Juho here! Welcome to the new forum and win a trip to our next global event



  • Hello Nokiadians everywhere, I Love my Nokia  Phone and have great memories of my !st Nokia that had no camera ( I am an oldie) Just living life as full as I can with my best friend/Nokia always with me.  
  • Ciao, ciao from South Italy :)
  • Building premium quality phones with precision feeling a great one in my hand every time when I use it. Getting updates faster than thunder. Innovation new technologies for a happy life making every movement as a memory.
  • The perfect Smartphone does not only depend on brand. It also depends on the specifications. While NOKIA is the only Company with a Brand of smartphone with a good Specifications.
  • Hello Nokia love you always
  • Hi  
    I'm Mani from India 
    I have some designs for full view display,  if u give me chance I will prove it 
  • Ready to be... Nokia welcome back♥
  • hey, too much happy for using a nokia phone, they always gives update which all user always liked. personally i like nokia phone too much. better luck for future 😍 . 
  • vsk95
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    Hi guys,

    Varun here.

    When I started looking into Nokia phones again 2 years ago, I had hope: that HMD will stay true to the quality, design and legacy of Nokia while bringing us brilliant Android experience.

    A thousand reviews, suggestions from friends & family, and 2 Nokia smartphones (6.1 Plus & 5.1 Plus) later, I can proudly say that HMD has done it!

    That's why I'd like to join our family in Dubai and be part of the next HMD Global event this 5th of December.

    Hopefully see you in Dubai!

    Varun S Kumar
    Proud & loyal Nokia user
  • gonzalo777
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    I just like their phones, and the very spirit that you add to each model. I have used many models for many years and I have always been proud to have a Nokia in my hands. Congratulations!!! Nokia is back. :) 
  • Nokia = The best smartphone in the World
    *Moreover greater than apple
    *Handsoff to #NOKIA
  • Naku Neeku Nokia Neku Naku Nokiaaaaaaa
  • Hello HMD, Stay true to Nokia Legacy.
  • Hello,
    My first love Nokia's Phone
  • Hello there :-) Super happy to be part of the Nokia Community - I've been in love with Nokia phones since the Lumia 920 and I'm part of the ride since then! Very excited to see more projects and devices in the future!
  • texrat
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    Hi!  I'm a former Nokia quality engineer who helped launch the N800 and other cool devices.  It's great to be part of another Nokia product forum, and I look forward to what's to come!

    Connecting People is Nokia's greatest strength.  Let's make this the best product-focused community ever!
  • A big Hello from Tunisia 🇹🇳
    Back to Nokia with a 7 plus after 18 years when i bought my first phone ever ... The legendary Nokia 3310 ...
    Welcome back to the origins ... 
  • Don't know what i'll do in Dubai :D
  • user1542384915415
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    Please Nokia..continue brining mobiles at reasonable prices as the previous ones and performing no price hikes.And I wish I could see Dubai once in my life.
  • Hi hello nokia, thank you for this opportunity.
  • Hi Nokia......love u forever 

    It's. Yours
    Shiva K Reddy
  • johan kalevi
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    Hello from China! My name's Johan PItkanen, originally from Canada. I've lived in China for just about 12 years now and have been a Nokia user for as long as I've owned a mobile phone. Before smartphones made it onto the scene, Nokia was always there for me: to wake me up with a gentle alarm; to get excellent reception when I needed it most; to survive that fall from the balcony when my elbow slipped; and to send text messages to my fiancee (now wife) when I moved to China and she was living in Indonesia. Nokia has been through the good times and the bad with me, and Nokia served its utmost purpose of 'Connecting People' which led to our marriage in 2007. Now, my Nokia is my faithful music player, photo taker, video recorder, note keeper, email checker, GPS locator, place finder, call maker, text sender and social media assistant; keeping me in touch with my family in Canada, Finland and Indonesia! Every Nokia phone I've owned has been my faithful companion through time, and I intend to carry on into the future without a worry!  Kippis!

  • Hello juho,

    I am a big fan of Nokia from India most proud of N-Gage
  • Olá de Lisboa, Portugal!
    Um forte abraço para todos os "Nokianos" por aí!

    Hi from Lisbon Portugal! 
    A big hug for all the "Nokians" out there!
  • Hey Juho, this is Vishal, a huge fan of Nokia smartphones and always wondering what's the new product you gonna launch. Very excited for the 5 Dec event. Cheers!!
  • mythreya
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    Hey! All my phoning experience is between the Old Nokia 3310 and the new Nokia 7 plus. " From the old school 'SNAKE' game to the pure android experience I'm growing." ❤️❤️❤️ 

    The built quality is unbeatable. Great comeback Nokia. I'm from India and a beta tester too. I just love and trust Nokia than any other brand. 😊✌️It's the phone I truly rely on. 

    I really enjoy taking pictures with my Nokia 7 plus through the Zeiss lenses, waiting to hear about the expected upcoming "Pure View" flagship.🤩🤩🤩

  • Finally the built master and the father of mobiles came to show its existence and we love the Nokia brand .
  • Hello!! To the Nokia family..
  • Hello everyone.My name is Anaj and I am from India
  • Nokia connecting people, connecting world...
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