Nokia 3 charging only when switched off

My Nokia 3 phone is only 4 months old and its now charging only when switched off.

I have tried factory reset, phone OS upgraded to 7.1.1 & also with various USB cables but no use.

I wish i had never bought this phone with a passion i had before for Nokia....


  • Hi! Sorry to hear it. Have you taken it to a care canter yet? You can use our care center locator to find one near you. 

    Hope you find a solution soon!

  • Hi, I had same problem, it's appear after I connect my phone to work PC with third party USB cable, PC don't seen my phone, and phone is not charge, phone screen and buttons stop responding, and I reboot phone with shortcut (volume up + power) and after that I can't charge phone until I go to bootloader and choose restart to bootloader, then after a while, I restart phone one more time, and now it's work. Hope it was program error and it would be repaired on next updates.
  • currently having the same problem with my nokia 3.1. sometimes its charging when off, or when it does charge it would require some sort of angle for the cable. thought it was apparently some hardware problem, charging port, or the charging ic but after several attempts on working on them, the problem seems to still persist leaving me to believe its some sort of software or program problem rather. had love for this phone but this frustrating phase i'm going through makes me regret by the day of getting this phone. anyone with a solution?

  • My Nokia 3 says charging but it never gets full this started after a software update from 8 to 9

  • Please anyone help me am out of communication