Share your Nokia phones timeline you owned ?

Share your Nokia models phone from first to last.

Share your Nokia phones timeline you owned ?

treble treble
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Share your Nokia models phone from first to last.


  • itzrj itzrj
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    My first one was Nokia X2-01.
    Used that for 2 years and then comes the Asha series!
    It was simply awesome experience with my Asha and it was my first ever touchscreen phone!
    Then after about 1.5 yrs I switched to the smarter one: Lumia 625.
    Awesome phone with amazing ram management. Used that for around 4 years and finally I am the owner of one of the most powerful smartphone by Nokia: the Nokia 8!
    Nokia never let me down and made me feel proud all the time!
    Proud owner and a fan! ❤️❤️❤️
  • I owed a Nokia 3310 from 2004-2007
    Then a Nokia 7610 from 2007 - 2008
    Nokia 2610 from 2008-2010
    Nokia Lumia 710 from 2010 to 2013
    Nokia Lumia 635 from 2015 - 2017
  • I owned a 101 in 1995, followed by a 121, 232,2120.5160...etc...I cannot remember all the Nokias I have used over the years, more than 50, including many prototypes. When microsoft stopped updating my 636 I was forced to buy a samdung. I worked for Nokia from 1994 to 2009 and just want to buy another one :smiley:
  • hdisowjdj3838 hdisowjdj3838
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    Wow, I wish I would remember the timeline, but I sure do remember my Nokia 3310, Nokia E52 and the Nokia E72. The memories! 😅
  • stipe1906 stipe1906
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    I'm a relatively new user, considering how long Nokia was manufacturing phones. They go like this:
    Nokia 5800XM
    Nokia N97 mini
    Lumia 800
    Lumia 720
    Lumia 830
    Nokia 6
    Nokia 6.1

  • Laze Sun Laze Sun
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    Nokia 3108
    Nokia 5300
    Nokia N8-00
    Nokia 808 PureView
    Nokia Lumia 930
    (Microsoft Lumia 950)
    Nokia 3310 4G
    Nokia 8110 4G
    Nokia X7.
  • navs navs
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    When I was a kid my Dad owned 5110 (the antenna model)
    Then he bought 3310 and now has 5.1 plus.
    Mom had 1100 and then bought 1110 and now she uses a Motorola phone.
    My first was 2626 then 2220 and then N900. Later bought Lumia 1080 and had it for years. Now bought 6.1 plus.
  • 3220, 3110, 6300, 6303, C5, lumia625, lumia 720, nokia222, nokia6.1
  • + 1200
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