Widgets disappearing

Hello. The widgets are not appearing when restarting the phone.

Widgets disappearing

rmart rmart
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The widgets are not appearing when restarting the phone. Then I have to deactivate and activate the associated app or even uninstalling and installing it again. It's really a big issue when using my new Nokia 5. I have both android system and apps updated. How can I solve this?


  • user295 user295
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    Hi I have a Nokia 6 with the same problem. It doesn't matter if I restart or turn it off, I lose all widgets on my home page. Very disappointed in this. Never had this problem with Samsung. Nokia needs to fix this problem asap.
  • user187 user187
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    Same issue with my Nokia 6. Try to start the phone in safe mode, then start again normal. Widgets are back.

    @Nokia: please fix this bug
  • rmart rmart
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    How do I start the phone in safe mode?
  • user187 user187
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    Google, maybe? 
  • [Deleted User] [Deleted User]
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    Hi all!

    Really sorry to hear you've had this problem. HMD is aware of this issue and we're working on getting a fix through with the next software update

    Until then, there are steps you can take:

    Step 1:  Go to Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock


    Step 2: Select "None" to remove all lock pattern


    Step 3: Reboot the device -> Android should recover all widgets automatically


    Step 4: Go to Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock 

    Step 5: Select “No Thanks” for Secure start-up function, to avoid widgets disappearing after power on


    Step 6: Add your preferred widgets back in the widget listing screen.

    Step 7: Press and hold to drag the widget listing screen back to your home screen.

    If your issue is still not fixed, don't hesitate to contact our 24h English language chat support

    Thanks for your patience while we get this issue sorted.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Anna (Moderator) 

  • user187 user187
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    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for your answer.
    Sorry but I don't think that it is a good idea to remove the display lock for fixing the problem. Are you saying the display lock should be removed permanently?
    Best regards
  • [Deleted User] [Deleted User]
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    Hi user187!

    Sorry - as a moderator I'm afraid I'm not able to comment on technical matters any further. If you feel at all uncertain about the steps or if you would like some more information, I warmly encourage you to get in touch with support directly. With their expertise and knowledge they will be able to assist you in the safest and most efficient manner.

    Have a great day!

    Anna (Moderator) 

  •  Hello everybody.

    I confirm : I've the same trouble with the nokia 6. I was very disappointed and was wondering about all forums taking about that before coming here. And I must say that, finally, there's an issue.

    So I follow the indications of Anna : Thank you Anna, my widgets are back !

    @user187 : I did  the same conclusion. However, I did again the procedure to lock the screen with fingerprint (and PIN code), then I restarted 3 times my phones and, the widgets are still there. I cross my finger : hope they will last. If not, I'll redo the procedure.

    Whatever, I'm glad to hear that nokia/HMD is working to this issue.

  • [Deleted User] [Deleted User]
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    Hi alex_ps,

    Thanks for the positive feedback, I'm glad to hear it worked for you! We're always happy to help whenever possible. :) 

    Have a great day,

    Anna (Moderator)

  •  A factory reset fixed this problem for me.

  • The issue will be back after few restarts, been there done that.

    @Anna - moderator  Is the any schedule to fix the actual problem, not only to go aroud it with risking the phone and data security? 

  • I restart daily and it's been good for about a month now.
  • I have the same issue on Nokia 5. at first I thought it was some app misbehaving, so I tried to install them one by one and restart phone everytime. even the updates I did one by one. it took a long time but the phone didn't exhibited the issue. I can't say it's a definite solution, but the phone is working perfectly for a week now, restarting every day just to check. It's good to see that it's an issue that's been handled from Nokia. Looking forward for the next update
  • rmart rmart
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    I tried the method from Anna - moderator and finally get my widgets back whenever restarting, with the consequent security problem. What I exactly did is to switch off the option of asking for unlocking the phone before starting and so I have the pattern for unlocking activated and the phone protected at start with SIM password (VERY SOFT PROTECTION). If I switch on the asking for locking before start, the widgets are away again. Please Nokia solve this big issue soon. Thanks
  • I have a similar but not identical problem, which I thought I should add to the list, in case the techies want to know about the variation.

    In my case, only one widget (the big digital clock one) disappears from the home screen when I restart BUT many widgets, including the clock one, disappear from the widget drawer.

    Anna's solution has resolved the problem temporarily, but like others I am very concerned about security, so looking forward to a proper fix.  I would also like to know when we can expect it.

  • is it possible that the issue is on launcher 3? has anybody else changed launcher?
  • zefi zefi
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    Nokia 5 here. I tried different launchers: Google Launcher and Nova Launcher, the problem is still there with both of them.

  • Try Arrow launcher by microsoft. Didn't exhibit this issue. Nevertheless i installed yesterday the new update and this must mean that the issue is gone. But after using arrow launcher for so long i kinda got used to its interface. I think i'm gonna keep it

  • oliver l oliver l
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    To recover simply put the phone in flight mode and reboot.
    Er voìla, all Widgets are there again.
    This cost me many many hours and is a known Android bug and not Nokia specific!
  • rmart rmart
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    Since the October SO update is working just fine for me (Nokia 5). With the pattern for unlocking at starting the phone activated and the widgets are always appearing. So finally it works. Great work Nokia - Android!

  • nix nix
    New Nokia 5 as of yesterday, widgets keep disappearing. Updated all software but still not fixed. Big pain.
  • albyalby albyalby
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    I'm having the same issue on my Nokia 3 after today's December update installing.

    Alternatively, there is a workaround that is disabling PIN on device startup (only on startup), but leaving it enabled when it's on. Although, this is not as secure as it should be - whole issue should be fixed. 

  • @Anna  I have a nokia 6 and have the same issue - Nokia knows about this problem yet 4 months down the line have still done NOTHING  to fix it. Removing all security from your phone is not the solution. This is not acceptable service from a company that has the money and resources to fix it's own mistakes. WHEN will the next software update with this fix be released??

  • Don't bother contacting tech support directly all they did was waste my time and mess around with email sync settings when I told them repeatedly that it was the lock screen that was a problem with the widgets. Then he told me to go to my local tech support to make sure I had followed the steps correctly like I was an idiot. Disgusting service from Nokia!!! 

  • Unknown
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    Hi user1515304057631,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues with your device. Could please check which android version your device is currently running? Are there sw updates available? You can do this by going to Settings -> About phone -> System update. For others having similar issues, updating phone has typically solved the problem.

    We are delivering the latest Security Patches and updates to our Android smartphones as quickly as possible. Availability of the Security Patches is dependent upon your device model, your location and when Google releases the Security Patches.



  • albyalby albyalby
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    Hi Mike,

    I have a Nokia 3 and the software is updated. I will be looking forward to get the new updates as soon as possible. 

  • Hi Alberto Castro,

    Have tried to contact our technical support to get help for your issue? You can contact them through our Support App or nokia.com/phones/support.


  • albyalby albyalby
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    Hi Mike,

    I have. Along with other issue with the microphone (it stops working sometimes - I have disabled noise suppression a few weeks ago and the issue never happened again, but still...), Nokia Support has told me to go to my carrier's customer support, but if I go there they will keep my phone for weeks and they'll just do a software update and tell me that the issue is solved (we know it will not).

    I have searched on the Nokia Forum and on Google and a lot of people are having these issues, with several Nokia models. 

    I am eager to get Android Oreo for Nokia 3 with the hope that these issues will be fixed then, but correct me if I am wrong.



    "Hi Alberto Castro,

    Have tried to contact our technical support to get help for your issue? You can contact them through our Support App or nokia.com/phones/support.


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