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  • Hello nokia is the best mobile in terms of design quality and system updates well done nokia...@hmdglobal
  • Aloha Juho , its Great to see Nokia back where its Belongs @ the Top of the World! See Ya All 


    Hi guys,

    Juho here.

    When we started less than 2 years ago, we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality and design values while bringing you the best Android experience on the market.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, we decided it was time to pay it forward to our fans!

    That’s why we we’d like you to join us in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Participating is easy: You just have to reply below, and introduce yourselves. A simple hello is fine as well! The authors of the best messages will be chosen to join us at our next unveiling!

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Juho Sarvikas
    Chief Product Officer,
    HMD Global - Home of Nokia Phones

  • Nobody forgets NOKIA..all of us started our first phone with nokia the mother of all phones. Before Nokia used Android where all other smartphones were into android, I got so sad. I felt nokia is really out  of the game.. But when a huge and a mother company joins Android society, of course It is a great job and pretty sure its gonna be the best.. Good luck NOKIA we love you 
  • Hello. A simple hello is just not enough to say greetings. Remember the old days when Nokia is all about the build quality. But now, hmd is carrying forward the legacy of Nokia by now adding a bloat free user experience to that best build quality. You guys are redefining what Nokia is known for. Wish we could see proper Nokia flagship at the event. Also like the fact that the very first experience when you buy the phone, the box packaging. God, it is that unique and so compact. A 6.1 plus user's love to the brand. I wish you would continue making no nonsense phones just like the present lineup
  • Love your phones since ever!
  • started with Nokia 3310 now its nokia 6.1 plus.....
    happy to be with Nokia
  •  Hi, I'm very happy with the new Nokia smartphone :D
  • Hey our nokia team... Since I use my Nokia phone , when I was at school Nokia 1650... Currently use a Nokia 5.1 plus mobile because of Nokia donig well ... Helio p60 media tek processor....
  • Hello Nokia
  • ushoda
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    Hello everyone! My name is Pablo, I'm from Chile and I'm arguably the biggest Nokia fan in this country.

    My journey with Nokia started year 2003 with the Nokia 3395, a variant of the classic 3310... It was my firs phone and the first grain of freedom that I got from my parents. It meant the world to me!
    The next year (2005) my parents I was given the Nokia 3300b XpressMusic as a present! It was amazing! QWERTY keyboard, memory card (MMC), radio (even recorded some jams from the radio within the phone!), a true MUSIC PHONE!.... Sadly I was mugged and lost it :disappointed: .
    The journey continues when I got the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic! yay! music phone again! And a slider! :sunglasses: ! Such a great phone! powerfull speaker and tons of memory!

    Then... A breakthrough! My mom gives me her Nokia N95!!! SUCH A MACHINE! It was a PC in my hand! double slider, 5mpx camera, n-gage games, gps, wifi, so many things to love! a true multimedia phone... but again... mugged :disappointed: 

    I was heartbroken.... but well... I've always have music to cheer me up... so guess what! Nokia 5700 XpressMusic! it was a TWIST in my life! (see what I did there? :wink: ) colorful and fun!
    Loved that phone! But after an accident I needed to change it, that's how the N78 came into my life... elegant, refined, mature... and quite loud! (music again hahaha).

    The time passed and touch became a thing... and well... music was still a thing for me... so the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music appeared into my pocket!... 

    A time after that, the 2010 earthquake hit my country (8.8 Richter) and my old N78 came to the rescue! I could connect to the internet and contact family and friends from other parts of the country (and even Spain!) to let them know I was OK and to know if they were OK. I would never forget that!

    But time passed and tech behind touch reach the next level... no more resistive and hello capacitive! So I got the Nokia N8... and I fell in love with photography again (thanks N95)! such and amazing hardware in general, like a tank!

    As my journey continues, Nokia's journey did too... so the story made a 90° turn headed to windows phone... I have to admit that I wasn't sure about this turn of events but I embraced it because NOKIA <3 so after a time I got the Lumia 920 (windows phone was mature enough for me at that time, that's why I skipped the Lumia 800) and I was greatly surprised with the hardware and software experience, pretty unique I have to say (that yellow <3 shell and the UI).

    And well, that aged well... Lumia 1520... too big but was a nice change.

    We all know how this journey ended up... and here we are... in full (and pure) android!

    The Nokia 6 is the last Nokia phone that I got... and DAMN I was impressed with it, build quality, accessible price, pure android, great specs... a bang for the buck! The job that you guys have accoplished... outstanding! so much in so little time! I look forward to see what's next in this chapter... 

    ... but I'm sure of something, it would be a journey holding hands between Nokia and me. :blush: 

  • Hello! I'm a massive Nokia fan, my first ever phone back was I was a teenager was a gorgeous 8800 (I know I was a spoiled brat!) ;-) Thank you for bringing back Nokia phones, I'm loving my Nokia 8 Sirocco!
  • Hello.. my first phone was 1100 which I used for 10 years nearly. After that I got 5300 xpressmusic as  gift from my parents. Really the both the phone was too good really the Nokia is connecting the people. I love Nokia and miss you too. I am from india
  • Hi nokia....... I was using nokia phone since my child hood on words....  i was an amazing experience 
  • Hi Sir my name is. Rajesh,                 
    Congrats sir 2 years ago HMD , we had a simple aim: stay true the Nokia phones quality  I am a huge fan of Nokia.And true Nokia quality assurance with fast software Updates. Nokia is back with a bang thanks to HMD global. I will always support Nokia,like I have supported in the past. It is the best company made for true smartphone lovers. Nokia will always uphold its glory in the smartphone market and be the top no1 brand once again Thank you sir
  • vishwajeet devrukhkar
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    Hello, love from India, currently using 10th Nokia phone. 
  • Hello, great to join the Nokia community! My first phone was a Nokia back in the day before smartphones existed.
  • Hi,
    Juho my first Nokia mobile is 1100,and 2 nd one is N 73,and now I am using 6.1 plus...I love the quality and user friendly Nokia mobiles

  • I’m a proud owner of an Androidone Nokia 6.1 running Android 9 Pie. 
  • Hello nokia, I am a fan of Nokia
  • Heyo JuvO..!!!...
    I'm Aditya John from a world connected with Nokia...
  • Hello World!!
  • user1534861867986
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    Hello juho this is kashish from india i am being the oldest user of nokia the most trustworthy brand in all aspects I have used Nokia N72 the star of its time then Nokia Lumia 630 then Nokia Lumia 640 xl and currently I am using Nokia 6.1 plus and I am very much happy and satisfied with Nokia smartphones.
  • Hi guys,

    Kamal here.

    When I heard Nokia is being revive less than 2 years ago, I had a simple aim: to see Nokia make a decent phone and hopefully change their Windows OS to Android OS.

    Nine million social followers, and a new community forum later, well I am one of the people who is contribute to that number!

    That’s why we I like you to join the Nokia Team and its fans in Dubai and be part of the next Nokia history in the making.

    Participating is really easy: I already reply to our hero, Mr Juno, message and hope my reply here will be chosen. Really want to meet the hero in person.

    Hopefully I see you, Mr Juno in Dubai!

    Ahmad Kamal
    Chief of my house,
    Ex-Nokia User (3210,3310, 3250, N73 Music Edition)
    Current Nokia 8 User
  • Miru akkada ikkada mobiles launch cheyadame gani india lo launch cheyara.akkada india Rupee kanna Dollar,Dirham etc.. vati viluva lani chustunnaru tappa sales kosam chudaru.miku anni countrys kanna india lo fans ekkuva.aalochinchandi.manchi mobiles india lo ki tisuku randi,sales baguntai,me brand viluva inka perugutundi.first naku  telisina mobile name ante Nokia assalu inko company undani kuda teledu.kani eppudu evarinaina adigite Nokia anna pere cheppadam ledu.Chala based tindi.so ippatikaina india lo manchi mobiles launch cheyandi.ardam chesukondi maa lanti Nokia fans ni.ardham chesukuntarani anukuntunna.mimmalni hurt chesunte sorry.
  • Hi Juho and everyone who loves Nokia. I'm Elliot from mainland China, a big Nokia fan. I've been so crushed on Nokia brand digital devices for almost 10 years. I had Nokia 5200/5300/C6-01/Lumia 800/820/638 and now Nokia X6/8110 4G with a lot of accessories like MD-12 and BH-501. There was a fascinating experience with all brand new HMD, which is the new home of Nokia phones in May this year in Beijing when I was invited to attend your X6 meeting convention. I'm so proud of the achievement that HMD made, providing us so many glorious devices with the familiar Nokia taste. From S40 to Symbian, from Windows Phone to Android, so many changes but my enthusiasm for Nokia will never be changed. I'm so looking forward to rejoining our community. Thanks to HMD, you guys did a really good job. Fighting, Nokia, there is something belonging to you and taking it back! Our fans will be with you for eternity! 
  • Hello, I am Akash Sharma from India. I am a big fan of Nokia Mobile.
    First mobile of my life was Nokia C2-00. From then, I always use Nokia Mobile - Nokia Lumia 520 DS, Nokia 3, and now using Nokia 3.1. If get an opportunity to be there, I will be very happy. Thank you for such an opportunity.
  • hey there nice phones but the price is bit high compared to other phones manufacturer if you price like nokia 5.1 then it would be competitive 
  • Hi Nokia and Community,

    From the USA here! I've been a Nokia fan going back to the N95 days and I've so very happy to see that you guys are back. Best of luck in the future and hopefully I get picked to visit Dubai to see first hand the latest device being released.

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