 5235, both of which I still have and are in running conditions. Then I switched to another brand and with the coming of Lumia series, Nokia Lumia 730 found entry into my pocket once again. And I still own all the 3 devices.
    I had a strong belief and faith in the brand, and with my recent purchase of Nokia 7 Plus, it got more stronger. We now have total 7 Nokia devices in our house, distributed among all family members, a mini Nokia family ;) .

    Apart from the quality of devices, the prompt responses from the social media team in reply to user suggestions make Nokia a class apart. What can be better than the fact that a company's top official directly interacts with the users and take feedback to be employed in future. Hands down to such a commitment.

    All the best to HMD and Nokia and I just wish that Nokia reaches much greater heights in the coming future.
    And also, thanks to Nokia for being a partner with BSNL to develop the 5G Technology Ecosystem in India.
  • My grand parents used Nokia my parents used Nokia now I am from the three generations.
  • I had told in some forum around 2011 or 2012, not remember. Nokia is like Phoenix and it will rise again, and now my hopeful words turns out true. I have no doubt that Nokia will lead again!!!!
  • Hi Juho,
    I don't think I have ever seen a more enthusiatic tech company CEO before. We are loyal fans of Nokia, that's a different thing but it's never possible without someone like you who is always excited and ready to take things forward.
    It's so great to be back.
    Let's make Nokia great again.


  • Hello everyone!
    I am sandeep sagar from nokia fan base

  • Juho thanks for the effort for a new forum. I have never looked at a nother brand of cell phones because of the new thinking and the design.
    I my self is a premium buyer and has allways looked for the diamonds in the segment and nokia has it all.

    happy that you got Android and that it works flawless.
    I now hope you take good care of your customers and give good support.
  • Hello

    it is awesome to see Nokia is back. I am so excited to be Nokia user. I love to have the Nokia flagship phone.
  • Hello,
    I am Very Proud To be In a Nokia Family It's Our India Brand Since In previous Decades And It's a aswome And Convinent Brand For India With Android One........
  • Hello NOKIA
  • now this is the love called *NOKIA*. I Love nokia i want Nokia to dominate mobile industry soonn....nokia is not a name it seems like a family .😍😍😍😍i want to join nokia family .pleaseeeeeee ........
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